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Europe's Growth Challenge

China's Banking Transformation

Global Capitalism in Disarray

Debate the Issues: New Approaches to Economic Challenges

by Collectif

To capitalise on the new international resolve epitomised by COP21 and the agreement on the universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires a renewed effort to promote new policy thinking and new approaches...

Gaining Currency

Republic of Palau

by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

Palau is a middle-income micro state in the Pacific (population: 18,000) that relies heavily on tourism and grants, and is exposed to natural disasters. The economy grew strongly at 9.4 percent in FY2015 led...

The Russian Economy and Foreign Direct Investment

by Kari Liuhto, Sergei Sutyrin & Jean-Marc F. Blanchard

Before the recent Ukrainian crisis, Russia was one of the main sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) outflow and one of the main targets of FDI inflow in the world. However, the events in the Ukraine, the...

Regional Economic Outlook, October 2016, Middle East and Central Asia

by International Monetary Fund. Midd Dept.

This issue focuses on the ongoing adjustment to cheaper oil and subdued economic activity for oil-producing countries, as well as the weak and fragile recovery in the Caucasus and Central Asia region. It also...

The Role of Newly Industrialized Economies in Global Value Chains

by Dominik Boddin

In light of increased vertical specialization and the dominance of trade in intermediates rather than final goods, this paper seeks to raise awareness of the limitations of traditional trade measures on a gross...

Benefits and Costs of Corporate Debt Restructuring

by Jae Chung & Lev, Mr. Ratnovski

The paper offers a method to quantify benefits and costs of corporate debt restructuring, with an application to Korea. We suggest a "persistent ICR

Surprise, Surprise

by Nasha Maveé & Roberto, Mr. Perrelli

This paper investigates possible drivers of volatility in the South African rand since the onset of the global financial crisis. We assess the role played by local and international economic surprises, commodity...

Dominican Republic

by Svetlana, Ms. Cerovic & Jose Saboin

This paper examines the financial position of the key sectors of the Dominican Republic. It contributes to macroeconomic surveillance by identifying financial interlinkages and vulnerabilities through the balance...

Resolving China's Corporate Debt Problem

by Wojciech Maliszewski & Serkan, Mr. Arslanalp

Corporate credit growth in China has been excessive in recent years. This credit boom is related to the large increase in investment after the Global Financial Crisis. Investment efficiency has fallen and the...

Negative Interest Rates

by Rima Turk

Negative policy interest rates have prevailed for some years in Denmark and are a more recent development in Sweden. Among other potential side effects, negative rates could weaken banks' profitability by reducing...

The Blind Side of Public Debt Spikes

by Laura Jaramillo & Carlos, Mr. Mulas-Granados

What explains public debt spikes since the end of WWII? To answer this question, this paper identifies 179 debt spike episodes from 1945 to 2014 across advanced and developing countries. We find that debt spikes...

Assessing Liquidity Buffers in the Panamanian Banking Sector

by Andras Komaromi & Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov

This paper assesses the resilience of Panamanian banks to (i) a very severe short-term, and (ii) a significant long-lasting liquidity shock scenario. Short-term liquidity buffers are evaluated by approximating...

Estimating Potential Output in Chile

by Patrick Blagrave & Marika Santoro

Using a multivariate filter, we estimate potential growth rates in Chile's mining and non-mining sectors. Estimates for the mining sector incorporate information on copper prices, whereas estimates for non-mining...

Gone with the Wind

by Sebastian Acevedo, Mr. Mejia

This paper studies the economic costs of hurricanes in the Caribbean by constructing a novel dataset that combines a detailed record of tropical cyclones' characteristics with reported damages. I estimate the...

Saudi Arabia

by International Monetary Fund. Midd Dept.

Saudi Arabia: Selected Issues


by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

Tuvalu is a fragile micro-state facing tremendous challenges from its remoteness, lack of scale economies, weak institutional capacity, and above all, climate change, which threatens the country's very existence....