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Mono: Pacific #1

by Brian wood & Sergio Sandoval

Mono undertakes a deadly mission at the behest of Britain's American allies...but what secrets will he find deep in the heart of the Pacific...?

Best-selling writer Brian Wood (Star Wars, DMZ) teams with acclaimed...

Captain Stone #5

by Liam Sharp

Charlie finally comes clean to her father about just what - and what - she became following the nightclub attack when she was a model and PETA spokeswoman. Behold, the origin of THE PET!

The Method

by Jerry Bader

A down-and-out LA actor with a knack for impersonations finds his circumstances completely reversed by a chance meeting with a look-alike stranger. After a night of drinking with his new friend discussing the...


by Claudia Groffi

I was born at the far corner of Europe in N. Ireland the only son of a Republican farmer with stables and respectability spreading all over Donegal. Our farm, the largest in the area, gave work to many peasants...


by Kelly Blender & Nathan Kelly

Something sinister is killing people in a Washington State Park. Is it animal? Is it Supernatural?  When all the evidence points to the unexplained a veteran detective will have to go against all of his training...

Cannons in the Clouds #5

by Anne Gresham & Daniel Woolley

Sela struggles to find someway to rescue Robb from the clutches of the people who have been chasing them.   Can she find a way back to shore and discover where he's being held captive, and if so, will they...

UNIT 44 #4

by Wes Locher & Eduardo Jiménez

It's the end of the world as they know it. The alien invasion begins at Area 51 and Agent Hatch, along with rednecks Chester and Ike, must stave off the invaders long enough for Agent Gibson to recover the Freedahken...

UNIT 44 #3

by Wes Locher & Eduardo Jiménez

With the extraterrestrial invasion of Earth imminent, Agents Gibson and Hatch make a final play to recover the Freedahken crystal from Lance Albright. To no one's surprise, the agents wind up in over their heads...

UNIT 44 #2

by Wes Locher & Eduardo Jiménez

Agents Gibson and Hatch catch up with Chester and Ike, the hillbillies who purchased the secret contents of unit 44, but the items have disappeared once again. Just what was inside the locker and why is Senior...


by Jon Parrish & Steven Forbes

Jim and Ezekiel slug it out, but soon find themselves at the mercy of Director Reid. Reid, now powered by the Heart of Baal, seeks to wipe both men off of the map. Can Karl make the save? 

UNIT 44 #1

by Wes Locher & Eduardo Jiménez

When Area 51 employees Agents Gibson and Hatch forget to pay the rent on the facility's off-site storage unit the secret contents are sold to a couple of backwoods rednecks at public auction. When an alien invasion...

Spring-Heeled Jack #3

by Tony Deans & Martha Laverick

After the dramatic conclusion in the previous issue, Doyle and Bell find their partnership strained more than ever. Setting out on his own, Doyle begins to unravel the mystery of the true nature of Spring Heeled...

Bleen #3

by Jon A. Colunga & Landon Huber

Bleen's last night in Mayber Hills Sanitarium is also her sixteenth birthday and she has a particular wish in mind. Freedom. On that last night, the monsters truly show themselves but they aren't underneath...


by Jon Parrish & Steven Forbes

The location of the Heart of Baal is finally revealed as Jim and Karl arrive to take the fight to the D.E.P.D. Unfortunately, Ezekiel and his gang have infiltrated the building as well. Will they be able to...

Billy The Pyro #4

by Brad Burdick & Fabian Cobos

Billy is put to the ultimate test while learning who he truly is and helps protect GAPRI from being attacked by Hailstorm, a past experiment gone wrong.

The Last West #10

by Lou Iovino & Evan Young

SERIES FINALE! Our alternate-history thriller comes to its dramatic conclusion, but before all of the answers are revealed and the world is set free, a final toll must be paid. Freedom is rarely free, and in...

Cannons in the Clouds #4

by Anne Gresham & Daniel Woolley

As powerful forces assemble upon Sela, Dianne makes a hard decision to send her away from Nova Cielo. But as usual, things don't go as planned for Sela, Robb, and Maya. Can the three of them find a way to get...

Satanic Hell #4

by Grigoris Douros & Kevin Enhart

Reverend Scudder sees a chess match playing out between God and Satan, and he's just found God's winning move. Ignorant of their imminent fate, Satanic Hell unleashes a blasphemous new surprise on Texas and...

Satanic Hell #3

by Grigoris Douros & Kevin Enhart

Reverend Scudder hones in on the Satanic threat while the band's tour manager, Sam, reveals his secret motive for the Satanic Hell tour. As tensions rise between Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus, will they survive...

Satanic Hell #2

by Grigoris Douros & Kevin Enhart

Satanic Hell introduces their irreverent mayhem to the holy state as they hit the stage for their first explosive show! Meanwhile, the Council is already scheming to end their tour in this second episode of...