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The Prophet of Berkeley Square: A Play in Five Acts

by Frank J. Morlock & Robert Hichens

Based on the novel of the same title by the British writer, Robert Smythe Hichens (1864-1950), THE PROPHET OF BERKELEY SQUARE is a send-up of the astrology and psychic reading craze that so permeated London...

The Tower of Death: A Play in Five Acts

by Alexandre Dumas, Frédéric Gaillardet & Frank J. Morlock

Tour de Nesle (The Tower of Death) is one of Alexandre Dumas's greatest and most powerful plays, a tale of power and conviction, although its historical accuracy is far from certain.

Queen Marguerite and her...

Tiberius Caesar -- A Play in Five Acts

by Ferdinand Dugue & Frank J. Morlock

Frank J. Morlock's English-language translation and adaptation of Ferdinand Dugue's 1881 play "Tibère: drame en cinq actes (huit tableaux)" chronicles the events in the life of Roman emperor Tiberius Caesar...

Bathilda: A Play in Three Acts

by Alexandre Dumas & Frank J. Morlock

Adapted by Alexandre Dumas from a script by Auguste Maquet, BATHILDA tells the story of a woman who's raped by Marcel, and becomes his lover for a time. After she leaves him and moves to Paris, she meets Deworde,...

Candide: A Play in Five Acts

by Voltaire & Frank J. Morlock

Voltaire's classic novel CANDIDE has been adapted many times through many different forms of media, but this 20th-century dramatic version is one of the best. Voltaire's story endures because the character of...

The King of Rome: A Play in Five Acts

by Charles Desnoyer & Frank J. Morlock

Charles Desnoyer (1806-1858) and Léon Beauvallet (1828-1885) were French playwrights of the mid-nineteenth century. THE KING OF ROME focuses on the Emperor Napoleon's only son, the Duke of Reichstadt, who was...

"Cadmus and Hermione" and "Perseus": Two Plays

by Philippe Quinault & Frank J. Morlock

Philippe Quinault (1635-1688) was the highest paid and most respected French librettist of his day, considered the equal of Racine. His libretti can be read as lyrical dramas without the music. The two plays...

Jurgen: A Play in Three Acts

by Frank J. Morlock & James Branch Cabell

Based on the bestselling novel by James Branch Cabell, Jurgen is a philosophical fantasy in the manner of Candide, which strings together the hero's sexual adventures into an ironic and satirical commentary...

The Queen's Necklace: A Play in Five Acts

by Alexandre Dumas & Frank J. Morlock

While French writer Alexandre Dumas is best-known for The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, many critics consider his Marie-Antoinette novels to be his greatest achievement. Indeed, he was working...

Sylvandire: A Play in Four Acts

by Alexandre Dumas & Frank J. Morlock

In 1844-45, while Alexandre Dumas was working on his two classic novels, The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, he found time to write a play called Sylvandire. A young provincial, Roger Tancred...

The Gold Thieves: A Play in Five Acts

by Alexandre Dumas & Frank J. Morlock

Dr. Ivans, unable to make a living in London, migrates with his two daughters to Australia, where he hopes to make his fortune; one of his girls, Melida, is forced to leave her suitor, Williams, behind. Arriving...

The Venetian: A Play in Five Acts

by Frank J. Morlock

To save his father from execution for treason, the Bravo Giovanni agrees to act as an assassin for The Council of Ten, and ruthlessly carries out their orders for targeted killings against real or imagined enemies...

The Corsican Brothers: A Play in Three Acts

by Alexandre Dumas, Eugène Grangé & Frank J. Morlock

This adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas tale tells the story of two brothers, born as Siamese twins, but separated not long after birth. They're raised by two different families, but are still able to "feel"...

Queen Margot: A Play in Five Acts

by Alexandre Dumas & Frank J. Morlock

Written in 1847, while Dumas was at the height of his powers, this play recounts the events leading up to the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre of the French Huguenots--and the subsequent death of King Charles...

Two Voltairean Plays: The Triumvirate and Comedy at Ferney

by Voltaire, Louis Lurine & Frank J. Morlock

Set in Roman times, Voltaire's play THE TRIUMVIRATE details a meeting on an island between Anthony and Octavian, in which the two main players in the post-Caesar Roman world decide how to divide up the spoils...

Olympias; and, The Temple of Glory: Two Plays

by Frank J. Morlock

OLYMPIAS is one of Voltaire's most powerful tragedies. It's based on the suspicion that King Alexander the Great was poisoned, and left an infant daughter, Olympias, by his Persian wife Statira, daughter of...

Saving the Queen: A Comedy of Cape and Sword

by Theophile Gautier, Bernard Lopez & Frank J. Morlock

Well-known French writer Théophile Gautier and Bernard Lopez combine their talents in this send-up of the cloak-and-sword dramas so popular with the Romantics. When the Spanish Queen's horse runs away with...

Old Creole Days: A Play in Three Acts

by Frank J. Morlock & George Washington Cable

The nineteenth-century Southern writer (George Washington Cable) who wrote the stories on which this play is based was born in New Orleans, and the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of that great city impregnates...

Armida & Amadis & Roland: Three Opera Librettos

by Philippe Quinault & Frank J. Morlock Author

In these three librettos, Philippe Quinault turns from classical opera to medieval legends--Renaud and Armida, Amadis and Oriana, and Angelica and Roland--exploring the tensions between love and glory. As usual,...

Lorenzino: A Play in Five Acts

by Alexandre Dumas & Frank J. Morlock

This powerful, eloquent play moves like a Greek tragedy to its inevitable conclusion. Dumas's drama is based on an actual event--the assassination of Duke Alexander of Medici in 1537 by his cousin, Lorenzo....