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Notes on sustainable citizenship

by Fiorenzo Galli

In the last one hundred years, the world population has grown at an impressive rate and societies are facing deep changes. New global scenarios must deal with inevitable migrations of peoples, climate changes,...

Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business

by Russ Stoddard

A new breed of socially conscious companies is changing how consumers shop, where employees work, and the way in which the world does business.

Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business sets the stage...

Tourism and Resilience

by Prof. C. Michael Hall, Girish Prayag & Alberto Amore

This book is the first authored overview of resilience in tourism and its relationship to the broader resilience literature. The volume takes a multi-scaled approach to examine resilience at the individual,...

The Imperative of Development

by Geoffrey Gertz, Homi Kharas & Johannes F. Linn

The achievements and legacy of the Wolfensohn Center for Development at Brookings

The Imperative of Development highlights the research and policy analysis produced by the Wolfensohn Center for Development at...

Integrating Sustainable Development in International Investment Law: Normative Incompatibility, System Integration and Governance Implications

by Manjiao Chi

The current international investment law system is insufficiently compatible with sustainable development. To better address sustainable development concerns associated with transnational investment activities,...

Migration and Environmental Change in the West African Sahel: Why Capabilities and Aspirations Matter

by Victoria van der Land

The West African Sahel is predicted to be heavily affected by climate change in the future. Slow-onset environmental changes, such as increasing rainfall variability and rising temperature, are presumed to worsen...

An Introduction to Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Personal Perspectives

by Martin Mulligan

An Introduction to Sustainability provides students with a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and ideas which are encompassed within the growing field of sustainability.

The fully updated second edition,...

Carbon Footprints as Cultural-Ecological Metaphors

by Anita Girvan

Through an examination of carbon footprint metaphors, this books demonstrates the ways in which climate change and other ecological issues are culturally and materially constituted through metaphor.

The carbon...

Global: An Extraordinary Guide for Ordinary Heroes

by Lyla Bashan

It’s a big world out there, and it needs your help. Global poverty, social inequality. Famine, conflict and climate change. These are just some of pressing challenges we face, and why we need you to turn your...

Fully Alive: Using the Lessons of the Amazon to Live Your Mission in Business and Life

by Tyler Gage

Fully Alive tells the story of an astoundingly successful young entrepreneur’s immersion in Amazonian indigenous spirituality, its life-changing impact on him, and how he integrated the lessons he learned...

Competing for a Sustainable World: Building Capacity for Sustainable Innovation

by Sanjay Sharma

Sustainable innovation requires more than a clear vision and commitment. It requires effective execution and implementation based on an ongoing systematic process of engaging stakeholders to generate the evolving...

Smart Urban Regeneration: Visions, Institutions and Mechanisms for Real Estate

by Simon Huston

The role of real estate in our cities is crucial to building sustainable and resilient urban futures. Smart Urban Regeneration brings together institutional, planning and real estate insights into an innovative...

Managing Organizations for Sustainable Development in Emerging Countries

by Angappa Gunasekaran & Ana Beatriz Lopes de Souza Jabbour

Managing Organizations for Sustainable Development in Emerging Countries focuses on the main challenges and opportunities of managing firms and emerging economies in the light of sustainable development. One...

Corporate Stewardship: Achieving Sustainable Effectiveness

by Susan Albers Mohrman, James O'Toole & Edward E. Lawler Iii

Stewardship entails a profound understanding and acceptance of the challenges that result from the organization's interdependence with the societal and ecological contexts in which it operates-and of what it...

Governance and Sustainability: New Challenges for States, Companies and Civil Society

by Ulrich Petschow, James Rosenau & Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Sustainability cannot be achieved without good governance. The Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 stated that governance and sustainable development are intimately tied together and...

The Corporate Responsibility Code Book

by Deborah Leipziger

There is no single code or standard, no panacea that will lead to corporate responsibility (CR). Yet, now, more than ever before, corporations are waking up to the fact that they must adopt codes and implement...

Greening International Institutions

by Jacob Werksmann

Environmentally sustainable development has become one of the world's most urgent priorities. But countries cannot achieve it alone: it depends on international coordination and action. Greening International...

Greener Purchasing: Opportunities and Innovations

by Trevor Russel

Every organization, public and private, no matter what its size, purchases goods and services. Large organizations also have considerable influence over the practices of their suppliers. As greener purchasing...

Social Entrepreneurship for Development: A business model

by Margaret Brindle & Ron Layton

This book presents a fresh approach to poverty alleviation by bridging the fields of international development and social entrepreneurship. The authors present a six-step model for developing an IP business...

Stress, Affluence and Sustainable Consumption

by Cecilia Solér

Why do affluent consumers almost automatically acquire new versions or variations of products already at their disposal? Even though most of us know that this novelty consumption poses a serious threat to an...