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Smart Retail: Practical Winning Ideas and Strategies from the Most Successful Retailers in the World

by Richard Hammond

The world's #1 guide to retail success, complete with crucial, up-to-date insights--including new case studies, ideas, strategies, and tactics from today's best retailers, like TopShop, IKEA, and Best Buy. Smart...

The Eskimo and The Oil Man: The Battle at the Top of the World for America's Future

by Bob Reiss

The Arctic century is upon us. A great jockeying for power and influence has erupted among nations in the high north. At stake are trillions of dollars in profit or loss, US security, geopolitical influence...

The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities

by Will Allen

A pioneering urban farmer and MacArthur “Genius Award” winner points the way to building a new food system that can feed—and heal—broken communities.

The son of a sharecropper, Will Allen had no intention...

Process Scaleup and Design

by Dr. Gary Benjamin Tatterson

Scaleup is becoming more important as the human population grows. Major problems will be material scarcities, especially potable water and food. To meet these growing problems, processes need to be scaled up...

Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II

by Arthur Herman


Remarkable as it may seem today, there once was a time when the president of the United States could pick up the phone...

Transmission Expansion for Renewable Energy Scale-Up: Emerging Lessons and Recommendations

by Marcelino Madrigal & Steven Stoft

In their efforts to increase the share of renewable in electricity grids to reducing emissions or increasing energy diversity, developed and developing countries are finding that a considerable scale-up of investments...

Carbon Capture and Storage in Developing Countries: A Perspective on Barriers to Deployment

by Natalya Kulichenko & Eleanor Ereira

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology could provide a technological bridge for achieving near to midterm GHG emission reduction goals. Integrated CCS technology is still under development and has noteworthy...

Farmers' Markets of the Heartland

by Janine MacLachlan

In this splendidly illustrated book, food writer and self-described farm groupie Janine MacLachlan embarks on a tour of seasonal markets and farmstands throughout the Midwest, sampling local flavors from Michigan,...

Mitigating Vulnerability to High and Volatile Oil Prices: Power Sector Experience in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Rigoberto Ariel Yépez-Garcí & Julie Dana

This book addresses the need of oil-importing countries to mitigate vulnerability to oil price volatility. It offers financial instruments to manage price risk, complemented by structural measures designed to...

The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success

by Clare Rayner

Learn how to BE a retail champion and learn all the knowledge and skills you need to make your retail business a scalable, saleable enterprise.The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success is aimed at every...

Dial M for Murdoch: News Corporation and the Corruption of Britain

by Thomas Watson & Martin Hickman

Dial M for Murdoch uncovers the inner workings of one of the most powerful companies in the world: how it came to exert a poisonous, secretive influence on public life in Britain, how it used its huge power...

Lessons Unlearned

by John Ragsdale

Customer service is of particular importance to the technology industry; customers rely on technical support services when they have a problem with a piece of hardware, software, or a consumer device. The current...

Leisure Marketing

by Susan Horner & John Swarbrooke

Divided into nine parts, Leisure Marketing: a global perspective guides the reader through leisure and marketing concepts, the marketing mix, key issues in different sectors, topical issues (such as globalisation,...

Managing Sports Organizations

by Daniel Covell, Sharianne Walker & Peter Hess

Managing Sport Organizations, second edition, is a newly updated and comprehensive introduction to the themes and elements surrounding sport management. The book teaches management theory and principles in...

Facing the Wild: "Ecotourism, Conservation and Animal Encounters"

by Chilla Bulbeck

What do wild animals mean to humans? Will they survive both rampant habitat loss and extinction caused by human encroachment and, as ecotourists, our enthusiasm for them? With ecotourism now the fastest growing...

International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management 2nd edition

by Abraham Pizam

The International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management is the definitive reference work for any individual studying or working in the hospitality industry. There are 185 Hospitality Management degrees in the...

Dictionary of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

by S. Medlik

This new edition combines within two covers:

* A dictionary of 2500 terms

* Descriptions of 300 organizations

* A biographical dictionary of 100 personalities

* Explanations of 1200 acronyms and abbreviations

* Key...

An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules for Everyday Foodies

by Tyler Cowen

One of the most influential economists of the decade-and the New York Times bestselling author of The Great Stagnation-boldly argues that just about everything you've heard about food is wrong.

Food snobbery...

Sponsorship: For a Return on Investment

by Guy Masterman

Sponsorship is both a critical communications tool for sponsors as well as a fundamental revenue stream for rights owners. Market leaders use sponsorship widely and arguably more successfully than any other...

Sports Tourism 2e

by Mike Weed & Chris Bull

Sports Tourism: Participants, Policy and Providers is an unparalleled text that explains sports tourism as a social, economic and cultural phenomenon that stems from the unique interaction of activity, people...