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Are We Running Out? : The Sustainability of the World's Resources

by Ingrid Bryan

Do we have the resources to produce enough food for an expected world population of over 9 billion in 2050? Are modern agricultural practices sustainable? Do we have enough fresh water? What do we understand...

How to Thrive in the Next Economy: Designing Tomorrow's World Today

by John Thackara

A visionary yet practical guide to building a more sustainable future, by one of the most important voices in environmentally aware design Are there practical solutions to the many global challenges—climate...

Green Capital: A New Perspective on Growth

by Christian de Perthuis & Pierre-André|Westlake, Michael Jouvet

Challenging the certainty that ecological preservation is incompatible with economic growth, Green Capital shifts the focus from the scarcity of raw materials to the deterioration of the great natural regulatory...

The Elements of Power: Gadgets, Guns, and the Struggle for a Sustainable Future in the Rare Metal Age

by David S. Abraham

Our future hinges on a set of elements that few of us have even heard of. In this surprising and revealing book, David S. Abraham unveils what rare metals are and why our electronic gadgets, the most powerful...

Reinventing Capitalism: How we broke Money and how we fix it, from inside and out

by Freeman Jon

Our financial systems are broken - not fit for purpose.  The evolution of capitalism has stalled and no longer meets our human needs or the conditions that we face.  When we examine how our relationship with...

Nền Kinh Tế Tăng Trưởng Và Sụp Đổ Như Thế Nào?

by Tác Giả: Peter D. Schiff & Andrew J. Schiff, Minh Họa: Brendan Leach, Người Dịch: Nguyễn Dương Hiếu & Nhà Xuất Bản Thời Đại

Lịch sử kinh tế Mỹ như câu chuyện ngụ ngôn Cuốn sách được liệt vào hàng kinh điển trong thể loại sách truyền bá Kinh tế học trường phái tự do. Bản thân cha con...

Culture and Conservation: Beyond Anthropocentrism

by Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet & Helen Kopnina

Today, there is growing interest in conservation and anthropologists have an important role to play in helping conservation succeed for the sake of humanity and for the sake of other species. Equally important,...

Contemporary Perspectives on Ecofeminism

by Mary Phillips & Nick Rumens

Why is ecofeminism still needed to address the environmental emergencies and challenges of our times? Ecofeminism has a chequered history in terms of its popularity and its perceived value in conceptualizing...

Systems Thinking for Geoengineering Policy: How to reduce the threat of dangerous climate change by embracing uncertainty and failure

by Robert Chris

Even by the scientists most closely associated with it, geoengineering - the deliberate intervention in the climate at global scale to mitigate the effects of climate change - is perceived to be risky. For all...

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development: Exploring the nexus of private and public interests

by Lez Rayman-Bacchus & Philip R. Walsh

Corporate responsibility and sustainable development are two concepts that may be able to reconcile many of the big challenges facing the world; challenges such as tensions between respect for the natural environment,...

Community Action and Climate Change

by Jennifer Kent

The failure of recent international negotiations to progress global action on climate change has shifted attention to the emergence of grassroots sustainability initiatives. These civil society networks display...

Just Transitions: Explorations of Sustainability in an Unfair World

by Mark Swilling & Eve Annecke

Current economic growth strategies are rapidly depleting natural resources and eco-systems. Just Transitions provides a comprehensive overview of these global challenges from a global South perspective. How...

Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World: Combining Principles and Profit to Create the World We Want

by Jay Conrad Levinson & Shel Horowitz

Levinson and Horowitz show the dramatic potential for profit in not just being a green company, but in addressing the huge social problems that have stumped humankind for millennia. Instead of waiting centuries...

Climate Risk and Resilience in China

by Rebecca Nadin, Sarah Opitz-Stapleton & Xu Yinlong

China has been subject to floods, droughts and heat waves for millennia; these hazards are not new. What is new is how rapidly climate risks are changing for different groups of people and sectors. This is due...

Environmental Ethics and Film

by Pat Brereton

Environmental ethics presents and defends a systematic and comprehensive account of the moral relation between human beings and their natural environment and assumes that human behaviour toward the natural world...

The Two Degrees Dangerous Limit for Climate Change: Public Understanding and Decision Making

by Christopher Shaw

This book is about the history, present and future of one the most important policy ideas of the modern era - that there is a single, global dangerous amount of climate change. That dangerous amount of climate...

Sharks, the Sea and Me

by Rodney Fox

My life has been seven-tenths water, Rodney Fox tells us in his extraordinary story. Attacked and almost killed by a great white shark in 1963, spearfishing champion and insurance salesman Rodney Fox's life...

Broadband Telecommunications and Regional Development

by Tony H. Grubesic & Elizabeth A. Mack

Broadband is one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century, yet our understanding of its regional impacts remains somewhat rudimentary. Not only are issues of broadband pricing and speed relevant...

Cultural Sustainability and Regional Development: Theories and practices of territorialisation

by Joost Dessein, Elena Battaglini & Lummina Horlings

Meeting the aims of sustainability is becoming increasingly difficult; at the same time, the call for culture is becoming more powerful. This book explores the relationships between culture, sustainability and...

Sufficient: A Modern Guide to Sustainable Living

by Tom Petherick

Sufficient' is a book to inspire, educate and encourage a process of change towards a simple, gentle and sustainable way of living. Many of us want to make a shift in our lives by slowing down and consuming...