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Introducing GitHub: A Non-Technical Guide

by Brent Beer

If you’re new to GitHub, this concise book shows you just what you need to get started and no more. It’s perfect for project and product managers, stakeholders, and other team members who want to collaborate...

Digital Watermarking and Steganography: Fundamentals and Techniques

by Frank Y. Shih

Every day millions of people capture, store, transmit, and manipulate digital data. Unfortunately free access digital multimedia communication also provides virtually unprecedented opportunities to pirate copyrighted...

Multimedia Image and Video Processing, Second Edition

by Ling Guan, Yifeng He & Sun-Yuan Kung

As multimedia applications have become part of contemporary daily life, numerous paradigm-shifting technologies in multimedia processing have emerged over the last decade. Substantially updated with 21 new chapters,...

End-to-End Adaptive Congestion Control in TCP/IP Networks

by Christos N. Houmkozlis & George A. Rovithakis

Establishing adaptive control as an alternative framework to design and analyze Internet congestion controllers, End-to-End Adaptive Congestion Control in TCP/IP Networks employs a rigorously mathematical approach...

Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing

by Evaggelos Spyrou, Dimitris Iakovidis & Phivos Mylonas

Broad in scope, Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing provides a complete reference of techniques, algorithms, and solutions for the design and the implementation of contemporary multimedia systems. Offering...

Cloud Computing with e-Science Applications

by Olivier Terzo & Lorenzo Mossucca

The amount of data in everyday life has been exploding. This data increase has been especially significant in scientific fields, where substantial amounts of data must be captured, communicated, aggregated,...

TypeScript 2.x By Example: Build engaging applications with TypeScript, Angular, and NativeScript on the Azure platform

by Sachin Ohri

The TypeScript language, compiler, and open source development toolset brings JavaScript development up to the enterprise level. It allows you to use ES5, ES6, and ES7 JavaScript language features today, including...

Learning Angular - Second Edition

by Christoffer Noring & Pablo Deeleman

Build modern SPAs by learning the latest and powerful features of Angular 5 and TypeScript 2.x About This Book • The best overview of Angular 5 on the market, this guide gathers together everything there is...

Oracle JET for Developers

by Raja Malleswara Rao Pattamsetti

Client side JavaScript for enterprise Oracle applications. About This Book • Develop resilient and robust client-side applications • Explore the power of popular JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, RequireJS,...

TypeScript 2.x for Angular Developers

by Christian Nwamba

Write better, reusable, and predictable Angular apps with typed logic About This Book • Leverage the power of TypeScript for developing large-scale Angular apps • Take advantage of the cutting-edge features...

Learning D3.js 4 Mapping - Second Edition

by Thomas Newton, Oscar Villarreal & Lars Verspohl

Crisp and concise guide on building impressive maps as well as visualizations with D3 a JavaScript library About This Book • Dive into D3.js and apply its powerful data binding ability in order to create stunning...

Vue.js 2 Web Development Projects

by Guillaume Chau

A project-based, practical guide to get hands-on into Vue.js 2.5 development by building beautiful, functional and performant web applications About This Book • Build exciting real world web projects from...

React 16 Essentials - Second Edition

by Artemij Fedosejev & Adam Boduch

Everything you need to start working with React 16 and assess React Fiber About This Book • Hands-on examples and tutorials for the latest React 16 release • Assess the impact of React Fiber for your future...

Firebase Cookbook

by Houssem Yahiaoui

Practical solutions for developing seamless experiences for application that scales. About This Book • A Solution based approach that would help you create high-quality apps for your businesses • Harness...

Mastering JavaScript Functional Programming

by Federico Kereki

Master Functional Programming techniques with this comprehensive guide for writing cleaner, safer, high-performing JavaScript codes About This Book • Become proficient and skilled with Functional Programming...

Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD): Configuration and Troubleshooting Best Practices for the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Next-Generation Intrus

by Nazmul Rajib

The authoritative visual guide to Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

This is the definitive guide to best practices and advanced troubleshooting techniques for the Cisco flagship Firepower Threat Defense...

Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice

by Dan C. Marinescu

Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice, Second Edition, provides students and IT professionals with an in-depth analysis of the cloud from the ground up. After an introduction to network-centric computing and...

Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework: A Multiplatform Approach to Building Chatbots

by Joe Mayo

This is the only comprehensive, authoritative guide to building Conversational User Interfaces (CUI, a.k.a. bots, chatbots, or chatterbots) with the Microsoft Bot Framework. Reflecting the next radical revolution...

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

by Perry Marshall, Keith Krance & Thomas Meloche

Now in its third edition, the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising walks readers through the set-up process, introduces the new apps and services, and brings them up-to-speed as they get an education on all...

Product Management in Practice: A Real-World Guide to the Key Connective Role of the 21st Century

by Matt LeMay

Product management has become a critical connective role for modern organizations, from small technology startups to global corporate enterprises. And yet the day-to-day work of product management remains largely...