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The Laws of Invincible Leadership

by Ryuho Okawa

Today, our society has become increasingly competitive, making it ever more challenging for those aiming to achieve lasting happiness and success. The Laws of Invincible Leadership provides the golden rules...

The Fracking Debate: The Risks, Benefits, and Uncertainties of the Shale Revolution

by Daniel Raimi

Over roughly the past decade, oil and gas production in the United States has surged dramatically-thanks largely to technological advances such as high-volume hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as "fracking."...

Ethical Asset Valuation and the Good Society

by Christian Gollier

For all of their focus on asset prices, financial economists rarely ask if assets are priced ethically—that is, if their prices are compatible with the public good. Yet in a world facing major, possibly catastrophic...

Sustainable Pathways for our Cities and Regions: Planning within Planetary Boundaries

by Barbara Norman

In an urbanizing world, the majority of people live in urban settlements predominantly on the coastal edge. Focus has historically been on people, place and the challenges and opportunities of living with global...

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development: A Capabilities Approach

by Mikateko Mathebula

This book demonstrates how the theoretical concepts of the capabilities approach can be applied in the context of engineering education, and how this could be used to add nuance to our understanding of the contribution...

Beyond Scarcity: Water Security in the Middle East and North Africa

by World Bank

Water has always been a source of risks and opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa. Yet rapidly changing socioeconomic, political, and environmental conditions make water security a different, and...

Notes on sustainable citizenship

by Fiorenzo Galli

In the last one hundred years, the world population has grown at an impressive rate and societies are facing deep changes. New global scenarios must deal with inevitable migrations of peoples, climate changes,...

Mapping the Journey: Case Studies in Strategy and Action toward Sustainable Development

by Lorinda R. Rowledge, Russell Barton & Kevin Brady

This illuminating new book presents a series of in-depth case studies from around the world based on numerous personal interviews with organizational leaders and focusing on their journey towards sustainability....

Teaching Business Sustainability: From Theory to Practice

by Chris Galea

In a world where corporate governance scandals have become the everyday, the role of business schools in producing the managers of today - and tomorrow - has come into sharp focus. Today's managers and the MBAs...

Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business

by Russ Stoddard

A new breed of socially conscious companies is changing how consumers shop, where employees work, and the way in which the world does business.

Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business sets the stage...

Tourism and Resilience

by Prof. C. Michael Hall, Girish Prayag & Alberto Amore

This book is the first authored overview of resilience in tourism and its relationship to the broader resilience literature. The volume takes a multi-scaled approach to examine resilience at the individual,...

The Company Citizen: Good for Business, Planet, Nation and Community

by Tom Levitt

Business doing good is doing good business; this book learns from the era where governments ruled the world, pre-globalisation, and where business looked after itself, where issues like climate change, resource...

Sustainability Science: Key Issues

by Ariane König & Jerome Ravetz

Sustainability Science: Key Issues is a comprehensive textbook for undergraduates, postgraduates, and participants in executive trainings from any disciplinary background studying the theory and practice of...

The Imperative of Development

by Geoffrey Gertz, Homi Kharas & Johannes F. Linn

The achievements and legacy of the Wolfensohn Center for Development at Brookings

The Imperative of Development highlights the research and policy analysis produced by the Wolfensohn Center for Development at...

Cultures of Sustainability and Wellbeing: Theories, Histories and Policies

by Paola Spinozzi & Massimiliano Mazzanti

 Cultures of Sustainability and Wellbeing: Theories, Histories and Policies examines and assesses the interdependence between sustainability and wellbeing by drawing attention to humans as producers and consumers...

Ecological Exile: Spatial Injustice and Environmental Humanities

by Derek Gladwin

Ecological Exile explores how contemporary literature, film, and media culture confront ecological crises through perspectives of spatial justice - a facet of social justice that looks at unjust circumstances...

Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

by Dongyong Zhang, Stephen Morse & Uma Kambhampati

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an important concept in the last few decades. Although it originated in the developed countries of the West, the concept has been embraced and adapted by corporations...

Pricing Carbon in Australia: Contestation, the State and Market Failure

by Rebecca Pearse

In the mid-2000s it seemed that the global carbon market would take off and spark the worldwide transition to a profitable low carbon economy. A decade on, the experiment in carbon trading is failing. Carbon...

Morocco 2040: Emerging by Investing in Intangible Capital

by Jean-Pierre Chauffour

Morocco 2040: Emerging by Investing in Intangible Capital documents the major economic and social strides made by Morocco over the past 15 years and analyzes the economic conditions for accelerating the pace...

Responsible Citizens and Sustainable Consumer Behavior: New Interpretive Frameworks

by Pietro Lanzini

There is broad consensus on the need to shift to a new paradigm of lifestyles and economic development, given the un-sustainability of current patterns. Given this, research on consumer behavior is to play a...