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Development Crises and Alternative Visions: Third World Women's Perspectives

by Gita Sen & Caren Grown

More than half of the world's farmers are women. They are the majority of the poor, the uneducated and are the first to suffer from drought and famine. Yet their subordination is reinforced by well-meaning development...

Famine Early Warning Systems: Victims and Destitution

by Peter Walker

Is it possible to see famines coming, to be prepared and to save possibly hundreds of thousands of lives? Or is this the wrong question?

A famine is not a single natural catastrophe: it has different stages....

Exploited Earth: Britain's Aid and the Environment

by Teresa Hayter

How do ''types'' of aid differ? Why are there different kinds? When is one more appropriate than another? How can you tell ''good'' aid from ''bad''? Friends of the Earth commissioned Teresa Hayter, author of...

The Reality of Aid 2000: An Independent Review of Poverty Reduction and Development Assistance

by Judith Randel, Tony German & Deborah Ewing

NOW IN ITS SEVENTH ANNUAL EDITION, The Reality of Aid 2000 looks at how the performance of OECD donor countries on aid and development cooperation has matched up to the challenge of eliminating absolute poverty....

The Reality of Aid 1998-1999: An Independent Review of Poverty Reduction and Development Assistance

by Judith Randel & Tony German with Deborah Ewing

NOW IN ITS SIXTH ANNUAL EDITION, The Reality of Aid has for the first time analysed the 'fair share' of bilateral aid for basic social services � basic education, basic health, reproductive health, nutrition,...

The Reality of Aid 1997-1998: An Independent Review of Development Cooperation

by Judith Randel & Tony German

NOW IN ITS FIFTH ANNUAL EDITION, The Reality of Aid continues to present the most comprehensive and rigorous independent analysis available of the aid and development policies of the world's richest nations,...

Literacy and Power: The Latin American Battleground

by David Archer & Patrick Costello

The often bloody struggles of Central America have dominated news reports for a long time. Behind the headlines lies an enormous population of the desperately poor, and it is axiomatic that they are rendered...

International Perspectives on Voluntary Action: Reshaping the Third Sector

by David Lewis

This text presents a perspective on the third sector. Rather than considering non-governmental development organizations and voluntary agencies separately, it explores the similarities, differences and growing...

Doing Development: Government, Ngos and the Rural Poor in Asia

by Richard Holloway

The absolutely poor, who are mostly rural people, are a large part of the developing world's population and their numbers are growing. Government development programmes, aided by the big donors, have made the...

Child Slaves

by Peter Lee-Wright

In Portugal, 12-year-olds manufacture clothes destined for British chain-stores. In Brazil, children work more than nine hours a day glueing shoes for sale in the West. This book, based on research done with...

Crisis and Opportunity: Environment and Development in Africa

by Francois Falloux & Lee M Talbot

Winner of the Prix Pierre Chauleur of the French Academie des Sciences d'Outre-Mer

Until some way is found of dealing with Africa's catastrophic environmental crises none of the continent's other problems will...

World at the Crossroads: Towards a Sustainable, Equitable and Liveable World

by Philip B. Smith, Samuel E. Okoye & Jaap de Wilde

Thirty years ago the Russell-Einstein Manifesto warned humanity that our survival is imperilled by the risk of nuclear war.In the spirit of that Manifesto, we now call on all scientists to expand our concerns...

Women and the Environment in the Third World: Alliance for the Future

by Irene Dankelman & Joan Davidson

'This book ... should be issued to grass-root organisations everywhere' Doris Lessing, The New Scientist 'It is must reading for government planners, environmentalists and the ordinary layman' Asia Week Women...

Tomorrow's World: Britain's Share in a Sustainable Future

by Duncan McLaren, Simon Bullock & Nusrat Yousuf

This title uses the concept of environmental space to resolve many of the issues facing us in the future and applies the lessons specifically to the UK. Believing that we occupy more environmental space than...

Social Change and Conservation

by Krishna B. Ghimire & Michael P. Pimbert

The book discusses protected areas and conservation policies, critically reviewing protected areas management and the concepts of conservation. Drawing on case studies form North America, Europe, Asia and Africa,...

Dam the Rivers, Damn the People: Development and Resistence in Amazonian Brazil

by Barbara J. Cummings

The Brazilian Amazon is the largest area of tropical rainforest in Latin America. Brazil is that continent's most rapidly developing country. The Amazon is at the heart of the conflict between conservation and...

Rising Seas

by Martin Ince

Recent and dramatic flooding in places as far apart as Bangladesh and North Wales are example of what could become commonplace if sea levels rise. Most scientists are predicting a rise of about one metre and...

Strategies for Sustainability: Latin America

by Arturo Lopez Ornat

IUCN- The World Conservation Union Founded in 1948 The World Conservation Union brings together States government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organisations in a unique world partnership...

Wasted: Counting the Costs of Global Consumption

by Michael Redclift

Sustainable development cannot be achieved solely at the international level. Without the creation of more sustainable livelihoods, it will remain a utopian and elusive goal. Yet given the huge differences in...

Strategies for Sustainability: Africa

by Adrian Wood

The World Conservation Union, Founded in 1948, brings together States government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organisations in a unique world partnership over 800 members in all, spread...