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Homemade Salad Dressing Recipe

by Tarry Williams

Whatever the variety of healthy homemade salad dressing recipe you are looking for,this is a perfect book for you. With 85  easy to make and affordable homemade salad dressing recipe.

You don't need to spend...

The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook

by Sara Monk Rivera

  • Gestational diabetes (GDM) is on the rise, new estimates show GDM to affect 18% of pregnant women
  • Includes information on GDM as well as over 100 recipes with detailed nutritional breakdowns
  • Only cookbook...

  • Keto Bread

    by Tamara Collins

    What if you could eat lots of bread, cookies, buns and muffins without consuming so much carbohydrate?

    This cookbook is for those finding the eating of bread, cookies, buns muffins and sandwich so irresistible,...

    Keto Bread

    by Tamara Collins

    Are you on a keto diet and finding it difficult give up carbohydrates?

    Not to worry,the good news is, this ketogenic bread is surely a way out,being able to eat bread, cookies, muffins, buns, sandwiches and lotsmore....

    Every Nation Has Its Dish

    by Jennifer Jensen Wallach

    Jennifer Jensen Wallach's nuanced history of black foodways across the twentieth century challenges traditional narratives of "soul food" as a singular style of historical African American cuisine. Wallach investigates...

    Keto Cooking with Your Instant Pot

    by Dr. Karen S. Lee

    Fast, Satisfying Keto Meals to Keep You on Track

    This versatile collection of recipes from Dr. Karen S. Lee, author of Paleo Cooking with Your Air Fryer, helps you enjoy all the benefits of the Keto diet, without...

    My Greek Table

    by Diane Kochilas

    Celebrity chef and award-winning cookbook author Diane Kochilas presents a companion to her Public Television cooking-travel series with this lavishly photographed volume of classic and contemporary cuisine...

    The Bloated Belly Whisperer

    by Tamara Duker Freuman, Ms, Rd, Cdn

    America's trusted digestive nutrition expert shares her personal program to vanquish bloating in a groundbreaking book that will help readers see results in a week or less!

    With 50 recipes from former Bon Appétit...

    How to Throw a Dinner Party Without Having a Nervous Breakdown

    by Zora O’Neill & Tamara Reynolds

    “This eccentrically enjoyable book by two strange and wonderful women may well be the cookbook America needs right now.”  —Anthony Bourdain

    First released as a paperback in 2009, this is still the cookbook...

    Great Vegan Meals for the Carnivorous Family

    by Amanda Logan

    Incredible Plant-Based Meals For Everyone

    Amanda Logan—the founder of My Goodness Kitchen and a “vegan living with carnivores”—saves you from having to make double the meals and do double the dishes...

    One-Pot Gluten-Free Cooking

    by Amy Rains

    Quick and Delicious Gluten-Free Meals without the Mess

    Amy Rains, founder of Wholesomelicious, gives one-pot meals an upgrade by creating tasty, balanced recipes that can be made using a single pot, pan, dish...

    Rawsome Superfoods

    by Emily von Euw

    Nourish and Heal with the Delicious Power of Superfoods

    Emily von Euw, bestselling author of the Rawsome cookbook series, is back with a comprehensive collection of over 100 delicious recipes to help you eat...

    Colossal Cookies

    by Wendy Kou

    Larger-Than-Life Cookies for Larger-Than-Life Appetites

    Take your cookies to new heights with Wendy Kou’s supersized approach to baking. Each cookie—about the size of your head—is not only fun to make,...

    Mastering the Art of Sous Vide

    by Justice Stewart

    Precision Temperature Cooking for Perfection

    The sous vide method isn’t just for high culinary cooking anymore. Home cooks can prepare flavorful, perfectly-cooked meals with ease—even the trickiest cuts of...

    Korean Paleo

    by Jean Choi

    Bold Korean Flavors Without the Guilt

    Enjoy healthier versions of all your Korean favorites with Jean Choi’s innovative spin on her family’s traditional recipes.

    Jean—a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner...

    Flavors of Africa

    by Evi Aki

    Explore Africa's Spices, Tastes and Time-Honored Traditions

    In Flavors of Africa, Evi Aki shares the traditional Nigerian dishes she grew up enjoying, as well as typical eats from all across the continent. She...

    Untraditional Desserts

    by Allison Miller

    All Your Favorite Flavors Updated and Re-Imagined

    Discover fun twists on traditional treats and innovative indulgences that will satisfy your sweet tooth with Untraditional Desserts. Each of Allison Miller’s...

    Gyoza: The Ultimate Dumpling Cookbook

    by Paradise Yamamoto, Debra Samuels & Kengo Ishiguro

    Gyoza dumplings are the ultimate Asian comfort food. Whether eaten in an exclusive restaurant or at a humble street stall, these tasty morsels burst with flavor and are impossible to resist.

    Dumplings are surprisingly...

    Intimacy On the Plate (Extra Trim Edition)

    by Olga Petrenko

    Intimacy On The Plate: Extra Trim Edition contains the same 200+ elegant, erotic recipes as the original, but has been reformatted for a smaller size and lower price. Snack on the convenience of this new smaller...

    Weight Loss Habits

    by Summer Accardo, Rn

    ??Do you lack energy and feel tired all the time because of a sluggish metabolism and excess weight? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, and sadness because of your weight? This revolutionary book reveals...