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Nuclear Engineering: A Conceptual Introduction to Nuclear Power

by Malcolm Joyce

Nuclear Engineering: A Conceptual Introduction to Nuclear Power provides coverage of the introductory, salient principles of nuclear engineering in a comprehensive manner for those entering the profession at...

The Downfall of the Gold Standard

by Gustav Cassel

In this book, originally published in 1936, the author charts the sequence of events which converted him from an advocate of the restoration of the gold standard to a convinced opponent. His indictment of the...

The Politics of Energy Research and Development

by John Byrne

The Politics of Energy Research and Development examines and evaluates U.S. research and development policies to promote nuclear, solar, conservation, and other technology options. This volume is the third in...

Energy, Land and Public Policy

by J. Barry Cullingworth

The development of alternative forms of energy supply since the mid-1970s has brought with it a range of new issues and concerns, ranging from nuclear waste disposal to land use planning for energy efficiency....

Energy Transformation

by Claude Turmes

The European Union has powerful resources at its disposal to tackle global warming; together, the countries of the EU are global leaders in the use of renewables. Why, then, has there been such slow progress...

Engineering Energy Storage

by Odne Stokke Burheim

Engineering Energy Storage explains the engineering concepts of different relevant energy technologies in a coherent manner, assessing underlying numerical material to evaluate energy, power, volume, weight...

North Sea Oil and Scotland's Economic Prospects

by T. M. Lewis & I. H. McNicoll

This book, originally published in 1978 concentrates on the structure and growth of the North Sea oil industry in Scotland. Drawing on relevant areas of economic theory, it examines the structure of the offshore...

Sulfur Emissions Policies, Oil Prices and the Appalachian Coal Industry

by Robin Landis

This volume, originally published in 1984, analyzes the impact of the 1973-74 oil price increases on the Appalachian coal industry in the USA, which would otherwise have suffered large output reductions as a...

World Nuclear Power

by Peter R Mounfield

Originally published in 1991, this comprehensive volume provides not only technical information regarding the global nuclear power industry, but also discusses the economic, social and political issues which...

Energy Management in Industrial Firms

by Liam Fahey

This book discusses the extent to whcih differences exist in the approach to energy management by different types of firms: large multidivisional firms at corporate headquarters level and division level and...

Energy 2000: An Overview of the World's Energy Resources in the Decades to Come

by Heinz Knoepfel

Originally published in 1986, this book takes an inter-disciplinary approach to the options for energy in the future. Written in a clear, easy-to-read style, it proposes that future solutions should not be based...

Crisis Management in the Power Industry: An Inside Story

by Frank Ledger & Howard Sallis

This book, originally published in 1995 is a study of crisis management in the electricity supply industry during the 20th century. The full implications of the vulnerability of the industry are examined, with...

Energy and Agriculture: Their Interacting Futures: Policy Implications of Global Models

by Maurice Lévy & John L. Robinson

Originally published in 1984, this volume examines the consequences of increasing energy prices on agricultural production. It discusses whether it is possible to use agriculture to produce energy without endangering...

World Heritage and National Registers: Stewardship in Perspective

by Thomas R. Gensheimer

Historic sites celebrate defining moments in history, memorialize important events and people, and contribute to the character of the locations where they are situated. Heritage designation, both globally and...

The Changing Structure of the World Oil Industry

by David Hawdon

Originally published in 1985 by a group of international experts and oil industry officials, this book surveys the dramatic changes which took place in the oil industry in the second half of the twentieth century....

Uranium: A Strategic Source of Energy

by Marian Radetzki

The uranium market is a particularly volatile and unpredictable international commodity market. This book, originally published in 1981, analyses the factors responsible for the price rise and falls of uranium...

The Coal Problem: A Survey: 1910-1936

by J. P. Dickie

Focussing on a period of rapid and significant change in the coal industry, this volume, originally published in 1936, sets out the economic facts of the industry and discusses the extent to which politics and...

The Effect of Energy Supply on Economic Growth

by E. Victor Niemeyer

Originally published in 1984, this book discusses the structure of a multi-sectoral, general equilibrium growth model of the US economy that gives special attention to the energy sectors and presents results...

The British Coal Industry

by H. Townshend-Rose

Originally published in 1951, this book is a straightforward account of the British nationalized coal industry in the first half of the twentieth century. An introductory chapter gives the history of the industry...

High-cost Oil and Gas Resources

by Jerome Davis

Originally published in 1981, this book discusses the development of higher cost North Sea gas and oil fields. Starting with the perceived need to develop these higher cost fields, the book focuses on their...