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Social Sustainability: A Multilevel Approach to Social Inclusion: A Multilevel Approach to Social Inclusion

by Veronica Dujon, Jesse Dillard & Eileen M. Brennan

How can we raise the standard of living of the world's poor and maintain high levels of social health and well-being in the developed world, while simultaneously reducing the environmental damage wrought by...

Oligopoly, the Environment and Natural Resources

by Luca Lambertini

Industrial production and consumption patterns rely heavily on the intensive use of both renewable and non-renewable resources and the consequences for the environment can be serious. Following a long period...

Small Stories, Big Changes: Agents of Change on the Frontlines of Sustainability

Rural Livelihoods and the Ecotourism / Extraction Nexus: Political Economies and Rural Realities of (Un)Comfortable Bedfellows

by Bram Büscher & Veronica Davidov

Ecotourism and natural resource extraction may be seen as contradictory pursuits, yet in reality they often take place side by side, sometimes even supported by the same institutions. Existing academic and policy...

Environmental Justice in Developing Countries: Perspectives from Africa and Asia-Pacific: Perspectives from Africa and Asia-Pacific

by Rhuks Ako

The evolving environmental justice paradigm is conceptualized differently based on political, economic and historical factors. In developed countries, emphasis is placed on the role of individuals in environmental...

Searching for Resilience in Sustainable Development: Learning Journeys in Conservation

by John Blewitt & Daniella Tilbury

Resilience is a term that is gaining currency in conservation and sustainable development, though its meaning and value in this context is yet to be defined. Searching for Resilience in Sustainable Development...

Measuring and Evaluating Sustainability: Ethics in Sustainability Indexes

by Sarah E. Fredericks

The indexes used by local, national, and international governments to monitor progress toward sustainability do not adequately align with their ethical priorities and have a limited ability to monitor and promote...

Reducing Urban Poverty in the Global South

by David Satterthwaite & Diana Mitlin

Urban areas in the Global South now house most of the world's urban population and are projected to house almost all its increase between now and 2030. There is a growing recognition that the scale of urban...

Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: A Race Against Time

by Peter F. Smith

History reveals how civilisations can be decimated by changes in climate. More recently modern methods of warfare have exposed the vulnerability of the artefacts of civilisation. Bringing together a range of...

Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark: Research Report

by Bob Hayes, Greg Kane & Kathleen Kotwica

This research report presents the findings of a broad survey of corporate security programs conducted by the Security Executive Council's Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI). The researchers' objective...

The Rise of the Global South: Philosophical, Geopolitical and Economic Trends of the 21st Century

by Justin Dargin

This book provides a broad and in-depth introduction to the geopolitical, economic and trade changes wrought with the increasing influence of the countries of the Global South in international affairs.

The global...

Local Content Policies in the Oil and Gas Sector

by Silvana Tordo & Michael Warner

A number of countries have recently discovered and are developing oil and gas reserves. Policy makers in such countries are anxious to obtain the greatest benefits for their economies from the extraction of...

Strategic Sustainability: Why it matters to your business and how to make it happen

by Alexandra McKay

Strategic Sustainability' will help you develop a business case to convince the most sceptical Finance Officer or Chief Executive Officer that sustainability can offer real value to their business.

If I Had A Water Buffalo: How To Microfinance Sustainable Futures

by Marilyn A. Fitzgerald

"If I Had a Water Buffalo" poignantly explores the critical difference in outcomes when offering a hand up rather than giving a handout. A seemingly simple request for a water buffalo by an impoverished rice...

Freedom, Responsibility and Economics of the Person

by Jérôme Ballet, Damien Bazin & Jean-Luc Dubois

The capability approach has developed significantly since Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998. It is now recognised as being highly beneficial in the analysis of poverty and inequality,...

Crossing Boundaries in Public Management and Policy: The International Experience

by Janine O'Flynn, Deborah Blackman & John Halligan

In the 21st century governments are increasingly focusing on designing ways and means of connecting across boundaries to achieve goals. Whether issues are complex and challenging - climate change, international...

Innovation and Regional Development in China

by Ingo Liefner & Yehua Dennis Wei

Although China is now the 'factory of the world', there is no reason to expect that it will always be content with manufacturing labor-intensive goods for foreign corporations. Scholars must now ask: What is...

Governance Reform in Africa: International and Domestic Pressures and Counter-Pressures: International and Domestic Pressures and Counter-Pressures

by Jerome Bachelard

Poor governance is increasingly recognized as the greatest impediment to economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, some impressive governance reforms are underway in many countries. This includes...

Un Millennium Development Library: Halving Hunger: It Can Be Done

by UN Millennium Project

The Millennium Development Goals, adopted at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000, are the world's targets for dramatically reducing extreme poverty in its many dimensions by 2015�income poverty, hunger, disease,...

The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors' Toolkit

by Dmitry Orlov

A user’s guide to economic, political, social and cultural collapse.