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The Customer-Driven Playbook: Converting Customer Feedback into Successful Products

by Travis Lowdermilk & Jessica Rich

Despite the wide acceptance of Lean approaches and customer-development strategies, many product teams still have difficulty putting these principles into meaningful action. That’s where The Customer-Driven...

JSON at Work: Practical Data Integration for the Web

by Tom Marrs

JSON is becoming the backbone for meaningful data interchange over the internet. This format is now supported by an entire ecosystem of standards, tools, and technologies for building truly elegant, useful,...

Make Online Dating Work for You

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about online dating with this straightforward guide.

Thanks to the many dating sites and apps just a few clicks away, it has never been easier...

Software Architecture for Big Data and the Cloud

by Ivan Mistrik, Rami Bahsoon & Nour Ali

Software Architecture for Big Data and the Cloud is designed to be a single resource that brings together research on how software architectures can solve the challenges imposed by building big data software...

Cultivating a Creative Culture

by Dauer Justin

We create human-centered interactions and experiences in our eld. Empathetic purpose drives our every decision. Mobile First? In reality, it’s humans first. This same mentality, turned inward, forms the cornerstone...

Cultivating a Creative Culture

by Dauer Justin

We create human-centered interactions and experiences in our eld. Empathetic purpose drives our every decision. Mobile First? In reality, it’s humans first. This same mentality, turned inward, forms the cornerstone...

Powering Content: Building a Nonstop Content Marketing Machine

by Laura Busche

Your new product is ready to launch and you’re itching to tell potential customers all about it. But how do you make your message stand out above all the noise and marketing clutter? Take the guesswork out...

Text Mining with R: A Tidy Approach

by Julia Silge & David Robinson

Much of the data available today is unstructured and text-heavy, making it challenging for analysts to apply their usual data wrangling and visualization tools. With this practical book, you’ll explore text-mining...

Ezine Publishing Mastery

by Anthony Udo Ekanem

E-zine publishing is an online magazine. Much like in real life, it is simply a magazine that is delivered in a digital form. Most of the E-zines today are targeted towards Internet distribution and is meant...

Blogging for Profits

by Anthony Udo Ekanem

A blog is sometimes called web log or weblog.   At first, they were used as a personal place, for collecting links, sharing commentary – but now; they are a valid and VALUED form of communication for business...

Dart: Scalable Application Development

by Davy Mitchell, Sergey Akopkokhyants & Ivo Balbaert

Master the art of designing web client and server with Google's bold and productive language - Dart About This Book • Create robust applications with unit tests, documentation, and diagnostic logging • Master...

The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces

by Sharon Oviatt, Björn Schuller, Philip Cohen & Daniel Sonntag et al.

The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces provides the first authoritative resource on what has become the dominant paradigm for new computer interfaces— user input involving new media (speech, multi-touch,...


by Leslie P. Francis & John G. Francis

We live more and more of our lives online; we rely on the internet as we work, correspond with friends and loved ones, and go through a multitude of mundane activities like paying bills, streaming videos, reading...

Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing

by Bernadette Sharp, Florence Sedes & Wieslaw Lubaszewski

As natural language processing spans many different disciplines, it is sometimes difficult to understand the contributions and the challenges that each of them presents. This book explores the special relationship...

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by Кен Швабер & Джефф Сазерленд

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Flexbox in CSS

by Estelle Weyl

Layout designers rejoice: CSS finally has an update that will make your lives easier. Flexible box layout, often called Flexbox, frees you from the challenges of creating layouts with floats and padding? and...

Building Bots with Microsoft Bot Framework

by Kishore Gaddam

Build intelligent and smart conversational interfaces using Microsoft Bot Framework About This Book • Develop various real-world intelligent bots from scratch using Microsoft Bot Framework • Integrate your...

Essential Angular

by Victor Savkin & Jeff Cross

Essential Angular is a concise, complete overview of the key aspects of Angular, written by two Angular core contributors. The book covers the framework's mental model, its API, and the design principles behind...

Python Machine Learning By Example

by Yuxi (Hayden) Liu

Take tiny steps to enter the big world of data science through this interesting guide About This Book • Learn the fundamentals of machine learning and build your own intelligent applications • Master the...

Getting Started with Kubernetes - Second Edition

by Jonathan Baier

Learn how to schedule and run application containers using Kubernetes. About This Book • Get well-versed with the fundamentals of Kubernetes and get it production-ready for deployments • Confidently manage...