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by Fritz Karch & Rebecca Robertson

In Collected, expert collectors and decorating experts Fritz Karch and Rebecca Robertson present a tour of peculiar, elegant, and awe-inspiring collections from around the world. The book teaches readers the...

Love Affairs with Houses

by Bunny Williams

In this story-filled monograph, Bunny Williams presents new work through 15 houses she has decorated and loved. She tells the tale of each "affair," tracing the style of the spaces, what drew her to the projects,...

Tony Duquette's Dawnridge

by Hutton Wilkinson, Hamish Bowles & Tim Street-Porter

Designer Tony Duquette's legendary Dawnridge, located in Beverly Hills, is one of the most creatively designed private homes in America. Built in 1949 by Duquette and his wife, Elizabeth, the original structure...

The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America

by Jennifer Van Horn

Over the course of the eighteenth century, Anglo-Americans purchased an unprecedented number and array of goods. The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America investigates these diverse artifacts—from...

A House by the Sea

by Bunny Williams, Angus Wilkie, Christian Brechneff & Schafer Gil et al.

Author and renowned designer Bunny Williams has been at the top of the interior design world for more than 40 years. Her new book invites readers to explore La Colina, Williams’s lovely Caribbean retreat tucked...

A Collection of Fretwork Patterns


This book contains a lovely collection of fretwork patterns. With a wide range of chapters, from 'Kitchen Accessories' to 'Children's Toys', this book is perfect for anyone with an interest in the craft. Clearly...

Botanical Illustration: The Essential Reference

by Carol Belanger Grafton

Comprising more than 500 years of printed botanical illustrations, this stunning compendium of black-and-white and color images begins with medieval illuminated manuscripts and woodcuts from the early days of...

Art Nouveau: The Essential Reference

by Carol Belanger Grafton

"This is a gorgeous book, ideal for any lover of Art Nouveau." —bookaddiction

Dover's extensive library of Art Nouveau graphic art and typography serves as the source for this comprehensive volume, which features...

Intarsia and Marquetry - Handbook for the Designer and Craftsman

by F. Hamilton Jackson

This fascinating text contains comprehensive handbook on intarsia and marquetry from the 'Handbooks for The Designer and Craftsman' series. Complete with a plethora of interesting information, handy tips, and...

Big Squares and Little Triangles!: Shapes Books for Preschoolers

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Trying to teach shapes to your little ones? This is the best book to start! Filled with attractive images featuring different shapes, this is a valuable resource that your child will love to have! There are...

Central Asian Art

by Vladimir Lukonin & Anatoly Ivanov

The strict prohibition on the representation of the human form has channeled artistic creation into architecture and architectural decoration. This book is a magical tour through Central Asia - Khirgizia, Tadjikistan,...

Persian Art

by Vladimir Lukonin & Anatoly Ivanov

Housed in the Hermitage Museum along with other institutes, libraries, and museums in Russia and the republics of the former Soviet Union are some of the most magnificent treasures of Persian Art. For the most...

The ABC of Style

by Émile Bayard

Ever wondered why your ceiling is shaped like the arches in a gothic cathedral? Or why your offi ce building looks so different from its neighboring counterparts? The ABC of Style invites you to explore the...

Decorative Art

by Albert Jaquemart

From the Middle Ages to contemporary times, decorative art can be defi ned by the artistic materials, designs and objects used in both architecture and interior design. Similar to many art forms decorative art...

Art of Islam

by Gaston Migeon & Henri Saladin

Islamic art is not the art of a nation or of a people, but that of a religion: Islam. Spreading from the Arabian Peninsula, the proselyte believers conquered, in a few centuries, a territory spreading from the...

William Morris

by Arthur Clutton-Brock

Through his eclecticism, William Morris (1834-1896) was one of the most emblematic personalities of the nineteenth century. Painter, architect, poet and engineer, wielding the quill as well as the brush, he...

American Graffiti

by Margo Thompson

The first appearances of graffiti "tags" (signatures) on New York City subway trains in the early 1970s were discarded as incidents of vandalism or the rough, violent cries of the ignorant and impoverished....

Art Nouveau: Objects and Artifacts

by Anton Seder

A revolutionary reaction to the eclectic historical styles of nineteenth-century art, the turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau movement drew much of its inspiration from nature. Applying its sinuous, curvilinear...

1000 Masterpieces of Decorative Art

by Victoria Charles

From ancient Sumerian pottery to Tiffany stained glass, decorative art has been a fundamental part of the human experience for generations. While fine art is confined to galleries and museums, decorative art...

The ABC of Style

by Émile Bayard

Ever wondered why your ceiling is shaped like the arches in a gothic cathedral? Or why your offi ce building looks so different from its neighboring counterparts? The ABC of Style invites you to explore the...