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The Great Montgomery Crown

by Pinchard Jeffrey, Danièle Coulombe & Brazeau Jean-François

You are about to read a compelling story in THREE ACTS in a HYBRID FORMAT.

Our eyes and brain are accustomed to today’s method of reading and communicating on a mobile device so you will get the hang of it...

German Calendar, No December

by Sylvia Ofili & Birgit Weyhe

Olivia Evezi's childhood is a happy one; her days are spent listening to highlife records and poring over the colourful postcards from Germany. When she leaves her hometown of Warri behind to live out her Enid...

The Little World of Humongo Bongo

by George A. Romero & Tony Timpone

“Loved this book. Zany fun. But since it’s George Romero, there’s a touch of evil behind it all!” —R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps and Fear Street

When everything is easily crushable under well-meaning...


by Bessora, Barroux & Sarah Ardizzone

"A searing tale of our time." —Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse

"Groundbreaking. . . . Stunning text." —Guardian

"Takes us to the human soul of the migrant crisis." —Daily Record

Alpha's wife and son...

Prisoner 155: Simón Radowitzky

by Agust?n Comotto, Luigi Celentano & Stuart Christie

A beautifully rendered graphic novel that reads like an adventure story, but with great depth and a plumbing of the human soul. The high production values and color interior will feel like an art book as much...

I, Parrot

by Deb Olin Unferth & Elizabeth Haidle

Typing up positive-thought messages for a self-help guru isn't exactly Daphne's idea of dream job. But to regain custody of her nine-year-old son, she's willing to try. A few weeks later, when that same self-help...

Posthumanism and the Graphic Novel in Latin America

by Edward King & Joanna Page

Latin America is experiencing a boom in graphic novels that are highly innovative in their conceptual play and their reworking of the medium. Inventive artwork and sophisticated scripts have combined to satisfy...

On to the Next Dream

by Paul Madonna

Paul Madonna’s popular comic, “All Over Coffee” had been running for twelve years in the San Francisco Chronicle when he was evicted from his longtime home and studio in the Mission District, ground-zero...

Our Lady Of The Snows

by aldivan teixeira torres

In difficult decisions, the virgin Mary enlightens her faithful.


Through Hell with Hiprah Hunt

by Art Young

Populist preacher Hiprah "Hell-fire" Hunt is obsessed with proving the existence of Hell, and Dante's Inferno is his constant companion. When the evangelist mysteriously disappears for six weeks, it's hardly...

Robin The Hood: Graphic Novel

by Ken Janssens & Luis Rivera

As death threatens every person he cares about in the world, Robin must push himself past his absolute limits to rescue them all. Does the young rogue have what it takes to save everybody or will someone’s...

My War

by Szegedi Szuts & Peter Kuper

"In their passionate intensity these drawings are as emotionally poignant as the very best war work that Paul Nash or Nevinson ever produced, while technically the broad lines and heavy blacks of Mr. Szüts...

Quit Your Job

by James Kochalka & Jeff Smith

Eisner Award winner James Kochalka has been called “one of the brightest lights of independent comics” and Quit Your Job is a shining example of his genius. On his way to work at the Chinese restaurant, Magic...

Sherlock Holmes: Victorian Knights #3

by Ken Janssens

A grieving mother cries "demon" as Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a former suspect turned victim. On the murky moors, will the detecting duo become the hunters of the unnatural... or the prey?

John Saul's The Blackstone Chronicles #1

by John Saul

From the imagination of best-selling author John Saul comes Blackstone Asylum. Dr. Malcolm Metcalf's sadistic legacy. Madhouse. Torture chamber. As the town of Blackstone plans its demolition, a dark stranger...

More Mundane

by Noah Van Sciver

More Mundane began one late September morning with a tiny sketchbook and an impulse. Noah Van Sciver then proceeded to transform the struggles and victories of daily life into a series of quietly poignant revelations...

Steven Cerio's ABC Book

by Steven Cerio

Steven Cerio offers a playfully sinister look at the drug culture, written and illustrated in the style of a child's alphabet book. From "A is for Angel Dust" to "G is for Grass" and "V is for Valium," squares...

Falling Rock National Park #5

by Josh Shalek

Pam goes on a strange journey to a mountain monastery. Guest artist Tyrell Cannon (Victus) illustrates eight pages. Falling Rock National Park is a comic strip that takes place in a southwestern national park....

Strum and Drang #1

by Joel Orff

Alternative Comics presents the digitally re-mastered edition of Joel Orff's 1993 self-published Strum And Drang #1. In his signature dark and dreamy style, Orff delivers tender stories of self-realization from...

Sunbeam on the Astronaut

by Steven Cerio

A long-awaited collection of comics, art, and stories by artist Steven Cerio that explores silly, psychedelic, and strange worlds. Smiling cartoon critters carouse with threatening cutout whales against a shifting...