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Killing It

by Sheryl O'Loughlin & Steven Blank

The former CEO of Clif Bar, Co-founder of Plum, and serial entrepreneur offers insights about launching and growing a business while maintaining a fulfilled life in this practical guide filled with hard-won...

Food For Thought: A collection of provocative articles on leadership and management

by Balaji Krishnamurthy

A collection of provocative ideas on corporate leadership and executive management. They focus on driving engagement in the workplace, building upon corporate culture, performance management, personal development,...

Frontier  Mindset: Why Settle for Average?  Discover the discipline of change leadership and create the future that you want.

by Marcel Wilson

Do you have an idea improving your industry, company, community or family?

Why are some people able to create the future they want, while others are followers of others' ideas?


Applied Wisdom: Bad News Is Good News and Other Insights That Can Help Anyone Be a Better Manager

by Morgan James C. & O'C. Hamilton Joan

Success in business demands the effective management of people. James C. Morgan, who for nearly three decades led the high-tech powerhouse Applied Materials Inc. to both financial success and to the designation...

Public Intellectuals in the Global Arena: Professors or Pundits?

by Michael C. Desch

What is a public intellectual? Where are they to be found? What accounts for the lament today that public intellectuals are either few in number or, worse, irrelevant? While there is a small literature on the...

Success Is the Only Option

by John Calipari & Michael Sokolove

Kentucky’s charismatic coach shares the secrets of creating one of the premiere programs in college basketball, revealing how he transforms a group of former high school superstars into selfless, cohesive...

The Speckled Egg Principle: Discovering, Nurturing, and Leveraging the Uniquely Gifted Leader

by Carol J. Cline

Prepare to Soar!

Most organizations need 110% effort from their employees as they try to do more with less.  So why rely on only a portion of their employee's talents?  Speckled eggs are the talents, gifts,...

Leading Made Easy: Four Principles for Leadership Effectiveness

by Alonzo Johnson

Do you want to improve your effectiveness as a leader? With all the different leadership theories, models, and approaches available for leadership development, finding the method that works best for you can...

Wisdom is Not Enough

by Jeff Appelquist

In Wisdom Is Not Enough: Reflections on Leadership and Teams, award-winning author Jeff Appelquist draws on his twenty-five years of real-world experience as a military officer, lawyer, corporate executive,...

The Strategic Leader's Roadmap: 6 Steps for Integrating Leadership and Strategy

by Harbir Singh & Michael Useem

“We can all become strategic leaders if we stay on the right path.”

—Harbir Singh & Michael Useem

Even a strong leader can flounder without an effective strategy, and the most powerful strategy can fail without...

The Churning Volume 1, Inner Leadership: Tools for Building Inspiration in Times of Change

by Finn S Jackson

The essence of great leadership, Finn Jackson reminds us, is the creation of two things: inspiration and results.

In this book he focuses on inspiration, and provides an integrated set of tools for inspiring...

Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage

by Sara Harvey Yao

A compelling explanation about why being present is so challenging and how leaders can access clarity, connection, and courage in the midst of their chaotic lives, inside and outside of work.

8 Moments of Power in Coaching: How to Design and Deliver High-Performance Feedback to all Employees

by Colgate Mark

As a leader, have you ever wondered why your organization can't seem to get it right? Or why your teams, smart and capable as they may be, aren't able to work together to solve problems or meet company goals?...

Embodying Authenticity: A Somatic Path to Transforming Self, Team & Organisation

by Eunice Aquilina

Transformative change begins with those who seek to lead it. Connecting the individual journey with the collective journey is what allows organisational transformation to unfold and sustainable change to become...

Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways

by William C. Taylor

Cofounder of Fast Company magazine and bestselling author of Mavericks at Work and Practically Radical shows how true business innovation can spring from the unlikeliest places.


Far away from Silicon Valley,...

Zing!: Speak Like A Leader

by Mark C.J. D'Silva

Are you leading and inspiring others? 

Are you highly respected for your ability to influence? 

Are you magnetising audiences as a charismatic speaker?

If you want to get to YES, Zing! will show you how.   ...

Commonsense Leadership: No Nonsense Rules for Improving Your Mental Game and Increasing Your Team's Performance

by Jack H. Llewellyn

Win the mental game before you ever step out on the field

Commonsense Leadership is the playbook for leaders who want to win. From rallying the team to hitting it out of the park, every leader needs to understand...

Against All Odds: Leading Nokia from Near Catastrophe to Global Success

by Jorma Ollila, Harri Saukkomaa & Richard Powell

In this compelling memoir, Nokia's legendary CEO Jorma Ollila presents a riveting account of the inner workings of the company that created the global mobile revolution. CEO from 1992 to 2006, Ollila led Nokia...

The Quantum Leader: A Revolution in Business Thinking and Practice

by Danah Zohar

Drawing inspiration from quantum physics, innovative management thinker Danah Zohar offers a powerful new model for business thinking and practice. "Quantum leaders," she says, like the systems they have to...

Coaching Up! Inspiring Peak Performance When It Matters Most

by Kathleen Landis Lancaster, Jordan Fliegel & Shane Battier

Connect, engage, motivate, and inspire using top coaching techniques

Coaching Up! is about inspiring those who matter to you to achieve peak performance. Whether you are a coach, a business leader, a civic activist,...