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Women and Sex Tourism Landscapes

by Erin Sanders-McDonagh

Sexual spaces, normally inhabited by (mostly) female sex workers, are understood as masculine spaces, and positioned for and around male consumers. However, red light zones and public sex performances in both...

Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City

by Claire Colomb & Johannes Novy

Across the globe, from established tourist destinations such as Venice or Prague to less traditional destinations in both the global North and South, there is mounting evidence that points to an increasing politicization...

Tourism Imaginaries at the Disciplinary Crossroads: Place, Practice, Media

by Maria Gravari-Barbas & Nelson Graburn

Maria Gravari-Barbas is Professor of Geography at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. She is also in charge of the IREST (Institute of Research and Higher Studies on tourism) and EIREST (Interdisciplinary...

Critical Event Studies

by Karl Spracklen & Ian R. Lamond

Within events management, events are commonly categorised within two axes, size and content. Along the size axis events range between the small scale and local, through major events, which garner greater media...

The Economics of Sports

by Michael Leeds & Peter von Allmen

For undergraduate courses in sports economics, this book introduces core economic concepts developed through examples from the sports industry.

The sports industry provides a seemingly endless set of examples...

Tourism and the Creative Industries: Theories, policies and practice

by Philip Long & Nigel D. Morpeth

This book focuses on the theoretical, policy and practice linkages and disjunctures between tourism and the creative industries. There are clear and strong intersections between the sectors, for example in the...

Approaches and Methods in Event Studies

by Tomas Pernecky

The recent proliferation of events as a subject of study in its own right has signalled the emergence of a new field - event studies. However, whilst the management-inspired notion of planned events, which strives...

Consumer Behaviour in Tourism

by Susan Horner & John Swarbrooke

Now fully revised and updated, the third edition of this bestselling text provides students with a vital understanding of the nature of tourism and contemporary tourists behaviour in political, social and economic...

Narratives of Travel and Tourism

by Tijana Rakic & Jacqueline Tivers

Travel and tourism 'stories' have been told and recorded within every culture, in every period of oral and written history, and across the breadth of the fact/fiction continuum. Taking two broad themes as its...

Places of the Imagination: Media, Tourism, Culture

by Stijn Reijnders

Recent years have seen an explosive growth in the phenomenon of people visiting locations from popular novels, films or television series. Places of the Imagination presents a timely and insightful analysis...

Planning for Ethnic Tourism

by Li Yang & Geoffrey Wall

Ethnic tourism has emerged as a means that is employed by many countries to facilitate economic and cultural development and to assist in the preservation of ethnic heritage. However, while ethnic tourism has...

Moral Encounters in Tourism

by Mary Mostafanezhad & Kevin Hannam

This first full length treatment of the role of morality in tourism examines how the tourism encounter is also fundamentally a moral encounter. Drawing upon interdisciplinary perspectives, leading and new authors...

Managing Sustainable Tourism: A legacy for the future

by David L. Edgell Sr

Managing Sustainable Tourism tackles the tough issues of tourism such as negative environmental impact and cultural degradation, and provides answers that don't sacrifice positive economic growth. It offers...

Become an Event Planner:  Secrets for Getting Hired from Employers, Recruiters, and Event Professionals

by Matthew James

Wondering why you didn’t get a reply to that resume you sent out?

Most people trying to break into the events industry go about it in entirely the wrong way; you can't just take a course, graduate, and start...

Seascapes: Shaped by the Sea

by Mike Brown & Barbara Humberstone

Despite the fact that the sea covers 70 per cent of the Earth's surface, and is integral to the workings of the world, it has been largely neglected or perceived as marginal in modern consciousness. This edited...

Raj Rhapsodies: Tourism, Heritage and the Seduction of History

by Maxine Weisgrau & Carol Henderson

Heritage is a prized cultural commodity in the marketing of tourism destinations. Particular aspects of heritage are often more actively promoted, with others played down. The representation of heritage in tourism...

The Dracula Dilemma: Tourism, Identity and the State in Romania

by Duncan Light

For many in the West, Romania is synonymous with Count Dracula. Since the publication of Bram Stoker's famous novel in 1897 Transylvania (and by extension, Romania) has become inseparable in the Western imagination...

ASEAN + 3: People, Business, Travel

by Chris Horton & Chris Taylor

In 1997, leaders of the 10 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations plus China, Japan and South Korea attended an informal summit which began the ASEAN+3 cooperation. Since then, the extent...

Tourism Encounters and Controversies: Ontological Politics of Tourism Development

by Gunnar Thór|Ren, Carina Jóhannesson

The multiplicity of tourism encounters provide some of the best available occasions to observe the social world and its making(s). Focusing on ontological politics of tourism development, this book examines...

World Heritage, Tourism and Identity: Inscription and Co-production

by Laurent Bourdeau & Maria Gravari-Barbas

The remarkable success of the 1972 UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage is borne out by the fact that nearly 1,000 properties have now been designated as possessing...