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The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century

by Robert J. Shiller

In his best-selling Irrational Exuberance, Robert Shiller cautioned that society's obsession with the stock market was fueling the volatility that has since made a roller coaster of the financial system. Less...

Connections: An Introduction to the Economics of Networks

by Sanjeev Goyal

Networks pervade social and economic life, and they play a prominent role in explaining a huge variety of social and economic phenomena. Standard economic theory did not give much credit to the role of networks...

Sports Economics

by Paul Downward, Alistair Dawson & Trudo Dejonghe

Sports Economics is the ideal introduction for all sport management and sport policy students and those for whom economics is a relatively new area of study. The book will also provide an ideal introduction...

OECD Economic Surveys: Euro Area 2009

by Collective

This edition of OECD's periodic survey of the Euro Area economy finds a slowing economy, receding inflationary pressures and financial market turmoil  The survey focuses of key challenges being faced including...

Game Theory Evolving: A Problem-Centered Introduction to Modeling Strategic Interaction (Second Edition)

by Herbert Gintis

Since its original publication in 2000, Game Theory Evolving has been considered the best textbook on evolutionary game theory. This completely revised and updated second edition of Game Theory Evolving contains...

Dear Mr. Buffett: What an Investor Learns 1,269 Miles from Wall Street

by Janet M. Tavakoli

Janet Tavakoli takes you into the world of Warren Buffett by way of the recent mortgage meltdown. In correspondence and discussion with him over 2 years, they both saw the writing on the wall, made clear by...

Economics 2.0

by Norbert Häring & Olaf Storbeck

Economists can help shape monetary policy, global policy and even how much you pay for a new pair of shoes. For example, did you know globalization changed the market for illegal drugs? How do fitness studios...

The Origin of Financial Crises

by George Cooper

In a series of disarmingly simple arguments financial market analyst George Cooper challenges the core principles of today's economic orthodoxy and explains how we have created an economy that is inherently...

Introduction to Modern Economic Growth

by Daron Acemoglu

Introduction to Modern Economic Growth is a groundbreaking text from one of today's leading economists. Daron Acemoglu gives graduate students not only the tools to analyze growth and related macroeconomic...

Does the Investment Climate Matter?

by Pablo Fajnzylber & J.Humberto Lopez

Although the Latin American region's growth rates are at a three decade high, they have been historically disappointing in relative terms, which cannot be dissociated from the microeconomic environment in which...

Introduction To Marketing - Principles Of Wholesale And Retail Distribution

by Paul D. Converse

INTRODUCTION to MARKETING PRINCIPLES OF WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DISTRIBUTION by Paul D. Converse. Preface: THIS BOOK has a definite objective to combine a treat ment of general marketing methods and principles...

Oil Property Valuation

by Paul Paine

Oil Property Valuation By PAUL PAINE. PREFACE: Published accounts of the valuation of oil properties have been con cerned chiefly with the important element of the oil and gas contents of lands. Less attention...

The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy--If We Let It Happen

by Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore & Peter Tanous

Arthur Laffer -- the father of supply-side economics and a member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board -- joins economist Stephen Moore of The Wall Street Journal editorial board and investment...

Regional Economic Outlook, November 2008: Asia and Pacific

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The November 2008 Asia and Pacific REO focuses on the difficult economic environment facing policymakers in the region. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the outlook for the region. With growth slowing, and...

Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain

by Paul W. Glimcher

Neuroeconomics is a new highly promising approach to understanding the neurobiology of decision making and how it affects cognitive social interactions between humans and societies/economies. This book is the...

Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

by Joe Studwell

Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are home to five hundred million people, yet their economies are dominated by only fifty families whose interests range from banking to real estate, shipping to sugar, gambling to...

Japan's Economic Revival: Policy Challenges in a Globalized World

by Daniel Citrin

How should Japan cope with the challenges posed by a shrinking and ageing population and the quickening pace of globalization? Japan has largely overcome the legacies of the post-bubble economy of the 1990s,...

The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics

by Riane Eisler

Bestselling author Riane Eisler (The Chalice and the Blade, which has sold more than 500,000 copies sold) shows that at the root of all of society's big problems is the fact that we don't value what matters....

Regional Economic Outlook, October 2008: Euope - Dealing with Shocks

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The confluence of multiple adverse shocks—the turbulence in financial markets, high commodity prices, and the appreciation of the exchange rate—have depressed growth in Europe. At the same time commodity...

Regional Economic Outlook, October 2008: Western Hemisphere - Grappling with the Global Financial Crisis

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The ongoing global turmoil represents a confluence of negative shocks for Latin America and the Caribbean: a freeze in global credit markets, weaker external demand, and lower commodity prices. But the region...