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Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices, and Culture

by Irakli Nadareishvili, Ronnie Mitra & Matt McLarty

Microservices can have a positive impact on your enterprise—just ask Amazon and Netflix—but you can fall into many traps if you don’t approach them in the right way. This practical guide covers the entire...

React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications

by Stoyan Stefanov

Hit the ground running with React, the open-source technology from Facebook for building rich web applications fast. With this practical guide, Yahoo! web developer Stoyan Stefanov teaches you how to build components—React’s...

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Handbook

by David Steadman & Jeff Ingalls

A complete handbook on Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 - from design considerations to operational best practices About This Book • Get to grips with the basics of identity management and get acquainted with...

Node.js Design Patterns - Second Edition

by Mario Casciaro & Luciano Mammino

Get the best out of Node.js by mastering its most powerful components and patterns to create modular and scalable applications with ease About This Book • Create reusable patterns and modules by leveraging...

Certifiable Software Applications 1: Main Processes

by Jean-Louis Boulanger

Certifiable Software Applications 1: Main Processes establishes the need and context for achieving a certifiable software application. The concept of a software application is presented along with recent developments...

jQuery For Beginners: jQuery JavaScript Library Guide For Developing Ajax Applications, Selecting DOM Elements, Creating Animations

by Joseph Joyner

Web pages and all the tools they come with, together will all the mind-blowing features like virtual programs which work on-line, are pure products of genius in programming and software engineering. Such are...

Effective Debugging: 66 Specific Ways to Debug Software and Systems

by Diomidis Spinellis

Every software developer understands the crucial importance of effective debugging. Often, debugging consumes most of a developer's workday, and mastering the required techniques and skills can take a lifetime....

Software Ownership Transfer: Evolving Knowledge Transfer for the Agile World

by Vinod Sankaranarayanan

Organizations invest immense amounts of time, resources, and attention in their software projects. But all too often, when it's time to transfer the finished project to new "owners," they settle for the most...

No-Code Video Game Development Using Unity and Playmaker

by Michael Kelley

In the past, not being able to program meant not being able to make video games. Now if you can draw a flow-chart you can use powerful State Machine technology to create your dream game! No-Code Video Game Development...

Learning ClojureScript

by W. David Jarvis, Rafik Naccache & Allen Rohner

Master the art of agile single page web application development with ClojureScript About This Book • Set up interactive development workflows for the browser or Node.js thanks to the ClojureScript ecosystem...

Simulation for Data Science with R

by Matthias Templ

Harness actionable insights from your data with computational statistics and simulations using R About This Book • Learn five different simulation techniques (Monte Carlo, Discrete Event Simulation, System...

Mastering PostCSS for Web Design

by Alex Libby

Explore the power of PostCSS to write highly performing, modular, and modern CSS code for your web pages About This Book • Incorporate cutting-edge styles in your web pages with PostCSS • Simplify the process...

Learning ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET

by Ron Vincent

Learn how to build native, cross-platform mapping apps with this comprehensive and practical guide, using the MVVM pattern About This Book • Enhance the user experience with the power of ArcGIS runtime SDK...

Learning Modular Java Programming

by Tejaswini Mandar Jog

Explore the power of modular programming for building applications with Java and Spring! About This Book • Understand the basic concepts of Modular Programming to build enterprise applications with Java •...

Mastering Angular 2 Components

by Gion Kunz

Learn to build component-based user interfaces of the future using Angular 2 About This Book • Developers will be able to make better websites right away by building the example components in the book •...

Drupal 8 Development: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition

by Neeraj Kumar, Tassos Koutlas & Samuel Keen

Develop your programming skills by creating engaging websites using Drupal 8 About This Book • Explore the new features of Drupal 8 through practical and interesting examples while building a fully functional...

Magento Extensions Development

by Jeremie Bouchet

Design, build, and maintain a powerful, secure, and complete extension for Magento 2, the world's favorite e-commerce platform About This Book • Deploy a complete real-world extension step by step • Construct...

Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns - Second Edition

by Simon Timms

Write reliable code to create powerful applications by mastering advanced JavaScript design patterns About This Book • Learn how to use tried and true software design methodologies to enhance your JavaScript...

Effective Python Penetration Testing

by Rejah Rehim

Pen test your system like a pro and overcome vulnerabilities by leveraging Python scripts, libraries, and tools About This Book • Learn to utilize your Python scripting skills to pentest a computer system,...

Mastering Microservices with Java

by Sourabh Sharma

Master the art of implementing microservices in your production environment with ease About This Book • Build, deploy, and test microservices from scratch with ease • Design and implement sample projects...