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Responsive Security: Be Ready to Be Secure

by Meng-Chow Kang

Responsive Security: Be Ready to Be Secure explores the challenges, issues, and dilemmas of managing information security risk, and introduces an approach for addressing concerns from both a practitioner and...

Network Security Through Data Analysis: From Data to Action

by Michael Collins

Traditional intrusion detection and logfile analysis are no longer enough to protect today’s complex networks. In the updated second edition of this practical guide, security researcher Michael Collins shows...

Building Hybrid Clouds with Azure Stack

by Markus Klein & Susan Roesner

Bring the power of Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud technology to your datacenter. About This Book • Build and deploy software-defined infrastructures and deliver Azure-based IaaS and Paas services in your datacenter...

Intelligence-Driven Incident Response: Outwitting the Adversary

by Scott J Roberts & Rebekah Brown

Using a well-conceived incident response plan in the aftermath of an online security breach enables your team to identify attackers and learn how they operate. But, only when you approach incident response with...

Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook

by Praveen Kumar Sreeram

Over 50 recipes to help you build applications hosted on Serverless architecture using Azure Functions. About This Book • Enhance Azure Functions with continuous deployment using Visual Studio Team Services...

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server: Administration and Reference

by Richard Petersen

This book is designed as an Ubuntu 16.04 server reference, covering the Ubuntu servers and their support applications. Server tools are covered as well as the underlying configuration files and system implementations....

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop: Applications and Administration

by Richard Petersen

The "Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop: Applications and Administration" covers the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) release, focusing on applications and administrative tools. The emphasis here is on what users will...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7: Desktops and Administration

by Richard Petersen

This book examines Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for the desktop user and administrator. Though administrative tools are covered, the emphasis is on what a user would need to know to perform tasks. The focus here...

Linux Mint 18.2: Desktops and Administration

by Richard Petersen

This book covers the Linux Mint 18.2 release (Sonya), focusing on desktops and administrative tools. The emphasis here is on what users will face when using Mint, covering topics like installation, applications,...

Windows Forensics Cookbook

by Oleg Skulkin & Scar de Courcier

Maximize the power of Windows Forensics to perform highly effective forensic investigations About This Book • Prepare and perform investigations using powerful tools for Windows, • Collect and validate evidence...

A History of Cyber Security Attacks: 1980 to Present

by Bruce Middleton

Stories of cyberattacks dominate the headlines. Whether it is theft of massive amounts of personally identifiable information or the latest intrusion of foreign governments in U.S. government and industrial...

AWS Tools for PowerShell 6

by Ramesh Waghmare

Leverage the power of PowerShell to bring the best out of your AWS infrastructure About This Book • A collection of real-world-tested Powershell scripts that can be used to manage your Windows server efficiently...

Effective DevOps with AWS

by Nathaniel Felsen

Scale gracefully and maintain outstanding performance with your AWS-based infrastructure using DevOps principles About This Book • Implement DevOps principles to take full advantage of the AWS stack and services...

Getting Started with Terraform - Second Edition

by Kirill Shirinkin

Build, Manage and Improve your infrastructure effortlessly. About This Book • An up-to-date and comprehensive resource on Terraform that lets you quickly and efficiently launch your infrastructure • Learn...

Ansible: Up and Running: Automating Configuration Management and Deployment the Easy Way

by Lorin Hochstein & René Moser

Among the many configuration management tools available, Ansible has some distinct advantages—it’s minimal in nature, you don’t need to install anything on your nodes, and it has an easy learning curve....

Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator Cookbook - Second Edition

by Michael Seidl, Andreas Baumgarten & Steve Beaumont

Over 30 recipes to automate your mission-critical tasks using the new and powerful Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator About This Book • Create powerful runbooks for the entire System Center 2016 product...

PowerShell for Office 365

by Martin Machado & Prashant G Bhoyar

Learn the art of leveraging PowerShell to automate Office 365 repetitive tasks About This Book • Master the fundamentals of PowerShell to automate Office 365 tasks. • Easily administer scenarios such as...

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

by Gerard Johansen

A practical guide to deploying digital forensic techniques in response to cyber security incidents About This Book • Learn incident response fundamentals and create an effective incident response framework...

Implementing DevOps with Ansible 2

by Jonathan McAllister

Leverage the power of Ansible 2 and related tools and scale DevOps processes About This Book • Learn how to use Ansible playbooks along with YAML and JINJA to create efficient DevOps solutions • Use Ansible...

Linux Shell Scripting Bootcamp

by James Kent Lewis

A quick and straightforward approach to writing shell scripts to accomplish different types of tasks on a Linux system. About This Book • Understand expressions and variables and how to use them practically...