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Strategic management of agricultural and life sciences research organisations

by Lance O'Brien & Bettina Heimann

Produced by EURAGRI, this book deals with the business of doing research in Europe's public research and development organisations, with a particular focus on their strategic management challenges.

Ecological Footprint

by Mathis Wackernagel, Bert Beyers & Katharina Rout

Resource accounting is essential to avoid ecological bankruptcy – here’s why and how

Our economy is running a Bernie Madoff-style Ponzi scheme with the planet. We use future resources to run the present,...

The Enlightened Capitalists

by James O'Toole

An expert on ethical leadership analyzes the complicated history of business people who tried to marry the pursuit of profits with virtuous organizational practices—from British industrialist Robert Owen to...

Financing Climate Futures

by Collectif

Infrastructure worldwide has suffered from chronic under-investment for decades and currently makes up more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. A deep transformation of existing infrastructure systems is needed...

Managing the Water-Energy-Land-Food Nexus in Korea

by Collectif

This report assesses the key bottlenecks within the water-energy-land-food nexus in Korea, and proposes policy recommendations and governance arrangements to future-proof environmental integrity and enhance...

Human Acceleration of the Nitrogen Cycle

by Collectif

This publication examines the risks associated with the release of excessive nitrogen into the environment (climate change, depletion of the ozone layer, air pollution, water pollution, loss of biodiversity,...

The Mediterranean Region under Climate Change. A Scientific Update: Abridged English/French Version

by Jean-Paul Moatti & Stéphanie Thiebault

This book has been published by Allenvi (French National Alliance for Environmental Research) to coincide with the 22nd Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22)...

Developing Robust Project Pipelines for Low-Carbon Infrastructure

by Collectif

This report aims to provide policy makers with a comprehensive examination of “project pipelines”, a common concept in infrastructure planning and investment discussions, and one which has become a focal...

Corporate Social Investment

by Setlogane Manchidi

This book is easily one of the best works yet on how to make corporate social investment work for the benefit of ordinary people … should be required reading by every CSI practitioner in Africa and abroad...

Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia

by Atakilte Beyene

  • Offers a new perspective on food security and sustainability, two of the most pressing issues currently facing global development efforts.
  • Features a wealth of on-the-ground empirical research from Ethiopian...

Getting to Market With Your MVP

by J.C. Baker

Getting to Market with Your MVP: Small Business and Entrepreneur Success is a book to assist college students, new entrepreneurs, and current business owners in their understanding of how to bring a concept,...

Land Use and Food Security in 2050: a Narrow Road

by Olivier Mora, Marie De Lattre-Gasquet, Chantal Le Mouël & Olivier Mora

After a first foresight study on ‘World food security in 2050’ (Agrimonde), CIRAD and INRA have turned their attention to a new foresight exercise on ‘Land use and food security in 2050’ (Agrimonde-Terra)....

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

by Alan S. Gutterman

This book traces the foundations for sustainable entrepreneurship, beginning with sustainability, ecopreneurship, and social entrepreneurship.

Sustainability has become a multidimensional concept that extends...

Dispatches from the Sweet Life

by William Powers

  • A memoir of life in Suraqueta, a subtropical town in Bolivia where the Andes meets the Amazon — part of a grassroots network of “transition towns” that aim to increase self-sufficiency to reduce the potential...

  • From Summits to Solutions

    by Raj M. Desai, Hiroshi Kato, Homi Kharas & John W. McArthur

    A positive agenda for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

    All 193 member nations of the United Nations agreed in September 2015 to adopt a set of seventeen "Sustainable Development Goals," to...

    Africa through an Economic  Lens

    by Amadou Sy

    A broad vision for economic progress in Africa

    A more peaceful and prosperous Africa is in everyone’s interest. Such an Africa would translate into more trade and investment, more jobs, and more security for...

    Ship’s Log. A journey between innovation and change

    by Danilo Broggi

    This book is drawn from a collection of articles that first appeared in the «Smart thinking» column of Longitude, the first Italian monthly foreign-language magazine published in English and distributed worldwide....

    Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment

    by Collectif

    This book explores recent developments in environmental cost-benefit analysis (CBA). This is defined as the application of CBA to projects or policies that have the deliberate aim of environmental improvement...

    Rethinking Urban Sprawl

    by Collectif

    This report provides a new perspective to the nature of urban sprawl and its causes and environmental, social and economic consequences. This perspective, which is based on the multi-dimensionality of urban...

    From Day One

    by Joyce Banda & Caroline Lambert

    The case for narrowing the gender gap is well established, and programs seeking to empower women in sub-Saharan Africa have multiplied. Yet a critical piece is missing: a focus on rural girls from zero to ten...