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Organizing Global Technology Flows: Institutions, Actors, and Processes

by Pierre-Yves Donzé & Shigehiro Nishimura

Research on the international transfer of technology in economics and management literature has primarily focused on the role of countries and that of companies, in particular multinational enterprises (MNEs)....

The Economic Development Process in Mena

by Alessandro Romagnoli & Luisa Mengoni

Offering a comprehensive analysis of the development of economies in the Middle East and North Africa over the past half century, this book charts the progress of these countries through an examination of an...

Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works

by Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King & Kevin Bennett

Design-oriented firms such as Apple and IDEO have demonstrated how design thinking can directly affect business results. Yet most managers lack a real sense of how to put this new approach to use for issues...

Central Asia

by Alexei Vassiliev

Based on first-hand research conducted by the Moscow Centre for Civilizational and Regional Studies, this book documents the findings of one of the first authoritative studies on the newly independent states...

Doing Business 2014: Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

by World Bank

Eleventh in a series of annual reports comparing business regulation in 189 economies, Doing Business 2014 measures regulations affecting 11 areas of everyday business activity including; starting a business,...

New Frontiers in Feminist Political Economy

by Shirin M. Rai & Georgina Waylen

This volume brings together the work of outstanding feminist scholars who reflect on the achievements of feminist political economy and the challenges it faces in the 21st century.

The volume develops further...

Sustainable Development: An Introductory Guide

by David Reid

'Sustainable development' is the catchphrase of the 1990s. Governments around the world, international institutions, local organizations and NGOs have committed themselves to its principles and have adopted...

Making a Difference: Ngo's and Development in a Changing World

by D. Hulme & Michael Edwards

As Western aid budgets are slashed and government involvement with aid programmes reduced, NGOs in the voluntary sector are finding themselves taking an ever-increasing share of development work overseas. As...

Africa in Crisis: The Causes and Cures of Environmental Bankruptcy

by Lloyd Timberlake

The first edition of this incisive text on the problems of drought and famine facing Africa won worldwide critical acclaim. Revised with a new introduction, Lloyd Timberlake's bestselling study is invaluable...

The Greening of Aid: Sustainable Livelihoods in Practice

by Czech Conroy & Miles Litvinoff

The development of poor countries has so often meant the export of Northern technology for ambitious schemes designed to make money � the latest giant dam, oil refinery, logging process or pesticide factory....

Threats Without Enemies: Facing Environmental Insecurity

by Gwyn Prins

The world is moving into a new era which will be dominated by a new range of threats and a new range of priorities. Already headlines tell of storms and droughts, mass emigrations, the danger of old Soviet nuclear...

Progress for a Small Planet

by Barbara Ward

Three topics dominate discussions of the global environment: pollution; the consequences of the affluent running ever faster through finite resources; and the growing tensions between rich and poor as a third...

Conditions of Agricultural Growth

by Ester Boserup

Investigating the process of agrarian change, this book analyzes costs and productivity under the main systems of primitive agriculture. The conclusion is that technical, economic and social changes are unlikely...

Economic Analysis and Policy in Underdeveloped Countries

by Peter Bauer

Offers its own distinctive contribution to the methodology of economics applied to developing countries. These lectures are 'penetrating and original'". Alan Peacock, Economica

A series of three lectures, this...

Western Enterprise in Indonesia and Malaysia

by G. C Allen & Donnithorne

This book demonstrates exact scholarship (and an) understanding of the way in which business works...(it has) a capacity to reduce a mass of apparently unrelated facts into the neat shape of theory."The Economist...

Western Enterprise in Far Eastern Economic Development

by G. C. Allen & Donnithorne

Western Enterprise in Far Eastern Economic Development charts the activities of Western firms in China and Japan from the middle of the nineteenth century, when those countries were opened to foreign trade,...

Dinosaurs or Dynamos: The United Nations and the World Bank at the Turn of the Century

by Helge Ole Bergesen & Leiv Lunde

Explores how much and what the World Bank and the United Nations can really be expected to achieve. The text begins with a detailed account of the evolution of the two organizations as multilateral development...

The Virtuous Spiral: A Guide to Sustainability for Ngos in International Development

by Alan Fowler

'The Virtuous Spiral is without doubt a most welcome addition to the body of knowledge that will continue to be highly valued in the NGO sector.' Ezra Limiri Mbogori, Director, Mwelekeo wa NGO (MWENGO), Harare...

The Transition to Sustainability: The Politics of Agenda 21 in Europe

by Timothy O'Riordan & Heather Voisey

The Transition to Sustainability 'details how all nations are repositioning their economies, their societies and their collective purpose to maintain all life on Earth, peacefully, healthily, equitably and with...

Sustainable Development: Economics and Environment in the Third World

by David Pearce, Edward Barbier & Anil Markandya

Blueprint for a Green Economy put the economics of the environment onto the public agenda. Its authors have now widened the issue by applying the principles of their earlier, ground-breaking work to the tangled...