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Life's Questions Answered

by Allan H Gross, Gary N Smith & LIsa Naffziger

LIFE'S QUESTIONS ANSWERED is the story of Randy Burton, a man who is granted the power to see the hidden secrets behind objects he touches. But what about the questions in his own life he doesn't want answered?...

My War

by Szegedi Szuts & Peter Kuper

"In their passionate intensity these drawings are as emotionally poignant as the very best war work that Paul Nash or Nevinson ever produced, while technically the broad lines and heavy blacks of Mr. Szüts...

The Heavenly Bride Book 1

by Katrina Joyner

Lhung is a celestial dragon trapped in mortal form - and no one can see him. That is, until he meets the girl in the garden who can see him very well indeed. They both with their secrets forge an intimate friendship...

The Heavenly Bride Book 1

by Katrina J Joyner

Lhung is a celestial dragon trapped in mortal form - and no one can see him. That is, until he meets the girl in the garden who can see him very well indeed.

They both with their secrets forge an intimate friendship...

Black Market

by Frank J. Barbiere & Victor Santos

What's to Love:  Here at BOOM!, we've never shied away from exploring the dark crevices of the superhero genre. Black Market mixes the visceral noir/pulp sensibilities of Frank J. Barbiere's Five Ghosts and...


by Arash Amel & Marguerite Bennett

What's to Love: We've all spent hours glued to episodes of shows like True Detective and House of Cards that explore deeply flawed and morally complex characters. In Butterfly, screenwriter Arash Amel (Grace...

Hexed: Harlot and Thief Vol. 1

by Michael Alan Nelson & Dan Mora

What's to Love: Day Men. 28 Days Later. Dingo. Besides being one of our favorite writers, Michael Alan Nelson is one of the industry's preeminent voices in horror, and we couldn't be happier bringing back his...

Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare OGN Vol. 1

by Jason Cooper & Vicki Scott

What's to Love: Remember those seasonal Peanuts animated specials that'd air during the holidays? If you're like us, you enjoyed those long-form stories, and you know what? We get the same satisfaction from...

Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 3

by Matthew Dow Smith & Alex Sheikman

What's to Love: It's been a surreal experience to be able to tell an original prequel story set in The Dark Crystal universe with the full collaboration of The Jim Henson Company. The film stands as an iconic...

Doctor Who: 2015 Event: Four Doctors #5

by Paul Cornell & Neil Edwards

Can the Doctors and their surviving companions put time back on the right track?!

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2.1

by Nick Abadzis & Eleonora Carlini


A fresh new start to an all-new Year Two, as the Tenth Doctor ongoing series takes to the stars!

Looking for rest and relaxation, the Tenth Doctor and companion Gabriella Gonzalez...

Wild's End: The Enemy Within #1

by Dan Abnett & I.N.J. Culbard

What's to Love: The first Wild's End miniseries kept us in constant suspense with its unlikely mash-up of War of the Worlds and The Wind in the Willows. We're holding our collective breaths once again as author...

Sons of Anarchy #25

by Ryan Ferrier & Matias Bergara

Oversized final issue! Opie's involvement with the meth-dealing lumberyard crew comes to a bloody conclusion.

Power Up #3

by Kate Leth & Matt Cummings

The team gets together at Sandy's house to talk secret identities, cover stories, and costumes as they try and figure out what's going on!

Arcadia #5

by Alex Paknadel & Eric Scott Pfeiffer

New story arc! In the real world, Lee Pepper is sent to California to find information on a strange lead, while Sam and Lee Garner tell Coral the truth about her brother in Arcadia.

The Spire #3

by Simon Spurrier & Jeff Stokely

Past tensions between races resurface as tithebound delegations arrive at the Spire to honor the new Baroness.

Stan Lee's Chakra The Invincible #3

by Stan Lee & Sharad Devarajan

Straight from the Free Comic Book Day release and based on the animated shorts seen on Angry Birds ToonsTV with over 30 Million views worldwide, 'CHAKRA THE INVINCIBLE' is the latest superhero from legendary...

Hacktivist Vol. 2 #3

by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lazning

Nate and Ed might have found a way to stop the hackers who have killed so many, but the hackers are one step ahead.

Username: Evie

by Joe Sugg

The first book by YouTube star Joe Sugg tells the story of Evie, a socially-isolated teenage girl who struggles to fit in at high school. Always looking for a way to escape, she spends her nights supporting...

Ufology #5

by James Tynion IV & Noah J. Yuenkel

Malcolm and Becky face off against the D/H agent and unpleasant truths are revealed.