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Security in the Private Cloud

by John R. Vacca

This comprehensive handbook serves as a professional reference and practitioner's guide to today's most complete and concise view of private cloud security. It explores practical solutions to a wide range of...

Mobile Applications Development with Android: Technologies and Algorithms

by Meikang Qiu, Wenyun Dai & Keke Gai

Mobile Applications Development with Android: Technologies and Algorithms presents advanced techniques for mobile app development, and addresses recent developments in mobile technologies and wireless networks....

Node.js for Embedded Systems: Using Web Technologies to Build Connected Devices

by Patrick Mulder & Kelsey Breseman

How can we build bridges from the digital world of the Internet to the analog world that surrounds us? By bringing accessibility to embedded components such as sensors and microcontrollers, JavaScript and Node.js...

Reactive Programming with RxJava: Creating Asynchronous, Event-Based Applications

by Tomasz Nurkiewicz & Ben Christensen

In today’s app-driven era, when programs are asynchronous and responsiveness is so vital, reactive programming can help you write code that’s more reliable, easier to scale, and better-performing. With this...

Learning Perl: Making Easy Things Easy and Hard Things Possible

by Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy & Tom Phoenix

If you’re just getting started with Perl, this is the book you want—whether you’re a programmer, system administrator, or web hacker. Nicknamed "the Llama" by two generations of users, this bestseller...

PHP 7 Programming Blueprints

by Jose Palala & Martin Helmich

Learn how to exploit the impressive power of PHP 7 with this collection of practical project blueprints - begin building better applications for the web today! About This Book • Don't just learn PHP 7 - follow...

Learning iOS Forensics - Second Edition

by Mattia Epifani & Pasquale Stirparo

A practical guide to analyzing iOS devices with the latest forensics tools and techniques About This Book • This book is a comprehensive update to Learning iOS Forensics • This practical book will not only...

PHP 7: Real World Application Development

by Doug Bierer, Altaf Hussain & Branko Ajzele

Use new features of PHP 7 to solve practical, real-world problems faced by PHP developers like yourself every day. About This Book • This course covers the new features of version 7.x, best practices for server-side...

Data Visualization: Representing Information on Modern Web

by Andy Kirk, Simon Timms & Ændrew Rininsland

Unleash the power of data by creating interactive, engaging, and compelling visualizations for the web About This Book • Get a portable, versatile, and flexible data visualization design approach that will...

Mobile Forensics - Advanced Investigative Strategies

by Oleg Afonin & Vladimir Katalov

Master powerful strategies to acquire and analyze evidence from real-life scenarios About This Book • A straightforward guide to address the roadblocks face when doing mobile forensics • Simplify mobile...

Bootstrap for ASP.NET MVC - Second Edition

by Pieter van der Westhuizen

Combine the power of ASP.NET Core with Bootstrap 4 to build elegant, responsive web apps About This Book • Updated for Bootstrap 4 and ASP.Net MVC 6, this book shows how to take advantage of the latest new...

Practical XMPP

by Lloyd Watkin & David Koelle

Unleash the power of XMPP in order to build exciting, real-time, federated applications based on open standards in a secure and highly scalable fashion About This Book • Learn about the fundamentals of XMPP...

VMware NSX Network Essentials

by Sreejith.C

Learn how to virtualize your network and discover the full potential of a Software Defined Data Center. A smarter way to use network resources begins here About This Book • Experience the dynamism and flexibility...

Cloud Computing Security: Foundations and Challenges

by John R. Vacca

This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of cloud computing security technology and implementation, while exploring practical solutions to a wide range of cloud computing security issues. With more organizations...

Designing UX: Forms

by Jessica Enders

A recent study found that on average, designing a form to have a great user experience almost doubled the rate of successful first-time completions. For example, Ebay made an additional $USD 500 million annually...

Practical Augmented Reality: A Guide to the Technologies, Applications, and Human Factors for AR and VR

by Steve Aukstakalnis

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the technologies and applications of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems and wearable computing devices. Ideal for practitioners and...

Learning Python Application Development

by Ninad Sathaye

Take Python beyond scripting to build robust, reusable, and efficient applications About This Book • Get to grips with Python techniques that address commonly encountered problems in general application development....

Scalability Rules: Principles for Scaling Web Sites

by Martin L. Abbott & Michael T. Fisher

Now extensively updated for new technologies and best practices, Scalability Rules, Second Edition is the definitive, easy-to-use scalability primer and reference for every architect, developer, web professional,...

Juniper MX Series: A Comprehensive Guide to Trio Technologies on the MX

by Douglas Richard, Jr. Hanks, Harry Reynolds & David Roy

Discover why routers in the Juniper MX Series—with their advanced feature sets and record-breaking scale—are so popular among enterprises and network service providers. This revised and expanded edition...

Javascript: Object Oriented Programming

by Ved Antani, Gaston C. Hillar & Stoyan Stefanov

Build sophisticated web applications by mastering the art of Object-Oriented Javascript About This Book • Learn popular Object-Oriented programming (OOP) principles and design patterns to build robust apps...