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The Unglobals

by J. Mark Munoz

Written in a style similar to Spencer Johnson’s ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’, ‘The Unglobals’ offers fictional but plausible stories of individuals who have detached themselves from the globalized world....


by Ashoka Mody

May 1950: five years after the second of two catastrophic wars, European nations began building a magnificent structure of institutional cooperation and open trade borders to secure peace and prosperity. Then,...

The New Global Road Map

by Pankaj Ghemawat & N. Chandrasekaran

Executives can no longer predicate international growth strategies on the assumption that globalization will continue to advance. But how should they respond to the growing pressures against globalization? Should...

The World Economy through the Lens of the United Nations

by Jose Antonio Ocampo, Anis Chowdhury & Diana Alarcón

This edited volume documents the intellectual influence of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) through its flagship publication, the World Economic and Social Survey (WESS)...

The Economics of Iraq

by Amer K. Hirmis

Meticulously researched and written by Dr Amer K. Hirmis the book takes readers 6000 years back to early Mesopotamian polity, culture, and religious codes which shaped the economy, and continue to shape much...

What Makes a Terrorist

by Alan B. Krueger

Why we need to think more like economists to successfully combat terrorism

If we are to correctly assess the root causes of terrorism and successfully address the threat, we must think more like economists do....

Liberalism in Illiberal States

by Mark I. Vail

After the end of the Cold War, liberalism emerged as the world's dominant political-economic ideology, and economic liberalism seemed to have achieved global hegemony. In Liberalism in Illiberal States, Mark...

How to Uplift the Uae Economy Without Oil Revenue

by Dr. Niaz Ahmad Khan F.R.C.S. Ph.D.

This book is meant to change the world by removing poverty and government debt. This is accomplished by collecting more revenue than annual budgets without taxes within a period as short as thirty days while...

Basics First

by Sema Dube & Manu Dube

Basics First introduces an innovative way of thinking about money. Sema and Manu Dube argue that we do away with regulations, allow people to travel wherever they want and trade freely. Simple enough, but trade...

Economic Development of Emerging East Asia

by Frank S.T. Hsiao & Mei-Chu Wang Hsiao

This unique book provides comparative economic studies of Taiwan and Korea, and compares them mostly with Japan and the United States and finds that, in terms of the real GDP per capita in PPP, these emerging...

Clean Brexit

by Liam Halligan & Gerard Lyons

In this optimistic and inclusive guide, Sunday Telegraph columnist Liam Halligan and renowned economic forecaster Gerard Lyons cut through the complexity and spin to offer a vision of how Britain, and the world,...

Rio 2016

by Andrew Zimbalist

A clear-eyed, critical examination of the social, political, and economic costs of hosting the 2016 summer Olympics

The selection of Rio de Janeiro as the site of the summer 2016 Olympic Games set off jubilant...

Inside the Global Economy

by Andrew Vonnegut

This comprehensive and informed text offers a practical introduction to the workings of the global economy. Drawing on his hands-on experience in international finance and economic policy, Andrew Vonnegut clearly...

Integrated Reporting

by Stefan Hannen

The introduction of Integrated Reporting (IR) is supposed to tackle shortcomings of corporate reporting that have been criticized for decades. The new reporting format intends to improve the understandability...

Social capital, migration, ethnic diversity and economic performance

by Adnan Efendic, Bojana Babic & Anna Rebmann

This interdisciplinary book brings an empirical evidence that social capital is an important building block in the reintegration processes, migration challenges and economic dynamism of the SEE communities....

Revenge of the Rich

by Austin Mitchell

Austin Mitchell's book is the first comprehensive study of the rise, fall and consequences of neoliberalism in Britain and New Zealand, the two countries which adopted the new economics most enthusiastically,...

Austerity and the Implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy in Spain

by Javier Ramos & Esther del Campo

This book adopts a critical perspective to analyze the Europe-2020 Strategy and its effects on the transformation of the European productive and social model, particularly in Spain. The evidence provided in...

Freedom Unleashed

by Dr. Niaz Ahmad Khan

In Freedom Unleashed, Dr. Niaz Ahmad Khan F.R.C.S., Ph.D., makes the case that while a world without taxes may seem like a pipe dream, its within our power to create. He examines how a mutual benefit bond system...

A Haven on Earth

by Dr. Niaz Ahmad Khan

Most people think theres no getting around it: We have to pay taxes. But governments struggle to determine how much money to collect, how to collect it, where to collect it, and who will collect it. Even worse,...

Liberalism and the Welfare State

by Roger E. Backhouse, Bradley W. Bateman, Tamotsu Nishizawa & Dieter Plehwe

The welfare state has, over the past forty years, come under increasing attack from liberals who consider comprehensive welfare provision inimical to liberalism. Yet, many of the architects of the post-World...