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Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Business

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media


With 70% of all manufactured and retail goods transported by truck in the U.S., it’s the perfect time to broker your own share of this $700 billion transportation industry. Learn to apply...

Business Planning in Transport

by Adam Simmons

If you work in operations, finance or marketing in any part of the public transport sector, this book was written for you. Adam Simmons provides a set of practical business planning tools aimed at developing...

Wild Ride: Inside Uber's Quest for World Domination

by Adam Lashinsky

In your pocket is something amazing: a quick and easy way to summon a total stranger who will take you anywhere you’d like. In your hands is something equally amazing: the untold story of Uber’s meteoric...

Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla


For three years futurist K D Adamson has been dispensing regular doses of the tough love the shipping and maritime industry needs to reimagine itself for the digital age. Now Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla...

Buying the Big Jets: Fleet Planning for Airlines

by Paul Clark

Selecting the right aircraft for an airline operation is a vastly complex process, involving a multitude of skills and considerable knowledge of the business. Buying the Big Jets has been published since 2001...


by Shashank Nigam

An airline has over 50 different brand touchpoints at which it can choose to operate exactly as it has in the past or to exceed expectations at each step and become truly exceptional. This book aims to highlight...

Staffing the ATM System: The Selection of Air Traffic Controllers

by Hinnerk Eißfeldt & Mike C. Heil

Issues of personnel development in air traffic control (ATC) have become a major topic in aviation recruitment and training. Proper selection and training methods are needed in order to reach a high level of...

Deep Stall: The Turbulent Story of Boeing Commercial Airplanes

by Philip K. Lawrence & David W. Thornton

Deep Stall applies a framework of strategic analysis to the Boeing Company. Boeing is the world's largest aerospace / defence company, with turnover in the region of US $60bn. The book examines the relative...

Vroom! How Does A Car Engine Work for Kids

by Baby Professor

Don't be satisfied with just watching your child play with cars. Encourage him/her to understand those little engines better through this picture book. Here, we will be detailing even the tiniest parts of the...

The Big Data Opportunity in our Driverless Future

by Evangelos Simoudis

From Detroit to Germany, Japan, and Korea, within the incumbent automotive industry there is amplifying conversation about the magnitude, extent and timing of the disruption that will result from the introduction...

Tourism, Public Transport and Sustainable Mobility

by Prof. C. Michael Hall, Diem-Trinh Le-Klähn & Yael Ram

This book offers a comprehensive global examination of the relationship between public transport and tourism as well as exploring other sustainable transport modes. It offers a unique view by analysing tourism...

Cockpit Engineering

by D.N. Jarrett

Cockpit Engineering provides an understandable introduction to cockpit systems and a reference to current concepts and research. The emphasis throughout is on the cockpit as a totality, and the book is accordingly...

Shopping Choices with Public Transport Options: An Agenda for the 21st Century

by Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim & Peter J. McGoldrick

In recent years, the environmental, social and economic concerns regarding laissez-faire retail decentralization policies have resulted in an emergence of a global trend towards the provision of wider choices...

Shipping in China

by Tae-Woo Lee, Mingnan Shen & Michael Roe

The Chinese shipping industry is a particularly prominent industry and has rapidly expanded over the last decade. Amazingly, literature on the subject is scarce and this is the first book to focus on it specifically....

A Mobile Century?: Changes in Everyday Mobility in Britain in the Twentieth Century

by Colin G. Pooley, Jean Turnbull & Mags Adams

For most people in the developed world, the ability to travel freely on a daily basis is almost taken for granted. Although there is a large volume of literature on contemporary mobility and associated transport...

Applied Cognitive Task Analysis in Aviation

by Thomas L. Seamster & Richard E. Redding

Due to the requirements of automatic system design, and new needs for the training of complex tasks, Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) has been used with increasing frequency in recent years by the airline industry...

Human Factors for Civil Flight Deck Design

by Don Harris

Human error is now the main cause of aircraft accidents. However, in many cases the pilot simply falls into a trap that has been left for him/her by the poor design of the flight deck. This book addresses the...

Transport Disadvantage and Social Exclusion: Exclusionary Mechanisms in Transport in Urban Scotland

by Julian Hine & Fiona Mitchell

There is currently much interest in the role that transport plays in promoting, or alleviating 'social exclusion'. Exclusionary processes are, of course, multi-dimensional and a mixture of physical barriers,...

Re-Thinking Mobility: Contemporary Sociology

by Vincent Kaufmann

All too often, mobility is evoked as a preferred indicator in explanations of space-time compression and its impact. However, in failing to clearly distinguish speed potentials from their use, such analyses...

The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain

by Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher & Peter Baker

Explore all stages of the supply chain, from raw materials through to the final distribution of the finished product, with this definitive guide.