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Large-Scale Machine Learning in the Earth Sciences

by Ashok N. Srivastava, Ramakrishna Nemani & Karsten Steinhaeuser

From the Foreword:

"While large-scale machine learning and data mining have greatly impacted a range of commercial applications, their use in the field of Earth sciences is still in the early stages. This book,...

Advances in Smart Cities: Smarter People, Governance, and Solutions

by Arpan Kumar Kar, M P Gupta & P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan

This is an edited book based on the selected submissions made to the conference titled "International Conference in Smart Cities". The project provides an innovative and new approach to holistic management of...

The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model: Principles and Applications, Second Edition

by Earl F. Burkholder

Traditional methods for handling spatial data are encumbered by the assumption of separate origins for horizontal and vertical measurements, but modern measurement systems operate in a 3-D spatial environment....

The Essentials of Data Science: Knowledge Discovery Using R

by Graham J. Williams

The Essentials of Data Science: Knowledge Discovery Using R presents the concepts of data science through a hands-on approach using free and open source software. It systematically drives an accessible journey...

Python Natural Language Processing

by Jalaj Thanaki

Leverage the power of machine learning and deep learning to extract information from text data About This Book • Implement Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for efficient natural language processing...

Building Modern Networks

by Steven Noble

Gain the edge with SDN, NFV, network virtualization, and networking on clouds About This Book • Navigate through the complexities of delivering modern networking services with practical techniques and solutions...

Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics

by Md. Rezaul Karim & Sridhar Alla

Harness the power of Scala to program Spark and analyze tonnes of data in the blink of an eye! About This Book • Learn Scala's sophisticated type system that combines Functional Programming and object-oriented...

Machine Learning Algorithms

by Giuseppe Bonaccorso

Build strong foundation for entering the world of Machine Learning and data science with the help of this comprehensive guide About This Book • Get started in the field of Machine Learning with the help of...

Analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT)

by Andrew Minteer

Break through the hype and learn how to extract actionable intelligence from the flood of IoT data About This Book • Make better business decisions and acquire greater control of your IoT infrastructure •...

Statistical and Machine-Learning Data Mining: Techniques for Better Predictive Modeling and Analysis of Big Data, Third Edition

by Bruce Ratner

The third edition of a bestseller, Statistical and Machine-Learning Data Mining: Techniques for Better Predictive Modeling and Analysis of Big Data is still the only book, to date, to distinguish between statistical...

Docker on Windows

by Elton Stoneman

Learn how to run new and old Windows applications in Docker containers. About This Book • Package traditional .NET Frameworks apps and new .NET Core apps as Docker images, and run them in containers for increased...

Mastering Java Machine Learning

by Dr. Uday Kamath & Krishna Choppella

Become an advanced practitioner with this progressive set of master classes on application-oriented machine learning About This Book • Comprehensive coverage of key topics in machine learning with an emphasis...

Principles of Data Wrangling: Practical Techniques for Data Preparation

by Tye Rattenbury, Joseph M. Hellerstein & Jeffrey Heer

A key task that any aspiring data-driven organization needs to learn is data wrangling, the process of converting raw data into something truly useful. This practical guide provides business analysts with an...

Practical Predictive Analytics

by Ralph Winters

Make sense of your data and predict the unpredictable About This Book • A unique book that centers around develop six key practical skills needed to develop and implement predictive analytics • Apply the...

SQL Server 2017 Integration Services Cookbook

by Christian Cote, Matija Lah & Dejan Sarka

Harness the power of SQL Server 2017 Integration Services to build your data integration solutions with ease About This Book • Acquaint yourself with all the newly introduced features in SQL Server 2017 Integration...

Getting Started with Nano Server

by Charbel Nemnom

Remain highly competitive in the server and VM market by gaining the practical skills needed to operate Nano Server About This Book • The days of the local server are numbered, and this book will make you...

Learning pandas - Second Edition

by Michael Heydt

Get to grips with pandas-a versatile and high-performance Python library for data manipulation, analysis, and discovery About This Book • Get comfortable using pandas and Python as an effective data exploration...

Jenkins Essentials - Second Edition

by Mitesh Soni

Develop a base for DevOps culture by implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery including automated builds, unit test execution, packaging, and static code analysis with Jenkins 2 About This...

Mastering PHP 7

by Branko Ajzele

Effective, readable, and robust codes in PHP About This Book • Leverage the newest tools available in PHP 7 to build scalable applications • Embrace serverless architecture and the reactive programming paradigm,...

Text Mining with R: A Tidy Approach

by Julia Silge & David Robinson

Much of the data available today is unstructured and text-heavy, making it challenging for analysts to apply their usual data wrangling and visualization tools. With this practical book, you’ll explore text-mining...