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Windows 10 Inside Out

by Ed Bott, Carl Siechert & Craig Stinson

Conquer Windows 10--from the inside out!

Dive into Windows 10--and really put your Windows expertise to work. Focusing on the most powerful and innovative features of Windows 10, this supremely organized reference...

El Capitan: A Take Control Crash Course

by Scholle McFarland

Ascend El Capitan with Mac expert Scholle McFarland!

In this crash course about OS X 10.11 El Capitan, former Macworld editor Scholle McFarland helps you discover and master changes in the Finder as well as in...

RESTful Rails Development: Building Open Applications and Services

by Silvia Puglisi

The Web is slowly but surely changing from a model in which a human reader browses content on web pages to a model in which services and clients (not necessarily humans) exchange information. And because of...

Learning Java Functional Programming

by Reese Richard M

Create robust and maintainable Java applications using the functional style of programming About This Book • Explore how you can blend object-oriented and functional programming styles in Java • Use lambda...

Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring

by Dewailly Ludovic

A hands-on guide to building an enterprise-grade, scalable RESTful web service using the Spring Framework About This Book • Follow best practices and explore techniques such as clustering and caching to achieve...

The Definitive Guide to DAX: Business intelligence with Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Power BI

by Alberto Ferrari & Marco Russo

This comprehensive and authoritative guide will teach you the DAX language for business intelligence, data modeling, and analytics. Leading Microsoft BI consultants Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari help you master...

Windows 10 Plain & Simple

by Nancy Muir Boysen

Learn the simplest ways to get things done with Windows 10.

See it. Learn it. In color.


Here’s WHAT You’ll Learn

  • Navigate Windows 10 quickly, easily, and efficiently
  • Get online with the sleek new Microsoft...

3D Printing Projects: Toys, Bots, Tools, and Vehicles To Print Yourself

by Brook Drumm, James Floyd Kelly & Rick Winscot

Even if you've never touched a 3D printer, these projects will excite and empower you to learn new skills, extend your current abilities, and awaken your creative impulses. Each project uses a unique combination...

Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Cooks, and Good Food

by Jeff Potter

Why do we cook the way we do? Are you the innovative type, used to expressing your creativity instead of just following recipes? Do you want to learn to be a better cook or curious about the science behind what...

Windows PowerShell Step by Step

by Ed Wilson

Your hands-on guide to Windows PowerShell scripting fundamentals

Expand your expertise--and teach yourself the fundamentals of Windows PowerShell scripting, including features available in Windows PowerShell...

Design for 3D Printing: Scanning, Creating, Editing, Remixing, and Making in Three Dimensions

by Samuel N. Bernier, Bertier Luyt & Tatiana Reinhard

France's Le FabShop has extensive experience testing 3D printers and creating digital models for them. From an articulated Makey Robot to a posable elephant model, Samuel N. Bernier and the rest of Le FabShop's...

Production Ready OpenStack - Recipes for Successful Environments

by Berezin Arthur

Over 90 practical and highly applicable recipes to successfully deploy various OpenStack configurations in production About This Book • Get a deep understanding of OpenStack's internal structure and services...

Teach Yourself VISUALLY OS X El Capitan

by Paul McFedries

Your visual, guided tour of OS X El Capitan

With clear, step-by-step instructions and plenty of rich visuals, Teach Yourself Visually OS X El Capitan walks you through the latest updates of OS X and demonstrates...

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone 6s: Covers iOS9 and all models of iPhone 6s, 6, and iPhone 5

by Guy Hart-Davis

A visual guide to the iPhone-now fully updated

If you are a visual learner, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone, 3rd Edition is the book for you with 500 full-color screenshots that clearly illustrate all the features...

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Office 2016

by Elaine Marmel

Quickly and efficiently learn the latest version of Office

Are you a visual learner who wants to spend more time working in Microsoft Office than trying to figure out how the programs actually work? Teach Yourself...

WHOIS Running the Internet: Protocol, Policy, and Privacy

by Garth O. Bruen

Discusses the evolution of WHOIS and how policy changes will affect WHOIS’ place in IT today and in the future

This book provides a comprehensive overview of WHOIS. The text begins with an introduction to WHOIS...

Learning Firefox OS Application Development

by Pant Tanay

Learn to design, build, and deploy your Firefox OS applications, built with web technologies, to the Firefox Marketplace About This Book • Create beautiful and interactive Firefox OS applications by applying...

ERP and Information Systems: Integration or Disintegration

by Tarek Samara

This research attempts to explore and identify eventual relationships between the evolution of ERP systems and information systems integration or disintegration. The aim of this research is to know if the relationships...

iPhone 6s Portable Genius: Covers iOS9 and all models of iPhone 6s, 6, and iPhone 5

by Paul McFedries

Take a bite out of all your iPhone has to offer

As easy and intuitive as the iPhone is, it's more complex than most of us realize-and what's better than learning all the insider tips and tricks with the iPhone...

Ada's Legacy: Cultures of Computing from the Victorian to the Digital Age

by Robin Hammerman & Andrew L. Russell

Ada's Legacy illustrates the depth and diversity of writers, thinkers, and makers who have been inspired by Ada Lovelace, the English mathematician and writer. The volume, which commemorates the bicentennial...