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Nat Turner

by Kyle Baker

The story of Nat Turner and his slave rebellion--which began on August 21, 1831, in Southampton County, Virginia--is known among school children and adults. To some he is a hero, a symbol of Black resistance...

Life's a Movie and You're In It

by David Vincent, Hunter Clarke & Omar Wasan

Since the beginning of time there has existed a wall. A wall located in the deep dark regions of another dimension. On this wall, written in some sort of strange hieroglyphics, exist a plan. A plan for conquering...

Previews January 2015: Issue 316

by Allyn Gibson & Marty Grosser

PREVIEWS is your ultimate guide to comics, graphic novels and pop-culture merchandise available from your local comic book shop... revealed up to 2 months in advance! Read product descriptions and storylines...


by Christopher Priest & MD Bright

From legendary creators Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright...the ORIGINAL Quantum and Woody are back with an all-new adventure set 20 years after their landmark original series!

The terrible mystery behind the...

Harbinger: Faith Issue 0

by Joshua Dysart & Robert Gill

Her first and only boyfriend to date is a little bit of an douche, her friends are all gone, and, after her insane adventure in Mexico City, Faith Hebert is feeling a little frustrated with the direction of...

The Valiant Issue 1

by Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt

A battle ten millennia in the making is about to begin...with an all-new, prestige format mini-series from New York Times best-selling writers Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow, Animal Man) & Matt Kindt (RAI, Mind MGMT)...

12 Days #1

by June Kim

When Jackie's ex-lover Noah dies, she decides the best and quickest way to get over the love of her life is to hold a personal ritual with Noah's ashes. Jackie consumes the ashes in the form of smoothies for...

Dark Metro #2

by Tokyo Calen & Yoshiken

Terror awaits the people of Tokyo, with gruesome lessons only the dead can teach. In this second collection of shorts, a waitress at a maid cafe sparks jealousy. A mother who can't handle the responsibility...

Dark Metro #1

by Tokyo Calen & Yoshiken

Anna almost descends to the dark side when she follows the suicidal Rei down an escalator to hell. Seiya pulls her back, but will they make it out of Tokyo's secret metro lines in time to escape Rei and the...

MBQ #3

by Felipe Smith

Round three: the knuckle-busting conclusion to writer/artist Felipe Smith's tale of talent finding recognition in Los Angeles! Omario still doesn't have a comic book contract or money -- or a roommate or food...

MBQ #2

by Felipe Smith

Big Bro Brody is the biggest, meanest, ugliest fighter in the business -- and he ain't none too happy about his little brother Richie getting a beatdown by Dee, who is trying to move a shipment of hot electronics....

MBQ #1

by Felipe Smith

Omario is a struggling artist who's got quite the chip on his shoulder -- but he'd better get over himself before he ends up flipping burgers at MBQ, the local fast-food restaurant. When the hopes and absurdities...

Juror 13 #1

by DJ Milky & Makoto Nakatsuka

With the arrival of a mysterious jury summons, a man's life is thrust into a dizzying downward spiral: his fiancee leaves him, he has problems at work, and his best friend is suddenly nowhere to be found. As...

Tantric Stripfighter Tina #1

by Ken Faggio & Fernando Furukawa

Tantric Stripfighter Tina fights an evil space taking off one piece at a time! Young Trina Devi's home world Rama was destroyed by mercernaries under covernment orders. Now the last of her kind,...

Blank #1

by Pop Mhan

Murder, deceit, dames...and Trig tests? The life of a secret agent is not an easy one, especially when you have amnesia. So when the thick-witted young pervert who calls himself Blank shows up at her school...


by D S Russell

After the trees of North Forest fall, twin sisters, Arcsprea and Sakura become caregivers to Arrow, an orphaned raven chick whose uproarious antics are more than they can handle. "He fell from the sky like a...

Spring-Heeled Jack #2

by Tony Deans & Martha Laverick

As the crimes of Spring-Heeled Jack continue to go unpunished, Bell and Doyle devise a plan to catch Henry Poer, their prime suspect in the case. However things are not as they seem and our duo find themselves...

Spring-Heeled Jack #1

by Tony Deans & Martha Laverick

The police are left stumped by the case of Spring-Heeled Jack, a demon who is supposedly able to breath fire and leap over buildings. They call on a young Arthur Conan Doyle and his mentor Joseph Bell to bring...

Satanic Hell #1

by Grigoris Douros & Kevin Enhart

Broke and directionless, the three members of the metal band Satanic Hell arrive in Texas for a chance tour set up by a mysterious promoter named Sam. Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus quickly find trouble in...

Monstrosity, Volume 2

by Phil McClorey & Various

From the dark void of outer space and the edges of time comes a monster anthology like no other! Alien transmitted diseases, dimension hopping serial killers, robot massacres and more - roam in the pages of...