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Be a Real-Life Mermaid: Unleash Your Inner Siren with a Colorful Swimmable Tail, Seashell Jewelry and Decor, Glamorous Hair and Makeup, Fintastic Pers

by Virginia Hankins

For anyone who has ever wished to trade their legs for fins, this colorful guide provides fun, step-by-step instructions for discovering their inner mermaid with DIY accessories and decor, mermaid philosophy,...

Be a Real-Life Mermaid

by Virginia Hankins

A professional mermaid shows readers how to bring passion into their life through mermaid magic Hasn't everyone wished for a seaside escape at one point or another? Life is better under the sea, and hundreds...

Designer Today

by Marco Lucifora

I wanted to share three of my working experiences as deisgner. In every single project i have learned something new, something challenging. And most important i started as deisgner to become a maker till a started...

A History of Lace

by Bury Palliser

This vintage book contains a detailed account of the history of lace, with information on its origins, development, and popularity throughout history. This profusely-illustrated volume is highly recommended...

AQA GCSE (9-1) Design and Technology: Textile-Based Materials

by Bryan Williams, Louise Attwood & Pauline Treuherz

Build in-depth understanding and inspire your students to tackle design challenges both practically and creatively, with a textbook that delivers the Core Technical plus Specialist Technical and Design & Making...

Furniture Arrangement and Balance

by Christine Holbrook

This book contains a vintage guide to furniture arrangement and interior deign. Through a series of diagrams, floor plans, and explanations it offers instructions on how to arrange the furniture and contents...



SAYKI is a MEN’S FASHION brand located in New York City. We love to design high quality men’s clothing with approachable price tags.

Our collection encompasses three piece and double breasted SUITS, contemporary...

The Moderns: Midcentury American Graphic Design

by Steven Heller & Greg D'Onofrio

In The Moderns, we meet the men and women who invented and shaped Midcentury Modern graphic design in America. The book is made up of generously illustrated profiles, many based on interviews, of more than 60...

Two-Dimensional Man

by Paul Sahre

In Two-Dimensional Man, Paul Sahre shares deeply revealing stories that serve as the unlikely inspiration behind his extraordinary thirty-year design career. Sahre explores his mostly vain attempts to escape...

Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction

by Grady Hendrix

An affectionate, nostalgic, and unflinchingly funny celebration of the horror fiction boom of the 1970s and ’80s


Take a tour through the horror paperback novels of two iconic decades . . . if you dare....

Historical Costumes of England - From the Eleventh to the Twentieth Century

by N. Bradfield

This vintage book contains a comprehensive account of clothing fashions and trends from the eleventh century to the twentieth century. It contains detailed descriptions, fascinating historical information, and...

Furniture Making - Designs, Working Drawings, and Complete Details of 170 Pieces of Furniture, with Practical Information on Their Construction

by R. S. Bowers

This vintage book contains comprehensive instructions for designing and constructing a range of furniture from simple footstools to ornate folding tables. With complete, step-by-step instructions and useful...

City Farmhouse Style: Designs for a Modern Country Life

by Kim Leggett

Come along on the hunt to coveted country sources and the best secret antiquing spots, and learn how to create country farmhouse style in your city dwelling. Author Kim Leggett is the creator of City Farmhouse,...

Aesthetics Signature in Islamic Arts 'Illumination and Illustration'

by Pouran Lashini Abeyan

As a traditional Islamic artist, my goal is to inspire and educate the readers if they want to understand religious art in general and specifically Islamic art. They need to understand and feel their spirit...

The Maker: Crafting a Unique Space

by Tamara Maynes

The act of creating the treasures you use to adorn your home takes the space to a deeper level; it goes beyond collecting, beyond decorating. The Maker is a gorgeously illustrated love letter to creating an...

Design Thinking for the Greater Good

by Jeanne Liedtka, Daisy Azer & Randy Salzman

Facing especially wicked problems, social-sector organizations are searching for powerful new methods to understand and address them. Design Thinking for the Greater Good goes in depth on both the how of using...

Leather Work

by Winifred Wilson

This vintage book contains a detailed guide to leather working. Profusely illustrated and written in simple, plain language, this volume is highly recommended for those with little previous experience. Although...

Functional Design for 3D Printing

by Clifford T Smyth

Functional Design for 3D Printing 3rd Edition is your guide to the intersection of design, 3d printing, and utility.

This volume will demonstrate design practices that expand the possibilities for durable, functional...

The Death of Reliability: Is it Too Late to Resurrect the Last, True Competitive Advantage?

by Nathan C. Wright

Are we facing the death of reliability?  Some believe this is the case, particularly when it comes to reliability leadership.  Without qualified leaders, there can be no true reliability, and as such, companies...

Walter Beauchamp

by Terry Beauchamp, Pedro Mendes & Gordon Lightfoot

As one of the Canada's oldest custom tailors, Walter Beauchamp Tailors has nurtured a unique civilian and military tailoring business for over a century. Owned and operated by three generations of the Beauchamp...