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by Wilkie Collins

William Wilkie Collins's classic tale of murder, mystery, and inheritance involving several men of the name "Allan Armadale".

Islamic Folklore The Black Crow and The First Murder In Earth  Bilingual Edition English Germany

by Jannah An-Nur Foundation

Islamic Folklore The Black Crow and The First Murder In Earth Bilingual Edition English Germany Ebook Version Based from The Noble Quran and Al-Hadith

{Then Allah sent a crow who scratched the ground to show...

The Heartbreaking Story Of The Lonely Bear

by Louis L.H. Shum

One morning, the lonely bear got up as usual and found that his love was silently picking up everything and leaving. He returned to living alone and recorded that lonely life with comics day by day. In the world...

Kent State

by Derf Backderf

From bestselling author Derf Backderf comes the untold story of the Kent State shootings?timed for the 50th anniversary


On May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard gunned down unarmed college students protesting...

Queen Victoria

by Lytton Strachey

Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 and Empress of India from 1876 until her death. His very long reign is also known as the Victorian era. Victoria was the...

Jane Austen: Masterpieces

by Jane Austen & Bauer Books

'Jane Austen: Masterpieces' contains:

  • Sense and Sensibility (Illustrated)
  • Pride and Prejudice (Illustrated)
  • Mansfield Park (Illustrated)
  • Emma (Illustrated)
  • Northanger Abbey (Illustrated)
  • Persuasion (Illustrated)...

Lewis Carroll: The Complete Works

by Lewis Carroll & Bauer Books

The Complete Works:


  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There
  • Sylvie and Bruno
  • Sylvie and Bruno Concluded


  • A Tangled Tale
  • Bruno’s Revenge and...


by Danila Trapani

My heart was still beating.

I thought I would have died the same day; under the debris of my car covered in blood, my hand locked into hers… Instead no!

I was still alive maybe because my devilish side was stronger...


by Rasheed Catapang

Whoever said that a man can't change the world obviously haven't heard of Knightmare.

Time to get acquainted.

The Garden Mountain

by Raquel Peña

The purpose of this book is to provide knowledge boys and girls about our nature. In the first scale the creation of the mountain, the different seasons and the flowers that spread the values ??of love, the...

Love is Not a Fight. It is Friendship Set On Fire - REMI MATTHEW

by Remi Matthew

Love is not a fight is a love story of two individuals who will not let go of each other.

 It is a short story of despite all kinds of fights and resilence.

Marry Me? How to Make Him pop the Question

by Sharon D. Shire

Can you roughly estimate the length of time you have spent with your boyfriend?

Some women have been in a relationship for 5 to 10 years. This is sometimes caused by fear of losing the tall, handsome young man...

My Love at First (site) Sight

by Craig Wright

This book contains a well of treasure for different love stories, true and beautiful.

The stories are fictional non-fictions (if that is a thing); the events are works of fiction, but the lessons are gotten from...

Fire on the Water

by Scott MacGregor, Gary Dumm & Paul Buhle

A novel based on a true tale of heroism and invention in the tunnels beneath Lake Erie in 1916


This original graphic novel imagines the lives of blue-collar workers involved in the real-life Lake Erie...

Pulcinella a Londra

by Giacomo Pietoso

Primo fumetto sulla maschera più famosa al mondo,Pulcinella.Un Pulcinella viaggiatore,curioso di conoscere altre realtà e per questo motivo si reca a Londra.Vuole vedere e sentire con la sua anima questa emancipazione...

A Gift for a Ghost

by Borja Gonzalez

An untalented punk band and a parallel dimension—what could go wrong?


In Borja González’s stunning graphic novel, two parallel stories reflect and intertwine in a tale of youthful dreams and desires....

Dan the Dragon Slayer (Bedtime Stories For Kids Book, #4)

by s.j. walter

Dan the Dragon Slayer is a captivating read made even more so with an excellent clear narrative that keeps one right on track.

La balena è felice, vola acqua

by Simone Cassese

Questo albo illustrato è un opera eccezionale. L’autore, che appartiene allo spettro autistico basso funzionamento, ci restituisce attraverso il suo primitivismo che gli permette, attraverso poche linee,...

The Wind in the Willows

by Kenneth Grahame

The Wind in the Willows is a children’s novel by Kenneth Grahame, first published in 1908. Alternately slow-moving and fast-paced, it focuses on four anthropomorphised animals in a pastoral version of Edwardian...

Drawing the Vote

by Tommy Jenkins, Kati Lacker & Martha Jones

How the history of American voting rights has shaped the way we vote today


Coinciding with the 2020 US presidential election, Drawing the Vote, an original graphic novel, looks at the history of voting...