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Biomass Assessment

by Andrew Millington & John Townsend

Energy is an issue for everyone and nowhere more so than in the SADCC countries. But for sensible policy and planning, clear information about the extent of resources is needed. This innovative study combines...

The Logic of Industrial Organization

by P. Sargant Florence

Covering issues as pertinent today as when the book was first published, The Logic of Industrial Organization discusses key themes in industrial relations, manufacturing, employment and investment and education...

Productivity and Economic Incentives

by J. P. Davidson

As the controversies surrounding performance related pay have demonstrated, reward management is a key issue. Collecting the results of 'fieldwork' investigations in factories and retail outlets, this book measures...

The Logic of British and American Industry

by P. Sargant Florence

Summarizing the facts about the prevailing sizes of industrial firms or plants and the patterns of industrial location in Britain and America, this book also interprets the facts in basic terms such as technical...

The Physiology of Industry (Routledge Revivals)

by J. A. Hobson & A. F. Mummery

The Physiology of Industry is a remarkable work which set out to challenge contemporary theory surrounding the economics of labour, supply and demand. First published in 1889, Hobson's first book outlines some...

The Industrial System (Routledge Revivals): An Inquiry Into Earned and Unearned Income

by J. A. Hobson

First published in 1909 and reissued in 1910, J. A. Hobson's The Industrial System provides a complex analysis of distribution and consumption. Offering a critique of contemporary capitalism whilst accepting...

Transport Policy and the Environment: Six Case Studies

by Kenneth Button & Jean-Philippe Barde

Transport, in particular the motor vehicle, is a major source of environmental disruption and, in the developed world, accounts for thirty percent of energy consumption. In most countries, transport policy...

Personal Transport and the Greenhouse Effect

by Peter Hughes

The issue of 'sustainability' in the developed world is nowhere more critical than in the field of personal travel, which in many countries has become the fastest-growing contributor to global warming. Unless...

Making Cities Work: Role of Local Authorities in the Urban Environment

by Richard Gilbert, Don Stevenson & Herbert Girardet

For too long, cities have been thought of as environmental blackspots, with high levels of air and soil pollution, overcrowding, poor sanitation and growing waste disposal problems. This book takes a more positive...

Nuclear Juggernaut: The Transport of Radioactive Materials

by Martin Bond

Every day throughout Britain, by road, by rail and by sea, there are large numbers of routine movements of radioactive cargo. Materials at all stages of the nuclear cycle, from uranium ore to nuclear waste,...

The Environmental Management of Low-Grade Fuels

by Mary MacDonald, Michael Chadwick & Gareg Aslanian

The negative environmental impacts of energy use, particularly soil and water pollution, continue to present serious policy dilemmas. The release of emissions and effluents and the build-up of solid waste throughout...

The Fuelwood Trap: A Study of the Sadcc Region

by Barry Munslow, Yemi Katerere & Adriaan Ferf

Over 60 million people live in the SADCC countries; by 2000 AD the number will be over 100 million. The vast majority, city-dwellers as well as farmers, rely on wood fuel for domestic use. Supplies are diminishing...

Energy Policy in the Greenhouse: From Warming Fate to Warming Limit

by Florentin Krause, Wilfrid Bach & Jon Koomey

The globe is warming and while no one knows what will happen as a result, it is clear that slowing the process is a necessary goal. Other studies have considered 'warming fates', this one brings sophisticated...

Beyond the Woodfuel Crisis: People, Land and Trees in Africa

by Gerald Leach & Robin Mearns

People scratching a living from parched land, women walking miles for scraps of firewood are both familiar images of Africa. But, in many places, people, with the help of governments and aid agencies, are putting...

Murdoch's World: The Last of the Old Media Empires

by David Folkenflik

Rupert Murdoch is the most significant media tycoon the English-speaking world has ever known. No one before him has trafficked in media influence across those nations so effectively, nor has anyone else so...

Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience can Power Your Sales Success

by Simon Hazeldine

Anyone involved in sales faces huge challenges these days, from fierce global competition, pressure on margins, difficulties of getting time with prospective buyers and the power of internet-savvy buyers. To...

Marketing Your Business: A Guide to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

by Robert E Stevens, David L Loudon & Ronald A Nykiel

This essential book shows you how to design a strategic marketing plan for any brand, product, service, or business! It explains all of the major marketing disciplines—advertising, budgeting, promotions, pricing,...

International Trade Unionism (Routledge Revivals)

by Charles Levinson

As Secretary General of the ICF and previously Assistant General Secretary of the IMF, Charles Levinson played an important part in developing the countervailing labour response to the multinational corporations....

Serials Collection Management in Recessionary Times

by Karen G. Lawson

Strategic planning, collaboration, continual stewardship, best practices, and re-engineering can provide librarians with a toolkit of innovative strategies that meets the worst of economic times with bold, persistent...

Slavery Contested Heritage and Thanatourism

by Graham M.S. Dann & A.V. Seaton

First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.