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Canning & Preserving For Dummies

by Amelia Jeanroy

Get your food preservation skills in the can 

Craving a juicy peach in the barren midwinter? Yearning for a cupful of home-grown tomato soup before the seeds are even in the ground? Canning makes you...

Chile Peppers

by Roby Jose Ciju

This small book explains in detail about various domesticated and wild species of Chile pepper plants. Though there are about 30 species of Chile pepper plants have been recognized so far, only FIVE species...

Roots as Vegetables

by Agrihortico Cpl

Root vegetables are those vegetables where edible portion of the plant is a modified storage root. Popular root vegetables are carrots, beetroots, rutabaga, turnips, radish, sweet potatoes and cassava. Parsnips...

Bulbous Vegetables

by Roby Jose Ciju

This is a small book, which mainly deals with SIX bulb vegetables namely onion, garlic, shallots, leek, chives, and scallions and spring onions. All bulb vegetables are known for their characteristic pungent...

Bell Peppers

by Roby Jose Ciju

This small book on "Bell Peppers" explains in detail ideal growing practices and nutritional information of various types of bell peppers such as green bell peppers, red bell peppers, orange bell peppers, white...

21 Culinary Herbs

by Roby Jose Ciju

The book ’21 Culinary Herbs’ explains in detail growing practices and nutritional information of following 21 herbs: Spinach, Malabar Spinach or Ceylon Spinach, Mustard Spinach Tendergreen, New Zealand Spinach,...

5 Popular Perennial Vegetables

by Roby Jose Ciju

Generally cultivated crops are grouped into any of the three categories based on their growing cycle. These categories are annuals, biennials and perennials. Annuals complete both their vegetative and reproductive...

5 Popular Leafy Salad Vegetables

by Roby Jose Ciju

Some freshly harvested leafy vegetables may be consumed as such in its raw form just after washing them. They may also be consumed after minimal processing such as chopping and adding in salads and in other...

Leek, Shallots and Spring Onions

by Agrihortico Cpl

Leek belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae and genus Allium. Scientific name of leek is Allium porrum. Leek is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region. Leek is a non-bulb forming member of the...

Jerusalem Artichokes

by Roby Jose Ciju

Jerusalem artichoke plants are grown for its edible nutritious tubers which are actually modified underground stems called ‘rhizomes’. Jerusalem artichoke tubers are high in potassium, iron, dietary fibers,...

Flowers as Vegetables

by Roby Jose Ciju

Some flowers are eaten as vegetables in many parts of the world. Most popular among them are pumpkin flowers, Sesbania flowers, calabash gourd flowers and broccoli flower clusters. Nutritional information and...


by Agrihortico Cpl

Jackfruit is a popular tropical fruit. Scientific name of jack fruit tree is Artocarpus heterophyllus and it belongs to the family Moraceae, the Mulberry Family. Jack trees are long-lived, perennial evergreen...

Fenugreek and Mustard

by Agrihortico Cpl

Scientific name of fenugreek greens is Trigonella foenum-graecum. It belongs to the family Fabaceae. Fenugreek is considered to be a native of Eastern Europe and Ethiopia. It is widely cultivated in India and...

Garden Cress, Water Cress and Land Cress

by Agrihortico Cpl

Scientific name of garden cress is Lipidium sativum and it belongs to the family Brassicaceae. All members of Brassicaceae are believed to be originated in the region comprising of Western Europe, the Mediterranean...

Curry Leaf Plant

by Roby Jose Ciju

Botanical name of curry leaf plant is Murraya koenigii. It belongs to the family Rutaceace, the citrus family. Curry leaf plant is tropical to subtropical in growth habit. It is grown as a perennial plant which...


by Roby Jose Ciju

This booklet is intended for providing information about cilantro (coriander leaves or coriander greens); fresh stems and tender leaves of which are used as a culinary herb for garnishing and flavoring various...

3 Nutritious Specialty Cucurbits

by Roby Jose Ciju

Scientific name of spine gourd is Momordica dioica. Spine gourd is a cucurbitaceous vegetable which is closely related to bitter gourd. However, it is not bitter in taste as bitter gourd. As in case of other...

Custard Apples, Sugar Apples, Cherimoya and Sour Sop

by Agrihortico Cpl

Custard apple is a tropical fruit plant. Scientific name of custard apple is Annona reticulata. It belongs to the family Annonaceae. Annona reticulata is also known as ‘the Bullock’s Heart’, bull’s heart,...

Collards, Chards and Dandelions

by Agrihortico Cpl

Scientific name of collards or collard greens is Brassica oleracea cv. acephala. The name ‘acephala’ means ‘without a head’; that is, this Brassica vegetable is formed of loose leaves unlike cabbage...

32 Spicy Indian Chutneys

by Agrihortico Cpl

This is a small booklet/pamphlet of about 35-40 pages regarding various recipes of spicy Indian chutneys. Chutneys can be prepared from fruits, nuts and dry fruits, vegetables and mixed fruits and vegetables....