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The Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics: Volume 1: Context and Concepts

by Celestin Monga & Justin Yifu Lin

For a long time, economic research on Africa was not seen as a profitable venture intellectually or professionally-few researchers in top-ranked institutions around the world chose to become experts in the field....

Way of the Junglepreneur: Art of Suceeding and Surviving in Tough Business Terrains

by David Oludotun Fasanya

Way of the Junglepreneur captures the unwritten rules of business survival from the perspective of the person at the top of the food chain-the Junglepreneur. It is also filled with actionable detail and a conscience...

Sharks, the Sea and Me

by Rodney Fox

My life has been seven-tenths water, Rodney Fox tells us in his extraordinary story. Attacked and almost killed by a great white shark in 1963, spearfishing champion and insurance salesman Rodney Fox's life...

Broadband Telecommunications and Regional Development

by Tony H. Grubesic & Elizabeth A. Mack

Broadband is one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century, yet our understanding of its regional impacts remains somewhat rudimentary. Not only are issues of broadband pricing and speed relevant...

If Your Business Could Speak to You, What Would It Say?: How to Develop an Equal, Co-creative Partnership with Your Business

by Deb Bajoras & Sue Sheldon

In this insightful new book, business and life coach Debra Bajoras invites you to develop an equal, co-creative relationship with your business -- the ultimate process that will offer you the opportunity to...

Biopolitical Imperialism

by M. G. E. Kelly

The First World is a parasite, subsisting on life imported from the Third World, and exporting death in return.

Aid and Development: A Brief Introduction

by Myles A. Wickstead

There are many books about aid and development, but most of them either assume a good deal of prior knowledge about the subject, or are written to make the case for or against aid. The first part of this volume...

The Economic Rise of China and India

by Vittorio Valli

The last decades have witnessed the spectacular rise of two great Asian economies: China and India. China has moved first. Since 1978 sweeping economic reforms have radically transformed the country. China has...

India in the Contemporary World: Polity, Economy and International Relations

by Jakub Zajaczkowski, Jivanta Schottli & Manish Thapa

This book brings together Indian and European perspectives on India's polity, economy and international strategy. It explores internal, regional and global determinants shaping India's status, position and goals...

What You Aren't Seeing: How Using Your Hidden Potential Can Help You Discover the Leader Within, The Inspiring Story of Herb Greenberg

by Patrick Sweeney

Be truly inspired, discover your potential, and leverage it to drive organizational success

What You Aren't Seeing uniquely combines Herb Greenberg's inspiring story with insights and practical ideas that can...

Cultural Sustainability and Regional Development: Theories and practices of territorialisation

by Joost Dessein, Elena Battaglini & Lummina Horlings

Meeting the aims of sustainability is becoming increasingly difficult; at the same time, the call for culture is becoming more powerful. This book explores the relationships between culture, sustainability and...

The Local Economy Solution: How Innovative, Self-Financing "Pollinator" Enterprises Can Grow Jobs and Prosperity

by Michael Shuman

Reinventing economic development as if small business mattered

In cities and towns across the nation, economic development is at a crossroads. A growing body of evidence has proven that its current cornerstone-incentives...

Made in Africa: Industrial Policy in Ethiopia

by Arkebe Oqubay

Made in Africa presents the findings of original field research into the design, practice, and varied outcomes of industrial policy in the cement, leather and leather products, and floriculture sectors in Ethiopia....

Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation

by Etmanski Al, Cullis Suzuki Severn & Cammack Vickie

"Impact beautifully distills the insights and deep wisdom of one of the world's great social innovators. Etmanski's book is far more than a practical guide: it's an invitation to re-imagine possibilities for...

Deliberation and Development: Rethinking the Role of Voice and Collective Action in Unequal Societies

by Patrick Heller & Vijayendra Rao

Deliberation is the process by which a group of people, each with equal voice, can - via a process of discussion and debate - reach an agreement. Deliberation and Development attempts to do two things. First,...

Socio-Economic Segregation in European Capital Cities: East Meets West

by Tiit Tammaru, Maarten van Ham & Szymon Marcinczak

Growing inequalities in Europe are a major challenge threatening the sustainability of urban communities and the competiveness of European cities. While the levels of socio-economic segregation in European cities...

Gender, Development and Globalization: Economics as if All People Mattered

by Lourdes Beneria, Günseli Berik & Maria Floro

Gender, Development, and Globalization is the leading primer on global feminist economics and development. Lourdes Benería, a pioneer in the field of feminist economics, is joined in this second edition by...

The London Olympics and Urban Development: The Mega-Event City

by Gavin Poynter, Valerie Viehoff & Yang Li

As London sought to use the Olympics to achieve an ambitious programme of urban renewal in the relatively socially deprived East London it attracted global attention and sparked debate. This book provides an...

The Politics of Ecosocialism: Transforming welfare

by Kajsa Borgnäs, Teppo Eskelinen & Johanna Perkiö

As the global economy seeks to recover from the financial crisis and warnings about the consequences of climate change abound, it is clear that we need a fundamentally new approach to tackle these issues. This...

The Simplicity Cycle

by Dan Ward

The award-winning engineer, Air Force lieutenant colonel, and author of F.I.R.E offers a road map for designing winning new products, services, and business models, and shows how to avoid complexity-related...