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Free Antivirus And Antimalware Software For Ubuntu & Linux Mint

by Cyber Jannah Studio

Antivirus software, or anti-virus software (abbreviated to AV software), also known as anti-malware, is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware.Antivirus software was originally developed...

Video Marketing Profit Kit

by Raymond Wayne

“Discover How To Use The Raw Power of Video Marketing To Build a Thriving Online Business?”

Pictures may be worth a thousand words but videos are worth thousands of pictures... and more!

With video, you can...

Cash In On  The Podcasting Craze

by Raymond Wayne

With  the internet, today both consumers  and marketers  are increasingly surfing  information  and connecting  with  each other  through the  technological platform,  the availability of content seems...

Instant Profits Guide to Blast Youtube Marketing to Every Success

by Dwayne Anderson

Take your business to the next level with the best technique to blast your YouTube Marketing  efforts to Every Success

Dominating The Most Trending Online Marketing Platform

YouTube has given new dimensions to...

Hashtag Islam

by Gary R. Bunt

Gary R. Bunt is a twenty-year pioneer in the study of cyber-Islamic environments (CIEs). In this new book, he explores the diverse and surprising ways digital technology is shaping how Muslims across vast territories...

Modern Twitter Marketing

by Hillary Scholl

Twitter is so easy to use.

You just need to post a tweet that is within  Two hundred  Eighty  characters. You need to do it long enough. You have to pick the right hashtags. You have to pick the right content...

Instant Profits Guide to Facebook Ads Outreach Marketing  Success

by Hillary Scholl

Online Advertising can be simple and powerful. Since your time is valuable, creating and managing all your ads should be as easy as sipping your morning coffee.

Understanding how to leverage Facebook Ads is becoming...

How to Install Lubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Dual Boot with Windows 10

by Cyber Jannah Studio

Lubuntu is based on the LXDE environment which aims to be lightweight. It's a great distribution as it aims to keep the impact on your system low and takes up fewer resources. Lubuntu si very good lightweight...

Social Media Data Mining and Analytics

by Gabor Szabo, Gungor Polatkan, P. Oscar Boykin & Antonios Chalkiopoulos

Harness the power of social media to predict customer behavior and improve sales

Social media is the biggest source of Big Data. Because of this, 90% of Fortune 500 companies are investing in Big Data initiatives...

Free Video Editor Software Untuk Windows, Mac Dan Linux Edisi Bahasa Inggris

by Cyber Jannah Studio

Daftar lengkap koleksi free dan opensource software video editor yang tersedia untuk system operasi Windows, Ubuntu Linux dan Mac. Untuk kalangan pelajar, mahasiswa, youtube creator, animator dan pembuat film...

Free & Opensource Video Editor Software For Windows, Ubuntu Linux & Macintosh

by Cyber Jannah Studio

The complete list free and opensource video editor software available on Windows, Ubuntu Linux, BSD & Macintosh for college student, youtube creator and indie movie maker. In english languange.

La lista completa...

Instant Profits Guide to YouTube Channel Income Success

by Hillary Scholl

Instant Profits Guide to Youtube Channel Income Success

It has been proven that even the most traditional companies can be successful using YouTube for their marketing efforts.

A relative shift in mindset, and...

Windows Xp Sp3 Install Guide

by Cyber Jannah Studio

Windows Xp Sp3 Install Guide Ebook For Student. Windows XP (codenamed Whistler) is a personal computer operating system that was produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It...

Instant Profits Guide to Google  Plus Success

by Raymond Wayne

Social Media is fantastic to reach large audiences but the competition is high.  You need to find ways to get noticed, build your online brand, attract customers, and increase your sales. With the use of social...

Cybersecurity Essentials

by Charles J. Brooks, Christopher Grow, Philip Craig & Donald Short

An accessible introduction to cybersecurity concepts and practices

Cybersecurity Essentials provides a comprehensive introduction to the field, with expert coverage of essential topics required for entry-level...

CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide

by David D. Coleman & David A. Westcott

The bestselling CWNA study guide, updated for the latest exam

The CWNA: Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide is the ultimate preparation resource for the CWNA exam. Fully updated to align with...

The AI Delusion

by Gary Smith

We live in an incredible period in history. The Computer Revolution may be even more life-changing than the Industrial Revolution. We can do things with computers that could never be done before, and computers...

Artificial Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction

by Margaret A. Boden

The applications of Artificial Intelligence lie all around us; in our homes, schools and offices, in our cinemas, in art galleries and - not least - on the Internet. The results of Artificial Intelligence have...

Instant  Profits Guide YouTube LIVE  Income Stream

by Laura Maya

Instant Profits Guide - YouTube Live Income Stream

Discover how to create profitable YouTube Livestreams for hordes of traffic and income!

YouTube claims more than 1 billion users -- roughly one out of every...

Free Opensource Video Editor For Beginner & Youtube Creator

by Muhammad Vandestra & Dragon Promedia Studio

Complete list free and opensource video editor software available on Windows, Mac and Linux. For indie movie maker, youtube creator, college student and beginner.