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Dream Hoarders

by Richard V. Reeves

America is becoming a class-based society.

It is now conventional wisdom to focus on the wealth of the top 1 percent—especially the top 0.01 percent—and how the ultra-rich are concentrating income and prosperity...

Ricardo and International Trade

by Shigeyoshi Senga, Masatomi Fujimoto & Taichi Tabuchi

David Ricardo's theories have been widely studied and discussed, including the prominent theory on comparative advantage. Ricardo and International Trade looks at the ongoing renaissance of the Ricardian international...

Happy as a Dane: 10 Secrets of the Happiest People in the World

by Malene Rydahl

This international bestseller shows why the Danes are happy and how we can be, too.

For decades Denmark has ranked at the top of the world’s happiness surveys. How is it that these 5.6 million Danes are so...

The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones: Concentrating Economic Development

by Lotta Moberg

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have become a popular development policy throughout the world over the last half a century. These zones form designated areas where governments offer businesses lower taxes, tariffs,...

3 Types of Economies. Market, Planning, and Mixed: SHORT STORY # 54.  Nonfiction series #1- # 60

by Alla P. Gakuba

There are 3 types of economies: market, planning, and mixed.  The story gave definitions and introduced advantages and disadvantages of each type of economy.

The author lived under all 3 types of economies:...

Global Capitalism in Disarray

The Natural System of Political Economy

by Friedrich List & W. O. Henderson

The importance of this book, translated for the first time in 1983, lies not so much in List's advocacy of the fiscal policy of protection as in the relatively new doctrines that he put forward. He discussed...

Industrial Fluctuations

by A. C. Pigou

Rejecting the idea of an equilibrium business cycle, this book, originally published in 1927, studies those industrial fluctuations which extend over short spans of years: cyclical fluctuations. The causes of...

Selected Papers on Economic Theory

by Knut Wicksell

This volume, originally published in 1958, contains a selection of the most important and interesting articles by Knut Wicksell, which had hitherto only been published in Swedish. They cover Wicksell's views...

Freedom and Necessity: An Introduction to the Study of Society

by Joan Robinson

Originally published in 1970, this book examines the origins of social organizations, the development of Robinson Crusoe economies and the conception of property or rightful ownership, as well as the origins...

Protective and Preferential Import Duties

by A. C. Pigou

A.C. Pigou spent his career in the shadow of Marshall and Keynes and his contributions have seemed small by comparison, but his influence remains significant. He is regarded by many as the father of modern public...

Money and the Balance of Payments

by Tibor Scitovsky

This general introduction to the theory of money and of balance of payments adjustment was originally published in 1969. It was the first book to pay full attention to the theory of assets: the relation of the...

Economics: An Awkward Corner

by Joan Robinson

Originally published in 1966, this book has enduring validity. In analysing the economic situation of the late 1960s Joan Robinson discusses the contradictions which arise from the need to readjust the organisation...

History of Monetary and Credit Theory: From John Law to the Present Day

by Charles Rist

Originally published in 1940, this book traces the development of theories concerning currency and credit from the beginning of the eighteenth century to the middle of the twentieth. It provides a comprehensive...

Studies in the Theory of Money and Capital

by Erik Lindahl

It is well-known that the Swedish experiment in practical economic control was inspired by a simultaneous development of economic thought in Sweden. Despite Swedish economics being known globally, until this...

Value, Capital and Rent

by Knut Wicksell

Knut Wicksell is acknowledged to be the precursor and prophet of modern macroeconomic theory and he provided some of its chief elements a generation before their power and significance were properly recognized....

A Review of Economic Theory

by Edwin Cannan

Though Cannan, in his early years as an economist, was a critic of classical economics and an ally of interventionists, he moved sharply to the side of classical liberalism in the early 20th century. In this...

Six Lectures on Economic Growth

by Simon Kuznets

Originally published in 1959, this book contains in straightforward language a general account of the major variables significant for the analysis of economic development. It stresses above all the quantitative...

The Anatomy of Inequality: Its Social and Economic Origins- and Solutions

by Per Molander

“Virtually all human societies are marked by inequality, at a level that surpasses what could be expected from normal differences in individuals’ capabilities alone.”

So begins this new approach to the...

Aspects of British Economic History: 1918-1925

by A. C. Pigou

Covering the period from November 1918 to the restoration of the Gold Standard in the UK in April 1925, this book, originally published in 1947, sets out and explains the economic facts of the immediate post-war...