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Summary: Customer Culture - Michael Basch

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “CUSTOMER CULTURE: How FedEx and Other Great Companies Put the Customer First Every Day by Michael Basch”.Building a business organization which focuses exclusively...

Summary: Borrowing Brilliance - David Kord Murray

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book "BORROWING BRILLIANCE: The Six Steps to Business Innovation By Building on the Ideas of Others" by David Kord Murray.David Murray is an aerospace engineer turned entrepreneur,...

Summary: The CashFlow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book "THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT: Rich Dad’s Guide To Financial Freedom" by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.Robert Kiyosaki is the co-founder of an international educational...

Summary: Full Frontal PR - Richard Laermer and Michael Prichinello

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “FULL FRONTAL PR: Getting People Talking About You, Your Business or Your Product” by Richard Laermer and Michael Prichinello.Richard Laermer is the founder and CEO...

Summary: The Now Habit - Neil Fiore

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book "THE NOW HABIT: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play" by Neil Fiore.Neil Fiore is president of his own business consulting and...

Summary: Group Genius - Keith Sawyer

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “GROUP GENIUS: The Creative Power of Collaboration” by Keith Sawyer.Collaboration is the real secret to breakthrough creativity – not a lone genius having an “Aha!”...

Increasing Resilience to Climate Change in the Agricultural Sector of the Middle East: The Cases of Jordan and Lebanon

by Dorte Verner

This publication aims to assist countries in understanding the specific challenges and opportunities posed by climate change in the agricultural sector in order to increase climate resilience and adapt to climate...

Why Growth Matters: How Economic Growth in India Reduced Poverty and the Lessons for Other Developing Countries

by Jagdish Bhagwati & Arvind Panagariya

In its history since Independence, India has seen widely different economic experiments: from Jawharlal Nehru’s pragmatism to the rigid state socialism of Indira Gandhi to the brisk liberalization of the 1990s....

Hungary: Selected Issues Paper

by International Monetary Fund

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Working Scared (Or Not at All): The Lost Decade, Great Recession, and Restoring the Shattered American Dream

by Carl E. Van Horn

Working Scared tells the story of the American workforce during a period of wrenching economic change and two recessions. By tracing the experiences of workers in times of economic prosperity and economic recession,...

Migrants, Borders and Global Capitalism: West African Labour Mobility and EU Borders

by Hannah Cross

People from West Africa are risking their lives and surrendering their citizenship rights to enter exploitative labour markets in Europe. This book offers an explanation for this phenomenon that is based on...

Theory and Practice of Dialogical Community Development: International Perspectives

by Peter Westoby & Gerard Dowling

This book proposes that community development has been increasingly influenced and co-opted by a modernist, soulless, rational philosophy - reducing it to a shallow technique for 'solving community problems'....

Energy and Electricity in Industrial Nations: The Sociology and Technology of Energy

by Allan Mazur

Energy is at the top of the list of environmental problems facing industrial society, and is arguably the one that has been handled least successfully, in part because politicians and the public do not understand...

Backpacker Tourism and Economic Development: Perspectives from the Less Developed World

by Mark P. Hampton

There has been a phenomenal growth of backpacker tourism from the overland routes to India in the 1960s, to present-day backpacker tourism across the less developed world. As a result there has been significant...

Knowledge, Innovation and Internationalization: Essays in Honour of Cesare Imbriani

by Piergiuseppe Morone

As firms increasingly rely on knowledge as a key factor for innovation, the ability to innovate is increasingly perceived as a key asset for being competitive in international markets. This new volume argues...

Globalization and Development: Rethinking Interventions and Governance

by Arne Bigsten

The key challenge for achieving sustained development in developing countries relates to quality of domestic governance, which in turn is strongly affected by external interventions. Domestic governance includes...

Fraud and Carbon Markets: The Carbon Connection

by Marius-Christian Frunza

The VAT Carousel Fraud has seriously undermined the financial integrity of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). This timely book is the first to give an overview of fraud in the carbon market....

Overhead Costs

by W. Arthur Lewis

Professor Lewis is to be congratulated upon being among the first economists to tackle the tricky subject of controlling the nationalised industries."Financial Times

This book analyses some of the difficulties...

Protecting Biological Diversity: The Effectiveness of Access and Benefit-Sharing Regimes

by Carmen Richerzhagen

During the last ten years the enormous global loss of biodiversity has received remarkable attention. Among the numerous approaches undertaken to stop or lessen this process, access and benefit-sharing (ABS),...

Social and Economic Policies in Korea: Ideas, Networks and Linkages

by Dong-Myeon Shin

The sustained remarkable economic growth in the East Asian countries - Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore - has brought about a great deal of debate over the role of the state in the market...