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Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Handbook

by Siddhesh Kabe

A handy guide that covers the most essential topics for Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification in an easy-to-understand format About This Book • Get to grips with the fundamentals of to pass...

PowerCLI Essentials

by Chris Halverson

Simplify and automate server administration tasks with PowerCLI About This Book • Automate VMware's VSphere environment by learning the essentials of PowerCLI • Impress your peers by developing scripts to...

OpenStack Sahara Essentials

by Omar Khedher

Integrate, deploy, rapidly configure, and successfully manage your own big data-intensive clusters in the cloud using OpenStack Sahara About This Book • A fast paced guide to help you utilize the benefits...

XenServer Administration Handbook: Practical Recipes for Successful Deployments

by Tim Mackey & J. K. Benedict

Packed with practical advice, this hands-on guide provides valuable information you need to most effectively optimize and manage the XenServer open source virtualization platform. Whether you run a modest installation...

OpenStack Trove Essentials

by Alok Shrivastwa & Sunil Sarat

Build your own cloud based Database as a Service using OpenStack Trove About This Book • Familiarize yourself with the concept of Database as a Service and make your existing system scalable and efficient...

Learning Proxmox VE

by Rik Goldman

Unleash the power of Proxmox VE by setting up a dedicated virtual environment to serve both containers and virtual machines About This Book • Create virtual machines and containers from the comfort of your...

Troubleshooting OpenStack

by Tony Campbell

Get unstuck and start stacking! About This Book • Easily fix the nagging problems that commonly plague OpenStack and become the go-to person in your organization • Get better equipped to troubleshoot and...

Learning CoreOS

by Kingston Smiler. S & Shantanu Agrawal

Your one-stop guide for building, configuring, maintaining, and deploying one of the world's fastest growing OSes About This Book • Understand the features of CoreOS and learn to administrate and secure a...

Mastering CoreOS

by Sreenivas Makam

Create production CoreOS clusters and master the art of deploying Container-based microservices About This Book • Confidently deploy distributed applications and effectively manage distributed infrastructure...

OpenStack Administration with Ansible

by Walter Bentley

Design, build, and automate 10 real-world OpenStack administrative tasks with Ansible About This Book • Automate real-world OpenStack cloud operator administrative tasks • Construct a collection of automation...

CentOS 7 Linux Server Cookbook - Second Edition

by Oliver Pelz & Jonathan Hobson

Over 80 recipes to get up and running with CentOS 7 Linux server About This Book • A practical guide to install, configure, administer and maintain CentOS 7 servers • An in-depth guide to the CentOS 7 operating...

Troubleshooting Citrix XenApp®

by Madarasan Dragos & Patil Suraj

Identify and resolve key Citrix XenApp® issues using trusted troubleshooting and monitoring techniques About This Book • Understand the key troubleshooting methodologies when working with XenApp 7.5 version...

Optimizing Citrix® XenDesktop® for High Performance

by Ellrod Craig Thomas

Successfully deploy XenDesktop sites for a high performance Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) About This Book • Size the VDI environment so the administrator has breathing room to design and build their...

Mastering Docker

by Scott Gallagher

Rethink what's possible with Docker - become an expert in the innovative containerization tool to unlock new opportunities in the way you use and deploy softwareAbout This Book

  • Create highly scalable applications...

Mastering XenApp®

by Sunny Jha

Master the skills required to implement Citrix® XenApp® 7.6 to deploy a complete Citrix®-hosted application from scratch About This Book • Learn to implement and configure components of Citrix® XenApp®...

Learning OpenStack

by Alok Shrivastwa & Sunil Sarat

Set up and maintain your own cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using OpenStack About This Book • Build and manage a cloud environment using just four virtual machines • Get to grips with mandatory...

Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop®

by Gurpinder Singh

The ultimate troubleshooting guide for clear, concise, and real-world solutions to a wide range of common Citrix XenDesktop problemsAbout This Book

  • Explore the XenDesktop architecture and work with various troubleshooting...

OpenStack Orchestration

by Adnan Ahmed Siddiqui

Exploit the power of dynamic cloud formation and auto-scaling features to fully implement OpenStack orchestrationAbout This Book

  • Set up, manage, and troubleshoot Heat and effectively automate your datacenter...

Mastering PowerCLI

by Debnath Sajal

Master PowerCLI to automate all aspects of VMware environments About This Book • Leverage PowerCLI to perform administration tasks in a more effective and efficient way • Escape from daily tedious and repetitive...

Production Ready OpenStack - Recipes for Successful Environments

by Berezin Arthur

Over 90 practical and highly applicable recipes to successfully deploy various OpenStack configurations in production About This Book • Get a deep understanding of OpenStack's internal structure and services...