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Surface Tension #3

by Jay Gunn

• The corals activate - and there's a tsunami on the way!

• Shauna and Shariq uncover the truth about Megumi and Ryan's shock return!

• A monstrous hunter stalks the island - and all anomalies must be purged!...

The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane

by Phillipe Druillet

A cosmic game has begun. And Lone Sloane is the pawn they all want to play.

Traveling alone in the cosmos, Sloane, a solitary interstellar explorer has become imbued with mystical powers. He finds himself escaping...

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Collection

by Robbie Morrison & Daniel Indro

The second collection of the sell-out smash new Tenth Doctor series, from award-winning writer Robbie Morrison (Spider-Man, Drowntown, Nikolai Dante) and Daniel Indro (Sherlock Holmes, Green Hornet), sends the...

Sons of Anarchy #23

by Ryan Ferrier & Matias Bergara

In this new story arc, set between Seasons 1 and 2 of the television show, Opie, reeling from the death of his wife, goes back to his old job at the lumberyard, but discovers some shady business there as well,...

Power Up #1 (of 6)

by Kate Leth & Matt Cummings

What's To Love: New York Times bestselling author Kate Leth (Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time: Seeing Red) and artist Matt Cummings (Adventure Time) create a new, original series that takes the magical girl...

Hit: Pen & Ink #2

by Bryce Carlson & Vanesa R. Del Rey

This next installment of the Pen & Ink series collects Hit: 1955 issues #3-4 in an oversized, 11" x 17" format that features Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award-nominated Vanesa R. Del Rey's inks alongside...

Burning Fields #6 (of 8)

by Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel

In the wake of the assault on Carapace's headquarters, Dana and Aban arrive to investigate what happened to their allies, while Renfro, the killer who is the focus of the manhunt, stalks their every move.

The Art of Mouse Guard: 2005 - 2015 Vol. 1

by David Petersen

What's to Love: Since its debut in 2005, David Petersen's Mouse Guard has been a New York Times bestseller, won Eisner and Harvey awards, and has become an influential staple of the comics industry, earning...

Bravest Warriors Vol. 5

by Jason Johnson & Breehn Burns

The Bravest Warriors have crashed! Shot down by a mysterious enemy, the gang is stranded on an uncharted planet with no way off or help in sight. While the rest of the team tries to find a way to survive (and...

Hit: 1957 #4 (of 4)

by Bryce Carlson & Vanesa R. Del Rey

Final issue! After the shocking events of Issue #3, Slater unleashes his full fury on Domino's gang with the help of Terry Riggs. In L.A., Sticky confronts the Hollywood Hacker on his own and faces a moral dilemma:...

Escape from New York #8


Snake's adventure in Siberia comes to a dramatic conclusion as he takes on the strange masked figure from his past.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives #17

by Joshua Hale Failkov & Matthew Dow Smith

This special arc by Eisner-nominated writer Joshua Hale Fialkov concludes! The Silurian plan is revealed, apocalypse imminent, and with mere minutes to go, can the Doctor and his strange new ally save not just...

Giant Days #5

by John Allison & Lissa Treiman

During a pre-Christmas ball, Daisy kisses a boy she shouldn't have, while Susan may have done more than that with McGraw. Esther dreads going home for holiday break for fear of running into her ex.

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake Card Wars #1 (of 6)

by Jen Wang & Britt Wilson

What's To Love: We had such a blast with the Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake miniseries created by Natasha Allegri (Bee & PuppyCat) that we couldn't wait to rejoin our favorite heroes in an all-new story from...

Rivers of London - Body Work #1

by Ben Aaronovitch & Andrew Cartmel

Peter Grant is one of only two members of a very special branch of London's Metropolitan Police. He is, in fact, pretty much a wizard and it's his job to investigate those shadowy crimes that involve urban vampires,...

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives #16

by Joshua Hale Failkov & Matthew Dow Smith

Special arc by Eisner-nominated writer Joshua Hale Fialkov! At the onset of World War II, the Silurian's scheme of world domination has come to light - and they want Amy as their queen! Can the Doctor stop the...

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives #14

by Joshua Hale Failkov & Matthew Dow Smith

The Doctor and company travel to the city of Casablanca to discover all is not as it seems. The city streets are filled with Nazis, Silurians and a familiar looking bar owner.

Lumberjanes #16

by Noelle Stevenson & Shannon Watters

Which side does Jen choose, Abigail or Rosie?! While Abigail tries to lure a monster out so she can kill it (which is all kinds of crazy), Jen goes to the bearwoman for help.

The Fiction #2 (of 4)

by Curt Pires & David Rubin

Max and Kassie delve into the Fiction for the first time in years to search for Tyler, only to find that the place that was once filled with the magic of childhood has become warped, corrupted, and filled with...

Steven Universe Vol. 1

by Jeremy Sorese & Coleman Engle

What's to Love: The Steven Universe animated series captured our hearts almost immediately. We've been fans of Rebecca Sugar's from her work on Adventure Time for years and as the first lady to run her own show...