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Limits to Privatization: How to Avoid Too Much of a Good Thing - A Report to the Club of Rome

by Marianne Beishem, Oran R R Young & Ernst Ulrich Ulrich von von Weizsacker

Limits to Privatization is the first thorough audit of privatizations from around the world. It outlines the historical emergence of globalization and liberalization, and from analyses of over 50 case studies...

Selling Forest Environmental Services: Market-Based Mechanisms for Conservation and Development

by Joshua Bishop & Stefano Pagiola

The risks posed by forest destruction throughout the world are highly significant for all. Not only are forests a critical source of timber and non-timber forest products, but they provide environmental services...

The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics

by Anthony Nocella II, Deric Shannon & John Asimakopoulos

Who says economic science is dismal? Anarchists investigate an economics beyond capitalism.

Freedom and Happiness in Economic Thought and Philosophy: From Clash to Reconciliation

by Ragip Ege & Herrade Igersheim

Starting from a distinction made by the American philosopher, John Rawls, in 2000 between two kinds of liberalism, "liberalism of freedom" and "liberalism of happiness", this book presents a range of articles...

Free Market Fairness

by John Tomasi

Can libertarians care about social justice? In Free Market Fairness, John Tomasi argues that they can and should. Drawing simultaneously on moral insights from defenders of economic liberty such as F. A. Hayek...

Edexcel AS Economics Student Unit Guide: Unit 2 New Edition Managing the Economy

by Rachel Cole

Written by a senior examiner, Rachel Cole, this Edexcel AS Economics Student Unit Guide is the essential study companion for Unit 2: Managing the Economy. This full-colour book includes all you need to know...

The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

by David Ricardo

This landmark treatise formulated the principles behind the market economy. Its foundation of the tenets of diminishing returns and economic rent led to the doctrines of distribution theory and international...

Lecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory: The Economic Agent

by Ariel Rubinstein

This book presents Ariel Rubinstein's lecture notes for the first part of his well-known graduate course in microeconomics. Developed during the fifteen years that Rubinstein taught the course at Tel Aviv University,...

Debacle: Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future

by Grover G. Norquist & John R. , Jr. Lott

A provocative critique of the Obama administration's economic policies and an examination of America's difficult economic future

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised "a net spending cut"...

Facts, Values and Objectivity in Economics

by José Castro Caldas & Vítor Neves

Is Economics an 'objective' or 'positive' science, independent of ethical and political positions? The financial crisis that began in 2007 gave rise to renewed doubts regarding the 'objectivity' of economics...

The Instant Economist: Everything You Need to Know About How the Economy Works

by Timothy Taylor

The Only Economics Book You Will Ever Need - A Library Journal 2012 Best Business Book of the Year

Economics isn't just about numbers: It's about politics, psychology, history, and so much more. We are all economists-when...

Ecology and Power

by Alf Hornborg, Brett Clark & Kenneth Hermele

Power and social inequality shape patterns of land use and resource management. This book explores this relationship from different perspectives, illuminating the complexity of interactions between human societies...

Modern Political Economics

by Yanis Varoufakis, Joseph Halevi & Nicholas Theocarakis

Once in a while the world astonishes itself. Anxious incredulity replaces intellectual torpor and a puzzled public strains its antennae in every possible direction, desperately seeking explanations for the causes...

Charting China's Future

by David Shambaugh

Every day and everywhere, China figures prominently in global attention: companies and banks weigh billions in investments; hedge fund managers assess and speculate on downside risks; commodity traders and natural...

Sraffa and Modern Economics Volume II

by Roberto Ciccone, Christian Gehrke & Gary Mongiovi

Analyzing Sraffa, one of the key figures in the history of economics, this book explores his legacy and the relevance of his thought for modern economics. Written by an array of internationally respected contributors,...

Multilateralism and Regionalism in Global Economic Governance

by Junji Nakagawa

Reconciling regionalism and multilateralism is a challenge common to all branches of global economic governance. While the Bretton Woods/GATT (WTO) institutions, decades-old multilateral framework for global...

Markets, Morals, and Policy-Making

by Enrico Colombatto

Free-market economics has attempted to combine efficiency and freedom by emphasizing the need for neutral rules and meta-rules. These efforts have only been partly successful, for they have failed to address...

The Recession and Beyond

by David Bailey & Caroline Chapain

How has the recession impacted on firms, people and places? How have local and regional authorities responded? This book aims to answer these questions by offering an overview of the impacts of the recession...

Global Ecology and Unequal Exchange

by Alf Hornborg

In modern society, we tend to have faith in technology. But is our concept of 'technology' itself a cultural illusion? This book challenges the idea that humanity as a whole is united in a common development...

Reconstructing Keynesian Macroeconomics Volume 1: Partial Perspectives

by Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel & Willi Semmler

This book represents the first of three volumes offering a complete reinterpretation and restructuring of Keynesian macroeconomics and a detailed investigation of the disequilibrium adjustment processes characterizing...