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Williams Plays: 2: Sing Yer Heart Out for the Lads; Clubland; The Gift

by Roy Williams

Second collection of plays by the award-winning young British playwright

Sing Yer Heart Out for the Lads: Tensions erupt in a South London pub as England lose against Germany at football

Clubland: Ben is married...

Aristophanes Plays: 2: Wasps; Clouds; Birds; Festival Time; Frogs

by Aristophanes & Kenneth McLeish

Reissue of Aristophanes' most famous plays in the Methuen Classical Greek Dramatists series

Aristophanes is the oldest comedic writer in Western literature. Although only eleven of the some forty plays he wrote...

Churchill Plays: 2: Softcops; Top Girls; Fen; Serious Money

by Caryl Churchill

This second collection of plays by Caryl Churchill includes "Objections to Sex and Violence", "Softcops", "Top Girls", "Fen" and "Serious Money".

Bond Plays: 5: The Bundle; Human Cannon; Jackets; In the Company of Men

by Edward Bond

The volume contains plays from the '70s and '80s, which offer a wide ranging critique of society and human relationships. Included are "The Bundle", "Human Condition", "Jackets" and "In the Company of Men"....

Bond Plays: 2: Lear; The Sea; Narrow Road to the Deep North; Black Mass; Passion

by Edward Bond

The internationally acclaimed dramatist Edward Bond endures as one of the towering figures of contemporary British theatre. His plays are read at schools and university level. "Edward Bond is the most radical...

A Man for All Seasons

by Robert Bolt

Robert Bolt's tense play of conscience, made into a film starring Paul Scofield, charts the dramatic events leading to the execution of Sir Thomas More in 1535. More enters into political and moral conflict...

Barnes Plays: 2: Red Noses; Sunset Glories; Nobody Here But Us Chickens; Columbus; Socrates

by Peter Barnes

A mixture of social satire, comedy and tragedy. This volume contains two major plays, "Red Noses" and "Sunset Glories", and a series of three short plays on disability including "Nobody Here But Us Chickens"....

Brenton Plays: 2: The Romans in Britain; Thirteenth Night; The Genius; Bloody Poetry; Greenland

by Howard Brenton

This collection of plays by one of Britain's most prominent political dramatists offers the best of his work from the 1980s. The plays include "The Romans in Britain", "Thirteenth Night", "The Genius", "Bloody...

The Cripple of Inishmaan

by Martin McDonagh

In 1934, the people of Inishmaan learn that the Hollywood director Robert Flaherty is coming to the neighbouring island to film his documentary Man of Aran. No one is more excited than Billy, an unloved and...

Hard Feelings

by Doug Lucie

We're supposed to be having a party. It's s'posed to be fun. This is my house, and when I say everybody have fun, then everybody have fun.

Thatcher's Britain � Brixton, 1981. As tensions mount on the streets,...

Aristophanes Plays: 1: Acharnians; Knights; Peace; Lysistrata

by Aristophanes & Kenneth McLeish

Reissue of Aristophanes' most famous plays in the Methuen Classical Greek Dramatists series

Aristophanes was a unique writer for the comic stage as well as one of the most revealing about the society for which...

The Manifestos and Essays

by Richard Foreman

The thoughts and work of the legendary avant-garde director.

In Time O' Strife

by Joe Corrie & Graham McLaren

There�s nae power on earth can crush the men

who can sing on a day like this.

A powerful re-imagining of Joe Corrie�s neglected classic about a Fife mining community during the General Strike.

To raise funds...

The Kwagh-hir Theater: A Weapon for Social Action

by Iyorwuese Hagher

This book describes how the Tiv people of Nigeria use their indigenous theater to fight against British colonialism and oppression by dominant groups in Nigeria. It celebrates the power of the theater to give...


by Arnold Wesker

It�s 1958. Beatie Bryant has been to London and fallen in love with Ronnie, a young socialist. As she anxiously awaits his arrival to meet her family at their Norfolk farm, her head is swimming with new ideas....

The Spanish Tragedy (Norton Critical Editions)

by Thomas Kyd & Michael Neill

Thomas Kyd's highly influential and popular revenge play is now available in a richly documented and critically engaging Norton Critical Edition. The freshly edited and annotated text comes with a full introduction...

Hidden in the Sand

by James Phillips

Sometimes we don't live, we cope. I have coped, not lived, for a long time. So have you I think.

A passionate love story set between London and Cyprus. Alexandra, a refugee from the Turkish invasion of Cyprus...

Black Jesus

by Anders Lustgarten

And do you know why I was called by that name? Because I decided who would be saved and who would be condemned. I took that responsibility for others and now I take it for myself. I am Black Jesus. I do not...

The Jew of Malta

by Christopher Marlowe & James R. Siemon

'A farce of terribly serious, even savage comic humour' T.S Eliot

The Jew of Malta was

arguably the most popular play of the Elizabethan era. This new student

edition is freshly revised to incorporate the latest...

A Guide to Ancient Greek Drama

by Ian C. Storey & Arlene Allan

This newly updated second edition features wide-ranging, systematically organized scholarship in a concise introduction to ancient Greek drama, which flourished from the sixth to third century BC.

  • Covers all...