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Unleashing India's Innovation

by Mark Dutz

India's recent growth rate has been impressive, with real GDP rising by over 8 percent a yearsince 2004. The country is also becoming a top global innovator for high-tech products andservices. Still, India is...

World Development Report 2008

by World Bank

The world's demand for food is expected to double within the next 50 years, while the natural resources that sustain agriculture will become increasingly scarce, degraded, and vulnerable to the effects of climate...

Doing Business 2008

by World Bank

Regulations affecting 10 areas of everyday business are measured: starting a business, dealing with licenses, employing workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, paying taxes, trading...

Moving Out of Poverty

by Deepa Narayan & Patti Petesch

This book brings together the latest thinking about poverty dynamics from diverse analytic traditions. While covering a vast body of conceptual and empirical knowledge about economic and social mobility, it...

International Migration, Economic Development & Policy

by Maurice Schiff & Çaglar Özden

International migration has become acentral element of international relations and global integration due to its rapidly increasing economic, social, and cultural impact in both source and destination countries....

Globalization for Development

by Ian Goldin & Kenneth Reinert

Globalization and its relation to poverty reduction and development is not well understood. The book identifies the ways in which globalization can overcome poverty or make it worse. The book defines the big...

A Guide to the World Bank

by World Bank

The World Bank Group is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Its focus is on helping the poorest people in the poorest countries by using its financial...

Services Trade and Development: The Experience of Zambia

by Aaditya Mattoo & Lucy Payton

Some see trade in services as irrelevant to the development agenda for least developed countries (LDCs). Others see few benefits from past market openings by LDCs. This book debunks both views. It finds that...

China's Information Revolution

by Christine Zhen-Wei Qiang

Since 1997, China has devoted considerable resources to information and communications technology (ICT) development. China has the world's largest telecommunications market, and its information technology industry...

Banker To The Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty

by Muhammad Yunus

Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize

This autobiography of the world-renowned, visionary economist who came up with a simple but revolutionary solution to end world poverty--micro-credit--has become the classic...

Social Economy: Communities, Economies and Solidarity in Atlantic Canada

by Sonja Novkovic & Leslie Brown

This book contributes to the growing literature on the social economy from the particular perspectives of Atlantic Canadians who have been part of the Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network.

The State of the Earth: Environmental Challenges on the Road to 2100

by Paul K. Conkin

The present era of staggering scientific and technological innovations, with major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, and communications, seems to document unparalleled human achievement. Yet when...

Handbook of the Economics of Education

by Erik A. Hanushek & F. Welch

The Handbooks in Economics series continues to provide the various branches of economics with handbooks which are definitive reference sources, suitable for use by professional researchers, advanced graduate...

Green It: Managing Your Carbon Footprint

by BCS The Chartered Institute for IT

New legislation, rising energy costs and increasing demand for green credentials have moved sustainable IT up the business agenda. This ebook looks at different aspects of green IT - from sustainably managing...

Africa's Silk Road

by Harry G. Broadman

China and India's new-found interest in trade and investment with Africa - home to 300 million of the globe's poorest people and the world's most formidable development challenge - presents a significant opportunity...

Applebee's America: How Successful Political, Business, and Religious Leaders Connect with the New American Community

by Ron Fournier, Douglas B. Sosnik & Matthew J. Dowd

In this era of technology, terror, and massive social change, it takes a deft touch to connect with Americans. Applebee's America cracks the twenty-first-century code for political, business, and religious leaders...

Cloud Computing: Moving It Out of the Office

by BCS The Chartered Institute for IT

Cloud computing is seen as one of the main business drivers for growth and innovation, yet debate continues around its benefits, security and data protection issues. This ebook looks at different aspects of...

Water Governance for Sustainable Development

by Sylvain Perret, Stefano Farolfi & Rashid Hassan

The book examines how water policies, institutions and governance have shifted in recent years from supply-driven, quantitative, centrally controlled management to more demand-sensitive, decentralized participatory...

Getting to Scale: Growing Your Business Without Selling Out

by Jill Bamburg

Jill Bamburg presents the first book to deal with a central issue for almost all small businesses: how to preserve one's values while simultaneously maintaining growth and competitiveness in the marketplace....

SMALL CHANGE: How Fifty Dollars Can Change the World

by Jurriaan Kamp

Help people help themselves: That's the idea behind microcredit. Small loans-sometimes no more than $50-can radically improve the life of a poor family. Where development aid and billion-dollar loans fail, microcredit...