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The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking

by Lauren Stowell & Abby Cox

Bring History to Life

Whether you wish you could time travel to the court of Versailles or the Highlands of Scotland, this comprehensive guide will walk you through how to make and wear your 18th century dream...

Can I Help You, Madam?

by Ethyle Campbell

The working life of a women in retail in the 1930s was tough, but not beyond the no-nonsense Ethyle Campbell. Quite unlike any other book about the rag trade in the ?30s, this semi-autobiographical account of...

A Man and His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them

by Matt Hranek

A covetable celebration of watches and the stories at the heart of men’s obsession with them.


Sass, Smarts, and Stilettos

by Gabriella Contestabile

How do Italian women turn the ordinary into extraordinary?  Why do their lives seem less complicated, but more complete and alluring?

Discover what’s behind this seductive ethos of effortless chic, and how...

The Organization of the Boot and Shoe Industry in Massachusetts Before 1875

by B. E. Hazard

This is the twenty-third edition of the "Harvard Economic Studies", focusing on the intricacies of the boot and shoe industry in Massachusetts before 1875. It chronicles the evolution and development of the...

Dress and Care of the Feet; Showing their Natural Shape and Construction; How Corns, Bunions, Flat Feet, and Other Deformities Are Caused: With Instru

by J. L. Peck

This vintage book contains a complete handbook on foot care, with a special focus on the importance of good-quality and well-fitted shoes. Essentially, it is a guidebook with hints for those who wear and those...

How to Bottom a Welted Shoe By Hand

by F. L. West

A series of illustrated lessons on shoe-repair, with a special focus on putting together a plain welted shoe by hand. It has chapters on every aspect from preparing the materials to finishing, making is a must-read...

Worn in New York: 68 Sartorial Memoirs of the City

by Emily Spivack

The boots a passenger had on when his plane landed on the Hudson River.

The tank top Andy Warhol's assistant wore to one of their nightclub outings together.

The jacket a taxi driver put on to feel safe as he...

Facts Worth Knowing About Leather, Boots, and Shoes

by J. H. Walker

Facts Worth Knowing About Leather, Boots, and Shoes is a concise guide to shoe manufacturing and the shoe industry, published by Chicago shoe manufacturers "Walker Tannery". It includes information on a variety...

Shoe Factory Efficiency

by J. E. Kirwin

First published in 1910, this is a vintage treatise on increasing and maintaining production efficiency in a shoe factory. It includes chapters on competition, factory design and layout, labour management, product...

Shoe Sizing and Fitting - An Analysis of Practices and Trends

by C. W. Moffett

This vintage book contains a detailed treatise on the importance of properly-fitting shoes, with chapters on the history and development of design, the discrepancies between manufacturing and retailers, different...

How to Repair Shoes

by F. L. West

How to Repair Shoes is a comprehensive guide to shoe-mending with chapters on necessary equipment, how to use the tools, preparing materials, running a shop, and much more. With helpful illustrations and simple...

Handbook of Shoe Factory Engineering

by United Shoe Machinery Co.

Handbook of Shoe Factory Engineering is a detailed guide to designing and equipping factories, especially those that produce leather boots and shoes. It covers all aspects that need to be considered in general...

Shoes of All Kinds and Styles - Men's and Boys' Shoes

by A. Andrew

Shoes of All Kinds and Styles is a vintage catalogue of shoes and boots published by New York shoe manufacturer Andrew Alexander in 1890. With detailed illustrations and information on selection, fitting, and...

Effects of Glucose and Salts on the Wearing Quality of Sole Leather

by P. L. Wormeley

This is a comprehensive scientific investigation into the effects of glucose and salts on sole leather, originally published by the United States Department of Commerce in 1919. The study is explained in detail...

Uppers, Leather and Findings

by A. Michael

Uppers, Leather and Findings is a vintage catalogue of shoe and boot parts and accessories published by New York shoe manufacturer Michael Arthur. Also including some short anecdotes, jokes, and even poetry,...

Notes on the Purchase, Manufacture, and Inspection of United States Army Shoes and Shoe Lasts

by Anon.

A collection of notes on the method of purchase, manufacture, and inspection of shoes and shoe lasts in the US army during World War I. This book was originally commissioned under the auspices of the quartermaster...

Designing, Cutting and Grading Boot and Shoe Patterns, and Complete Manual for the Stitching Room

by C. B. Hatfield

First published in 1897, this volume is a complete guide to designing and cutting boot and shoe patterns, published with the novice in mind. Written in simple, clear language and profusely illustrated, this...

Shoe and Leather Encyclopedia - A Book of Practical and Expert Testimony by Successful Merchants. Each Article a Chapter, Each Chapter a Single and Se

by The Shoe & Leather Gazette

"Shoe and Leather Encyclopedia by The Shoe & Leather Gazette" is a collection of vintage articles on the subject of leather shoe and boot manufacturing. It contains a wealth of information originally aimed at...

The World of Carmel Snow

by Carmel Snow

Carmel Snow (1887 – 1961), the notorious publishing rival of Vogue editor Edna Woolman Chase, left Vogue in 1932 to become fashion editor, then editor of Harper's Bazaar. This vibrant memoir recalls the glamour...