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Global Agriculture and the American Farmer

by Kimberly Ann Elliott

The United States is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of a range of agricultural commodities, and the largest provider of foreign assistance, so U.S. policies have big effects on global food...

Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation: The Relentless Invention of Modern India

by Adam Roberts

Who can foretell India's future? Mr. Joshi is a fortune teller in a slum in south Delhi who uses a soothsaying green parrot to make predictions. When Adam Roberts visited him in 2012, Joshi's parrot declared...

OECD Economic Surveys: India 2017

by Collectif

India is the fastest-growing G20 economy, thanks to ambitious structural reforms and low commodity prices. Deregulation and improvement in the ease of doing business have boosted foreign investment. However,...

OECD Economic Surveys: Italy 2017

by Collectif

Italy is recovering from a deep and long recession. Structural reforms, accommodative monetary and fiscal conditions, and low commodity prices have helped the economy to turn the corner. The Jobs Act, part of...

India's Long Road

by Vijay Joshi

India's economic resurgence has been the subject of many extravagant predictions and hopes. In this powerful and wide-ranging book, distinguished economist Vijay Joshi lays out a penetrating analysis of the...

OECD Economic Surveys: Sweden 2017

by Collectif

Sweden’s economy has fared well in recent years thanks to strong macroeconomic, fiscal and financial fundamentals, as well as a competitive and diversified business sector. Output has been lifted by an expanding...

OECD Economic Surveys: Portugal 2017

by Collectif

Portugal’s economy has gone through a gradual recovery from a deep recession. A wide-ranging structural reform agenda has supported the recovery and the ongoing reduction of imbalances built up in the past....

Global Outsourcing Strategies: An International Reference on Effective Outsourcing Relationships

by Roxane Gervais & Peter Barrar

One of the most significant techniques to which companies and organizations have turned to improve service delivery and reduce costs has been outsourcing. Over the last 10 years, almost any process has been...

Ports, Cities, and Global Supply Chains

by James Wang, Daniel Olivier & Theo Notteboom

Global trends in policy and technology related fields are rapidly reshaping the port industry worldwide. International in scope, this volume provides multidisciplinary insights into the role port cities adopt...

OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2016 Issue 2

by Collectif

The OECD Economic Outlook is the OECD's twice-yearly analysis of the major economic trends and prospects for the next two years. The Outlook puts forward a consistent set of projections for output, employment,...

Europe's Growth Challenge

Handbook of Commercial Policy

by Kyle Bagwell & Robert W. Staiger

Handbook of Commercial Policy explores three main topics that permeate the study of commercial policy. The first section presents a broad set of basic empirical facts regarding the pattern and evolution of commercial...

Everyone's Guide to the South African Economy 12th edition

by André|| Roux

Recession, inflation, interest rates, income tax, exchange rates ... We are bombarded with these terms every day - by newspapers, the radio, TV and the internet - but what do they actually mean? And how do they...

Sinews of Power

by Xu Yi-chong

Electricity is a basic requirement for a modern economy, and transmission grids at the center of transition to a low-carbon power system. They are the principal means to integrate large shares of wind and solar...

Union of Comoros

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

This Selected Issues paper assesses the main fiscal trends of the Comorian economy over 2005-15. It highlights continued difficulties in the fiscal performance of and the outlook for Comoros as a result of systemic...

Burkina Faso

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

This Selected Issues paper examines the impact of scaled-up public investment in Burkina Faso. The results suggest that "big-push" investment efforts, while designed to accelerate growth, are likely to run up...

Burkina Faso

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

This 2016 Article IV Consultation highlights a rebound in economic activity in Burkina Faso beginning in 2016, after two years of weak growth. The January terrorist attacks and delays in approving the budget...


by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

This paper discusses Liberia's Fifth and Sixth Reviews Under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) Arrangement, Request for Waivers of Nonobservance of Performance Criteria, Augmentation of Access, and Extension...


by International Monetary Fund. West Dept.

This paper discusses Grenada's Fifth Review Under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF), Request for Modification of Performance Criteria, and Financing Assurances review. Overall program implementation remains...

Sierra Leone

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

This paper discusses Sierra Leone's Sixth Review Under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) Arrangement, Financing Assurances Review, and Request for Waiver for Nonobservance of Performance Criteria. Growth is...