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Freight Brokerage Business

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Start a Freight Brokerage Business Today

The experts at Entrepreneur provide a two-part guide to success. First, learn how you can start a successful freight brokerage business right from your home. Then, master...

Teamwork in Medical Rehabilitation

by Charlotte Lundgren & Carl Molander

Good teamwork ensures the close collaboration and coordination between professional groups and across disciplinary boundaries. This is particularly important in healthcare centres and clinics admitting complicated...

(Re)Consider your Service Value proposition: How to create more value for the customers, employees and owners of service organisations

by Andrew Manning

Services form the largest parts of most developed economies, and a growing part of emerging economies too. And all organisations contain in-house service teams and departments. So, this book is relevant to you,...

(Re)Consider your Service Value proposition

by Andrew Manning

Services form the largest parts of most developed economies, and a growing part of emerging economies too. And all organisations contain in-house service teams and departments. So, this book is relevant to you,...

The Handbook of Continuing Professional Development for the Health IT Professional

by JoAnn Klinedinst

Continuing professional development (CPD) is critical for the health IT professional. Healthcare is fast-paced, dynamic, ever-changing, and global. It's both exciting and exhausting. And it is rapidly evolving...

Patient's Healthcare Portfolio: A Practitioner's Guide to Providing Tool for Patients

by Rebecca Mendoza Saltiel Busch

As the healthcare market moves toward an era of patient engagement, population health and patient advocates, practitioners need a practical how-to guide that helps facilitate their teaching with patients and...

Just-in-Time for Healthcare

by Thomas L. Jackson

The change from traditional ways of producing and managing healthcare services to a just-in-time approach requires a new understanding about what adds value for the patient or customer, and what does not. Just-in-Time...

Rethinking Patient Safety

by Suzette Woodward

The vast majority of healthcare is provided safely and effectively. However, just like any high-risk industry, things can and do go wrong. There is a world of advice about how to keep people safe but this delivers...

Change Rx for Healthcare: Your Prescription for Leading Change

by Keely Killpack

Everywhere you look in healthcare, disruptive changes are emerging, yet the pressure to keep productivity up is ever-present. There are ways to minimize disruption and make adoption stick.

Change Rx for Healthcare:...

Collaborative Innovation

by Tony Morgan

Innovation can be a challenging subject. At its worst, it is a meaningless buzzword. At its best, it is a means of driving differentiating value for an organization. But how can innovation be consistently achieved...

Commercial Project Management: A Guide for Selling and Delivering Professional Services

by Robin Hornby

Selling and delivering a project to a satisfied client, and making a profit, is a complex task. Project manager and author Robin Hornby believes this has been neglected by current standards and is poorly understood...

Prevention is Better than Cure: Learning from Adverse Events in Healthcare

by Ian Leistikow

Adverse events occur in healthcare with worrying and surprising frequency and, of these, a substantial portion are preventable. This highly-readable book, translated and update from the original Dutch edition,...

Import/Export Business

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

The experts at Entrepreneur provide a two-part guide to success. First, learn the nuts and bolts of starting an import/export business, including everything from trade laws to choosing a reliable customs broker....

Challenging Perspectives on Organizational Change in Health Care

by Louise Fitzgerald & Aoife McDermott

This volume provides theory and research on organizational change and predominantly features the application of these ideas to the health care domain, broadly defined. It addresses enduring issues in advancing...

How Healthcare Data Privacy Is Almost Dead ... and What Can Be Done to Revive It!

by Jr., John J. Trinckes

The healthcare industry is under privacy attack. The book discusses the issues from the healthcare organization and individual perspectives. Someone hacking into a medical device and changing it is life-threatening....

Solving Population Health Problems through Collaboration

by Ron Bialek, Leslie M. Beitsch & John W. Moran

Rapid changes in healthcare and public health offer tremendous opportunities to focus on process improvement. Public health departments and agencies increasingly work collaboratively with hospitals and other...

Strategic Analysis: A Creative and Cultural Industries Perspective

by Jonathan Gander

Though their primary concern, organizations in the creative industries don't only succeed or fail based on the exercise of their creative resources. Their fortunes also depend on their understanding and approach...

Leading Healthcare IT: Managing to Succeed

by Susan T. Snedaker

Healthcare IT is a complex and rapidly evolving field. Success in this arena requires the ability to create a vision, set a strategy, foster collaboration, develop a plan and execute flawlessly every day. This...

Mastering Physician Engagement: A Practical Guide to Achieving Shared Outcomes

by MD, MSIS, John W. Showalter & MHIIM, Leigh T. Williams

Twenty-first century healthcare will be defined by better care, smarter spending, and healthier people. All eyes are on technology as the means to drive down costs and improve efficiency, enabling physicians...

All Hands Working Together: Cruise for a Week: Meet 79 Cultures

by Jackie Chase

All Hands Working Together peeks below the waterline and behind water-tight doors to discover the secrets of how a crew from 79 nations were united into a guest-pleasing team on the world's largest cruise ship....