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by Jason Calacanis

One of Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investors shares his rules for investing in startups.

There are two ways to make money in startups: create something valuable—or invest in the people that are...

The Life First Advisor: How the new financial coach connects 'money' with 'meaning'

by LaValley Barry & Haintz David

The role that financial advisors play in the lives of their clients is undergoing a paradigm shift around the world. Aging populations, the impact of technology and the regulatory environment are changing what...

99 Reasons why Startups fail

by Omar Mohout & Carine Lucas

"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself"

Startup ideas inspire hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world. On the flip side, the majority of...

Economic Development

by Marcelo M. Giugale

There is much discussion about global poverty and the billions of people living with almost nothing. Why is it that governments, development banks, think-tanks, academics, NGOs and many others can't just fix...


by Andreas Jones

Are you struggling to take the lead in work and life? Unlock the great leader you were always meant to be. Battle Tested Leadership offers tools, techniques, and best practices for leaders to lead at an elite...

The Customer-Driven Playbook: Converting Customer Feedback into Successful Products

by Travis Lowdermilk & Jessica Rich

Despite the wide acceptance of Lean approaches and customer-development strategies, many product teams still have difficulty putting these principles into meaningful action. That’s where The Customer-Driven...

The Behavioral Economics of Climate Change: Adaptation Behaviors, Global Public Goods, Breakthrough Technologies, and Policy-Making

by S. Niggol Seo

The Behavioral Economics of Climate Change: Adaptation, Global Public Goods, Breakthrough Technologies, and Policy-Making shows readers how to understand mitigation strategies emerging from global warming policy...

The New Pioneers

by J.P. Faber

Imagine a world where there are no building codes, no licensing requirements, no permit fees, no inspectors—no rules or regulations, only common sense and the desire to build something better. This is the world...

The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur

by Jonathan C Lewis

The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur is about powering up your social justice career.

The world feels so screwed up, so unfair, so unnecessarily mean, so Trumpian. More than ever, the world needs you. This book...

Expanding Africa's Capacity for Digital Technology: Proceedings of The Digital Africa Conference and Exhibition, 2015

by Evans Woherem & Mayuri Odedra


Digital Africa is an annual gathering of major, medium and niche players in the broad ICT sectors across Africa. It is a vital platform for networking,...

Taken For A Ride

by Matteo Rizzo

How does public transport work in an African city under neoliberalism? Who owns what in it? Who has the power to influence its shape and changes in it over time? What does it mean to be a precarious and informal...

Rapid Business Acceleration Through Human Relationships: Tips, Strategies and Techniques To Grow ANY Business

by John Joseph Racine Jr

John Racine is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and sought after business and human resources strategists.

In Rapid Business Acceleration Through Human Relationships, you will discover simple yet effective...

New Frontiers of Sovereign Investment

by Malan Rietveld & Perrine Toledano

Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) can be exceptionally effective tools for national resources revenue management in the current global economy. As a response to the challenges posed by financial shocks, SWFs are...

The End of Development

by Andrew Brooks

Why did some countries grow rich while others remained poor?

Human history unfolded differently across the globe. The world is separated in to places of poverty and prosperity. Tracing the long arc of human...

Beating the Odds

by Justin Yifu Lin & Celestin Monga

How poor countries can ignite economic growth without waiting for global action or the creation of ideal local conditions

Contrary to conventional wisdom, countries that ignite a process of rapid economic growth...

Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin America

by Guillermo Cruces, Gary S. Fields, David Jaume & Mariana Viollaz

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations....

Results at the Top: Using Gender Intelligence to Create Breakthrough Growth

by Barbara Annis & Richard Nesbitt


"Results at the Top is full of stories and examples of male leaders accepting accountability for greater gender diversity in their companies. What's different? They're not doing...

50 Great Entrepreneurs

by Egbeyinka Olusegun

People are tired of reading about laws and techniques of becoming successful in business. People are tired of attending seminars where they would be told about the rules of saving, investment and what not. They...

Innovative Experiences in Access to Finance: Market-Friendly Roles for the Visible Hand?

by Augusto de la Torre & Juan Carlos Gozzi

Interest in access to finance and awareness of its importance have increased significantly since the early 2000s. Growing evidence suggests that lack of access to credit prevents many households and firms from...

The Living Wage

by Professor Donald Hirsch & Laura Valadez-Martinez

The "living wage" is an old idea that has experienced a dramatic resurgence of political popularity in recent years. The underlying logic of the concept is quite clear: it is a wage that provides workers with...