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Entrepreneur Voices on Growth Hacking

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Derek Lewis

FACT: There is no ultimate blueprint or rulebook to Growth Hacking.

Yes, we know that companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Dropbox have been touted as the case studies for industry disruption and immense growth....

Creating Business Magic

by David Morey & John E. McLaughlin

Business magic and disruptive innovation

First comes the magic, and then the magic becomes the reality

You may think you know what magic is. Abracadabra, hocus-pocus. Forget about it. Magic? Magic is what human...

Laboratory of Socialist Development

by Artemy M. Kalinovsky

Artemy Kalinovsky’s Laboratory of Socialist Development investigates the Soviet effort to make promises of decolonization a reality by looking at the politics and practices of economic development in central...

Stronger Than Steel

by Jeffrey A Parks

Stronger than Steel is the story of a company town, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that used alternative economic development strategies, including arts, tourism, and a casino to propel its way out of devastation...

Markets on the Margins

by Kate Philip

In 1987, workers in South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) staged a historic national strike, and 40,000 mineworkers lost their jobs. To assist them, the NUM set up a job creation programme, starting...

Orchestrating Experiences

by Chris Risdon & Patrick Quattlebaum

Customer experiences are increasingly complicated—with multiple channels, touchpoints, contexts, and moving parts—all delivered by fragmented organizations. How can you bring your ideas to life in the face...

Digital Disruption and Transformation

by Simon van Wyk & Ray Welling

They say a year on the Internet is like a dog year—

seven years to every one as the pace of change has disrupted and transformed nearly every aspect of our lives from commerce to entertainment to what we do...

Optimizing Growth

by Jason Green, Mark Henneman & Dimitar Antov

Leverage big data and demand into sustainable profitable growth

Optimizing Growth is a handbook for how to succeed  in the age of big data. Today’s business environment looks dramatically different than...

Bioeconomy challenges and implementation: the European research organisations’ perspective

by Egizio Valceschini, Pascal Bergeret & Uno Svedin

This book focuses on opportunities and challenges in implementing a bioeconomy strategy from a research and education perspective. It draws on contributions presented during the 30th EURAGRI annual conference...

Emotional Competence

by Eveline Lonoce

Did you know your emotions are powerful resources? Or do you deal with them when they pop up, either wanting them to stay when the feelings are nice or to go away when they are unpleasant? Every human being...

The Goldilocks Challenge

by Mary Kay Gugerty & Dean Karlan

The social sector provides services to a wide range of people throughout the world with the aim of creating social value. While doing good is great, doing it well is even better. These organizations, whether...

Monetary Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Andrew Berg & Rafael Portillo

Low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa present unique monetary policy challenges, from the high share of volatile food in consumption to underdeveloped financial markets; however most academic and policy...

Development: A Very Short Introduction

by Ian Goldin

What do we mean by development? How can citizens, governments and the international community foster development? The process by which nations escape poverty and achieve economic and social progress has been...

The Economics of Iraq

by Amer K. Hirmis

Meticulously researched and written by Dr Amer K. Hirmis the book takes readers 6000 years back to early Mesopotamian polity, culture, and religious codes which shaped the economy, and continue to shape much...

Europe's Growth Champion

by Marcin Piatkowski

What makes countries rich? What makes countries poor? Europe's Growth Champion: Insights from the Economic Rise of Poland seeks to answer these questions, and many more, through a study of one of the biggest,...

Secrets of Successful Sales

by Alison Edgar

If you don’t sell, you don’t have a business. In Secrets of Successful Sales, Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, brings together psychology and sales to help you develop a winning strategy for...

Advancing Human Development

by Frances Stewart, Gustav Ranis & Emma Samman

Human Development has been advocated as the prime development goal since 1990, when the publication of the first UNDP Human Development Report proposed that development should improve the lives people lead in...

Economic Growth with Social Justice

by Khadija Haq

Considered ‘the most articulate and persuasive spokesman’ for the developing world in the twentieth century, renowned economist Mahbub ul Haq (1934–1998) made a major impact on development philosophy and...

Turbulence and Order in Economic Development

by Hazel Gray

The terms of debate on the role of institutions in economic development are changing. Stable market institutions, in particular, secure private property rights and democratically accountable governments that...

Climate Change Management

by Huong Ha

This book focuses on special issues of climate change management in Asia. It discusses the challenges of climate change governance, and examines the impact of climate change on agriculture and food security....