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Basics First

by Sema Dube & Manu Dube

Basics First introduces an innovative way of thinking about money. Sema and Manu Dube argue that we do away with regulations, allow people to travel wherever they want and trade freely. Simple enough, but trade...

Science, Technology, Innovation, and Development in the Arab Countries

by Omar Bizri

Science, Technology, Innovation, and Economic Growth in Arab Countries explores fresh approaches to STI policy formulation and implementation in the region, with applications to developing countries elsewhere....

Economic Development of Emerging East Asia

by Frank S.T. Hsiao & Mei-Chu Wang Hsiao

This unique book provides comparative economic studies of Taiwan and Korea, and compares them mostly with Japan and the United States and finds that, in terms of the real GDP per capita in PPP, these emerging...

Clean Brexit

by Liam Halligan & Gerard Lyons

In this optimistic and inclusive guide, Sunday Telegraph columnist Liam Halligan and renowned economic forecaster Gerard Lyons cut through the complexity and spin to offer a vision of how Britain, and the world,...

Inside the Global Economy

by Andrew Vonnegut

This comprehensive and informed text offers a practical introduction to the workings of the global economy. Drawing on his hands-on experience in international finance and economic policy, Andrew Vonnegut clearly...

Rio 2016

by Andrew Zimbalist

A clear-eyed, critical examination of the social, political, and economic costs of hosting the 2016 summer Olympics

The selection of Rio de Janeiro as the site of the summer 2016 Olympic Games set off jubilant...

Global Business Intelligence

by J Mark Munoz

Global Business Intelligence refers to an organization's ability to gather, process and analyze pertinent international information in order to make optimal business decisions in a timely manner. With a challenging...

Introduction to Trade Policy

by Aluisio Lima-Campos & Juan Gaviria

Introduction to Trade Policy provides a comprehensive overview of the rules and regulations that govern trade flow. It discusses the trade policy formulation process of major international economic players,...

The Macroeconomic (and Distributional) Effects of Public Investment in Developing Economies

by Davide Furceri & Bin Grace Li

This paper provides new empirical evidence of the macroeconomic effects of public investment in developing economies. Using public investment forecast errors to identify unanticipated changes in public investment,...

Integrated Reporting

by Stefan Hannen

The introduction of Integrated Reporting (IR) is supposed to tackle shortcomings of corporate reporting that have been criticized for decades. The new reporting format intends to improve the understandability...


by International Monetary Fund. Department

Montenegro faces a number of important country-specific factors in its work towards establishing a macroprudential policy framework. First, its small size and short history as a sovereign state limit the availability...

Unfinished Business: The Unexplored Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Lessons Yet to be Learned

by Tamim Bayoumi

A penetrating critique tracing how under-regulated trading between European and U.S. banks led to the 2008 financial crisis-with a prescription for preventing another meltdown

When Ideas Fail: Economic Thought, the Failure of Transition and the Rise of Institutional Instability in Post-Soviet Russia

by Joachim Zweynert

In the history of Russian economic ideas, a peculiar mix of anthropocentrism and holism provided fertile breeding ground for patterns of thought that were in potential conflict with the market. These patterns,...

Social capital, migration, ethnic diversity and economic performance

by Adnan Efendic, Bojana Babic & Anna Rebmann

This interdisciplinary book brings an empirical evidence that social capital is an important building block in the reintegration processes, migration challenges and economic dynamism of the SEE communities....


by International Monetary Fund. Stat Dept.

In response to a request from the Ugandan authorities and in consultation with the African Department (AFR), I undertook a technical assistance (TA) mission to Kampala during July 23-August 04, 2015 to assist...


by International Monetary Fund. Stat Dept.

In response to a request from the Bank of Uganda (BOU) and in consultation with the African Department, a mission visited Kampala, Uganda during January 5-16, 2015, to provide technical assistance (TA) to the...


by International Monetary Fund. Stat Dept.

In response to a request from the Bank of Uganda (BOU) and in consultation with the African Department of the IMF, a mission visited Kampala, Uganda during March 7-11, 2016, to provide technical assistance (TA)...


by International Monetary Fund. Stat Dept.

The Ugandan Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) is responsible for producing national accounts statistics (NAS). Estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) by economic activity and expenditure share are compiled on an...

The Bahamas


by International Monetary Fund. Stat Dept.

In response to a request from the authorities at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics and in consultation with the IMF's African Department, I undertook a technical assistance mission to Kampala during the period...