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Today Is Yours: Daily Inspiration for Success

by Pat Williams & Jim Denney

Popular author and speaker helps people become more conscious, intentional, and strategic in how they influence others.

The Changing Role of the CIO

by Mike Barlow

Does Big Data represent an existential threat to CIOs? Yes, quite possibly. For the past three decades, corporate CIOs have served primarily as stewards and guardians of IT infrastructure. Big Data -- together...

Teaming to Innovate

by Amy C. Edmondson

Innovation requires teaming.  (Put another way, teaming is to innovation what assembly lines are to car production.) This book brings together key insights on teaming, as they pertain to innovation. How do...

The Leader's Guide to Speaking with Presence: How to Project Confidence, Conviction, and Authority

Selections from The Best in Us: People, Profit, and the Remaking of Modern Leadership

by Cleve Stevens

We have lost sight of the big picture, forgetting that success is not only measured in profit. This narrow focus of our leaders is one of the primary reasons for our economic crisis. We need a fresh approach...

Executive Profiles: Stories of Chicago Business and Organization Leaders

by Chicago Tribune Staff

Collected from the Chicago Tribune's column of the same name, Executive Profiles is an intimate and informative look into the lives of top Chicago business and organization leaders, executives, and CEOs. These...

Habits of Leadership: Discover and Use the Remarkable Connection Between Personality and Habits to Become an Outstanding Manager

by PhD, Art Markman

In his internationally acclaimed book, Smart Thinking, which examines the gap between innate intelligence and acquired mental skills, Art Markman presented a three-part formula to show readers how to develop...

Ninja Innovation

by Gary Shapiro

Innovate or die

For thirty years, Gary Shapiro has observed the world's most innovative businesses from his front-row seat as leader of the Consumer Electronics Association. Now he reveals the ten secrets of...

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence In a Day For Dummies

by Steven J. Stein

Learn to boost your emotional intelligence for success in life and business—in a day!

Learning to manage your emotions in difficult situations is one of the basic ways we can improve our lives and relationships....

Forecasting the Future & Redefining Your Future: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

In reality, the conditions we live with today are simply the results of decisions made in the past and, in leadership terms, this means that the better able you are to project your thinking into the future and...

Selling Continuously: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

You sell all day every day … to your board members, front-line staff, vendors, lenders, public, customers, colleagues, significant others, and more in order to realize the types of successes your organization...

Innovating Everywhere: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Although it’s become a popular buzz word, “innovation” isn’t something the majority of leaders understand well enough to utilize to the advantage of their organizations. Learn what innovation is and how...

Empowering Others: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

The reality is you can’t do everything on your own; you need other people to achieve results. Without realizing it, most leaders are the cause of underperformance and low productivity within their organizations...

Watching Competition: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Think you know your top competitors and their potential impact on your organization? Think again. Here, you will pick up sophisticated tools (some of which are based on government-intelligence models) and easy-to-apply...

Acquiring New Knowledge: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Don’t let the seemingly dull title deceive you; the powerful lessons here will show you why past desires to effect change haven’t worked and provide you with the secret that will drastically improve your...

Leveraging Technology: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Capture the true meaning of leveraging technology, and an entire universe of opportunities will become available to you. Never again will you see the issue of doing more with less as negative once you learn...

Establishing Alliances: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Toss out your preconceived ideas about traditional “partnerships” and replace them with six powerful options that are sure to deliver above-and-beyond opportunities. Not only will you take away alliance pillars...

Creating New Products and Services: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

This is sure to eradicate ordinary thinking and provide you with the must-have weapon every leader needs to create competitively superior products and services and produce internal operational improvements that...

Enterprise Thinking & Rethinking: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Understand your true value to your organization by escaping self-limiting beliefs and learning about the 12 daily leadership activities that will enable you to more effectively lead others to desired outcomes...

Developing Plans: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Learn simple yet powerful techniques to drastically improve your strategic plans, empower you to select and manage the kinds of projects that will propel your organization and career to new heights, and align...