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The Picture of Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s only novel, first published in 1890, is a brilliantly designed puzzle, intended to tease conventional minds with its exploration of the myriad interrelationships between art, life and consequence....

The Men in White

by Anosh Irani

In the latest play from Governor General’s Literary Award finalist Anosh Irani, we meet eighteen-year-old Hasan Siddiqui, who lives in a bustling Muslim quarter of Bombay. He escapes the drudgery of his work...

Oscar Wilde: The Complete Collection (All the plays, novels, poems, stories and essays of Oscar Wilde in one single volume!)

by Oscar Wilde

This ebook contains Oscar Wilde's complete works. This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists...

Great Catherine

by George Bernard Shaw

Captain Charles Edstaston is assigned to the Imperial Russian court in Saint Petersburg, during the 34-year rule of Empress Catherine the Great, and brings his fiancee, Claire, with him. In the midst of court...

Press Cuttings

by George Bernard Shaw

A room in the War Office on 1 April 1912. General Mitchener is in a state of considerable anxiety about the number of Suffragettes chaining themselves to government buildings. He has had all the railings removed,...


by George Bernard Shaw

Gregory Lunn and Mrs Juno are in love, having met during a sea voyage. On a sofa in a hotel where both are staying, they discuss their feelings. They are both already married, so they decide they must part,...

Augustus Does His Bit

by George Bernard Shaw

In the small town of Little Pifflington, Lord Augustus Highcastle tells his secretary Horatio Beamish that the war is a very serious matter, especially as he has three German brothers-in-law. He soon learns...

Man and Superman

by George Bernard Shaw

Mr. Whitefield has recently died, and his will indicates that his daughter Ann should be left in the care of two men, Roebuck Ramsden and Jack Tanner. Ramsden, a venerable old man, distrusts Jack Tanner, an...

You Never Can Tell

by George Bernard Shaw

The play is set in a seaside town and tells the story of Mrs Clandon and her three children, Dolly, Phillip and Gloria, who have just returned to England after an eighteen-year stay in Madeira. The children...

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

by George Bernard Shaw

It is midsummer night on the terrace of the Palace at Whitehall, overlooking the Thames. The Palace clock chimes four quarters and strikes eleven. The Man arrives at Whitehall where he meets a Beefeater guard....

The Philanderer

by George Bernard Shaw

A lady and gentleman are making love to one another in the drawing room of a flat in Ashley Gardens in the Victoria district of London. The lady is a young widow, Grace Tranfield, in love with the man, Leonard...

Back to Methuselah

by George Bernard Shaw

Back to Methuselah consists of five plays: In the Beginning: B.C. 4004 (In the Garden of Eden), The Gospel of the Brothers Barnabas: Present Day, The Thing Happens: A.D. 2170, Tragedy of an Elderly Gentleman:...

Androcles and the Lion

by George Bernard Shaw

Androcles, a fugitive Christian tailor, accompanied by his nagging wife, is on the run from his Roman persecutors. While hiding in the forest he comes upon a wild lion who approaches him with a wounded paw....

The Man of Destiny

by George Bernard Shaw

After his victory at the Battle of Lodi, Napoleon eats his meal, works on his plans and talks with the innkeeper Giuseppe Grandi. A lieutenant arrives with bad news. The dispatches he was carrying have been...

The Devil's Disciple

by George Bernard Shaw

Set in Colonial America during the Revolutionary era, the play tells the story of Richard Dudgeon, a local outcast and self-proclaimed Devil's disciple. In a twist characteristic of Shaw's love of paradox, Dudgeon...

The Doctor's Dilemma

by George Bernard Shaw

The Doctor's Dilemma is a play by George Bernard about the moral dilemmas created by limited medical resources, and the conflicts between the demands of private medicine as a business and a vocation.


by George Bernard Shaw

The play is set in the northeast suburbs of London in the month of October. It tells the story of Candida, the wife of a famous clergyman, the Reverend James Mavor Morell. Morell is a Christian Socialist, popular...

How He Lied to Her Husband

by George Bernard Shaw

The three-character play is set in the drawing room of a flat located on Cromwell Road in London. Shaw describes Henry Apjohn as a very beautiful youth, moving as in a dream, walking as on air, while Aurora...

Caesar and Cleopatra

by George Bernard Shaw

Cleopatra sleeping between the paws of a Sphinx. Caesar, wandering lonely in the desert night, comes upon the sphinx and speaks to it profoundly. Cleopatra wakes and, still unseen, replies. At first Caesar imagines...

Major Barbara

by George Bernard Shaw

Barbara Undershaft is engaged in helping the poor as a Major in the Salvation Army in London. For many years, Barbara and her siblings have been estranged from their father, Andrew Undershaft, who now reappears...