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Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD

by Yuri Diogenes, Jeff Gilbert & Robert Mazzoli

Enable employees to be productive and access data from any location or device

Protect both corporate assets and employee privacy, so your people can be fully productive from any device, anywhere. Learn how to...

Principles of Computer Security, Fourth Edition

by Wm. Arthur Conklin, Greg White & Chuck Cothren

Written by leading information security educators, this fully revised, full-color computer security textbook covers CompTIA's fastest-growing credential, CompTIA Security+. Principles of Computer Security, Fourth...

Information Technology 2016

by Duong Tran

Information Technology 2016 is a collection of Information Technology big pictures. The purpose of the book is to help students and network system administrators to learn Information Technology. The book covers...

Learning Linux Shell Scripting

by Naik Ganesh Sanjiv

Unleash the power of shell scripts to solve real-world problems by breaking through the practice of writing tedious code About This Book • Learn how to efficiently and effectively build shell scripts and develop...

Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Seventh Edition

by Wale Soyinka

Now with a downloadable virtual machine showcasing the book's test system configuration and updated for the latest Linux kernel release, the new edition of this bestseller teaches system administrators how to...

Building a Home Security System with Raspberry Pi

by Matthew Poole

Build your own sophisticated modular home security system using the popular Raspberry Pi boardAbout This Book

  • This book guides you through building a complete home security system with Raspberry Pi and helps...

Mastering Linux Shell Scripting

by Mallett Andrew

Master the complexities of Bash shell scripting and unlock the power of shell for your enterprise About This Book • Identify the high level steps such as verifying user input, using command lines and conditional...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Cookbook

by William Leemans

Over 60 recipes to help you build, configure, and orchestrate RHEL 7 Server to make your everyday administration experience seamless About This Book • Create fully unattended installations and deploy configurations...

Getting Started with Kubernetes

by Jonathan Baier

Orchestrate and manage large-scale Docker deployments with Kubernetes to unlock greater control over your infrastructure and extend your containerization strategyAbout This Book

  • Learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes...

Automated Security Analysis of Android and iOS Applications with Mobile Security Framework

by Henry Dalziel & Ajin Abraham

Risky Behaviours in the Top 400 iOS and Android Apps is a concise overview of the security threats posed by the top apps in iOS and Android apps. These apps are ubiquitous on a phones and other mobile devices,...

Deploying Secure Containers for Training and Development

by Jon Schipp & Henry Dalziel

In the book we will be talking about Deploying Secure Containers for Training and Development. The book covers the technology behind Linux-based containers and what they can be used for. Details on how to use...

Mobile Data Loss: Threats and Countermeasures

by Michael T. Raggo

The mobile threat landscape is evolving bringing about new forms of data loss. No longer can organizations rely on security policies designed during the PC era. Mobile is different and therefore requires a revised...

Essential Skills for Hackers

by Kevin Cardwell & Henry Dalziel

Essential Skills for Hackers is about the skills you need to be in the elite hacker family.

The book will mainly about two things: TCP/IP 101, and Protocol Analysis.  The better the hacker, the more we will...

Cyber Security Awareness for CEOs and Management

by David Willson & Henry Dalziel

Cyber Security for CEOs and Managment  is a concise overview of the security threats posed to organizations and networks by the ubiquity of USB Flash Drives used as storage devices. The book will provide an...

Meeting People via WiFi and Bluetooth

by Joshua Schroeder & Henry Dalziel

Meeting People via WiFi and Bluetooth will contain an overview of how to track people using Wireless 802.11 Radio Frequencies (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth 802.15 Radio Frequencies. The content contained here came...

Using Docker: Developing and Deploying Software with Containers

by Adrian Mouat

Docker containers offer simpler, faster, and more robust methods for developing, distributing, and running software than previously available. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn why containers are so important,...

Essential Cybersecurity Science: Build, Test, and Evaluate Secure Systems

by Josiah Dykstra

If you’re involved in cybersecurity as a software developer, forensic investigator, or network administrator, this practical guide shows you how to apply the scientific method when assessing techniques for...

Digital Forensics: Threatscape and Best Practices

by John Sammons

Digital Forensics: Threatscape and Best Practices surveys the problems and challenges confronting digital forensic professionals today, including massive data sets and everchanging technology. This book provides...

Puppet 4 Essentials - Second Edition

by Felix Frank & Martin Alfke

Acquire skills to manage your IT infrastructure effectively with PuppetAbout This Book

  • Breeze through Puppet 4's key features and performance improvements to bring real advantage to your IT infrastructure
  • Discover...

SQL Server 2014 with PowerShell v5 Cookbook

by Donabel Santos

Over 150 real-world recipes to simplify database management, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance your productivityAbout This Book

  • This book helps you build a strong foundation to get you comfortable using...