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Unlocking the Secrets of E-Book  Publishing: Get your books into effective sales channels (with or without Amazon)

by Doris Elaine Booth

Advanced praise:

A must-have resource for self-published authors! Packed with imperative information for navigating the channels.”

— Robin Cutler, IngramSpark / Ingram Content Group

 “Excellent! Better...

Essential Word 2016

by Kevin WILSON

Whether you're upgrading from a previous version or using it for the first time, this book will guide you through Microsoft Word 2016 one step at a time, to help you understand the software more quickly and...

Unity 3D and PlayMaker Essentials: Game Development from Concept to Publishing

by Jere Miles

In introducing new students to video game development, there are two crucial components to consider: design and implementation. Unity 3D and PlayMaker Essentials: Game Development from Concept to Publishing...

Oracle Database Cloud Cookbook with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Cloud Control

by Porus Homi Havewala

This practical Oracle Press guide teaches cutting-edge techniques for building, configuring, and managing a secure private database cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

This hands-on volume lays out ready-to-deploy...

Ransomware: Defending Against Digital Extortion

by Allan Liska & Timothy Gallo

The biggest online threat to businesses and consumers today is ransomware, a category of malware that can encrypt your computer files until you pay a ransom to unlock them. With this practical book, you’ll...

Laravel: Up and Running: A Framework for Building Modern PHP Apps

by Matt Stauffer

What sets Laravel apart from other PHP web frameworks? Speed and simplicity, for starters. This rapid application development framework and its vast ecosystem of tools let you quickly build new sites and applications...

Mastering SaltStack - Second Edition

by Joseph Hall

Take charge of SaltStack to automate and configure your enterprise-grade environments About This Book • Automate tasks effectively and take charge of your infrastructure • Effectively scale Salt to manage...

Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2

by Joe Kissell

Take control of all your information with DEVONthink and Joe Kissell's advice!

With the information-management program DEVONthink 2, you no longer have to swim in a sea of Web bookmarks, email receipts, RSS feeds,...

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Cookbook - Second Edition

by Samir Hammoudi, Chuluunsuren Damdinsuren & Brian Mason

Over 60 applicable recipes to administer and manage System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch About This Book • Overcome the challenges of administering System Center Configuration Manager when deploying...

JIRA 7 Essentials - Fourth Edition

by Patrick Li

Explore the great features of the all-new JIRA 7 to manage projects and effectively handle bugs and software issues About This Book • Updated for JIRA 7, this book covers all the new features introduced in...

Limitless Sky: No Man's Sky Unofficial Discovery Guide

by Jeff Cork

A game of survival, exploration, and discovery, No Man's Sky is one of the fastest-growing phenomena in video game history, attracting and astounding players of all ages. The game's 18 quintillion planets are...

Blender 3D: Characters, Machines, and Scenes for Artists

by Enrico Valenza, Christopher Kuhn & Romain Caudron

Gain the insights and techniques you need to give life to your own custom characters, machines, and scenes in Blender 3D About This Book • Learn how to establish the basic shape of a character on the basis...

Meteor: Full-Stack Web Application Development

by Fabian Vogelsteller, Isaac Strack & Marcelo Reyna

Learn how to create mobile and full-stack web applications in JavaScript by getting a deeper insight into Meteor About This Book • This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to build fast, complex web applications...

Natural Language Processing: Python and NLTK

by Nitin Hardeniya, Jacob Perkins & Deepti Chopra

Learn to build expert NLP and machine learning projects using NLTK and other Python libraries About This Book • Break text down into its component parts for spelling correction, feature extraction, and phrase...

Windows Server 2016 Cookbook

by Jordan Krause

Saute your way through more than 100 hands-on recipes designed to prepare any server administrator to work with Windows Server 2016 About This Book • Get the first book on the market to unleash the power of...

Learning Ansible 2 - Second Edition

by Fabio Alessandro Locati

Learn everything you need to manage and handle your systems with ease with Ansible 2 using this comprehensive guide About This Book • Simplify the automation of applications and systems using the newest version...

Programming iOS 10: Dive Deep into Views, View Controllers, and Frameworks

by Matt Neuburg

If you’re grounded in the basics of Swift, Xcode, and the Cocoa framework, this book provides a structured explanation of all essential real-world iOS app components. Through deep exploration and copious code...

Essential Computing: Concepts of ICT

by Kevin WILSON

Bits, bytes, RAM, CPUs, hard drives and DVD drives. Master the geeky acronyms and simplify computer hardware & terminology with ease.

Computer hardware with all its technical jargon can be baffling, even for...

Angular 2 By Example

by Chandermani Arora & Kevin Hennessy

Discover everything you need to know to build your own Angular 2 applications the hands-on way About This Book • Master the Angular way to structure, build, deploy, and test your code • Understand Angular...

Python: Real World Machine Learning

by Prateek Joshi, John Hearty & Bastiaan Sjardin

Learn to solve challenging data science problems by building powerful machine learning models using Python About This Book • Understand which algorithms to use in a given context with the help of this exciting...