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Before Monsters Were Made

by Ross Dungan

You see, people forever say history is written by the victors. It's not. It's written by those who can shape the simplest narrative.

David is a man struggling to hold together his marriage when the small town...


by Simon Stephens

Is this the strangest thing that two people have ever done in the history of the world?

Amidst the bustle of a crowded London train station, Clare spots Alex, a much older man, and plants a kiss on his neck....

Three Hotels: Plays and Monologues

by Jon Robin Baitz

An acclaimed play from Jon Robin Baitz.

The Substance of Fire and Other Plays

by Jon Robin Baitz

Three acclaimed early plays from master playwright Jon Robin Baitz.

Temple (NHB Modern Plays)

by Steve Waters

On 15 October 2011 Occupy London makes camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral. On 21 October 2011 a building that had kept open through floods, the Blitz and terrorist threats closes its doors. On 28 October City...

buckets (NHB Modern Plays)

by Adam Barnard

How to fill what’s left of your day. How to fill the rest of your days. Sick buckets, bucket rattling, bucket lists, buckets of love.

Wry, emotive, funny and heartfelt, buckets is a play with a unique perspective...

Sons + Fathers

by Random House

SONS & FATHERS brings together a remarkable array of politicians and world leaders, writers and musicians, cultural icons and actors in this collection dedicated to fathers. A moving, fascinating and often funny...

Peter Pan Goes Wrong: 2nd Edition

by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields

Tonight Neverland is fleshed out with plenty of plant life, certainly bettering 2011's production of Jack and the Bean-Cactus. So, with no further ado, please put your hands together for J.M. Barrie's Christmas...

The Chronicles of Oggle

by Peter Gowen

Then in a beautiful cloud of Holy, I go out the door to meet with my people, to see if I really am. With the angelus and two and six in my pocket, I am a rich and holy possible Jesus. I stop and talk to everyone...

A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing

by Eimear McBRide & Annie Ryan

Winner of numerous literary awards including the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction, the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and the Goldsmiths Prize, Eimear McBride's debut novel A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing plunges...

Beyond Caring

by Alexander Zeldin

I'm a hard worker. I don't push him to the . . . You know I don't go out for breaks when I'm not supposed to. I don't stay in the loo when I'm not supposed to. If I was that kind of person I could have him done...

Three Women and a Piano Tuner (NHB Modern Plays)

by Helen Cooper

An offbeat, lyrical drama about how our hopes and dreams can be thwarted by the choices we make - and by the ones we don't make.

Ella's got a project. After ten years she has completed her piano concerto, and...

The Domino Effect and other plays for teenagers (NHB Modern Plays)

by Fin Kennedy

<p>This second volume of plays from award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy features three ensemble plays for large casts of young people aged thirteen to nineteen, each developed via a long-term, collaborative...

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

by Jon Brittain & Matt Tedford

Look at us, Margaret - the press is on our side. We're heroes: the public is behind us, we're protecting our children, the party is united behind the cause. You can stand against it if you want, but you will...

The Rolling Stone

by Chris Urch

One day you're you. The next you're � I can't even say the word.

Dembe and Sam have been seeing each other for a while. They should be wondering where this is going and when to introduce each other to their...

The Right to Speak: Working with the Voice

by Patsy Rodenburg

This bestselling book by one of the world's foremost voice and acting coaches is a classic in its field. Practical, passionate and inspiring, it teachers how to use the voice fully and expressively, without...

Auditioning for Film and Television: Secrets from a Casting Director

by Nancy Bishop

'If you're working with Nancy Bishop you know you're in good, accomplished hands, whether you're a director or an actor.' †" Neil Burger, Director of The Illusionist

Auditioning for Film and Television is a...

Knives in Hens

by David Harrower & Mark Fisher

The village has lied. William has lied. It is not because I am undeserving. Not because I am young and they are old. God has given them nothing. I know this now.

Knives in Hens is a brutal fable set in a timeless...


by David Hare, Howard Brenton & Philip Roberts

The press and politicians. A delicate relationship. Too close, and danger ensues. Too far apart, and democracy itself cannot function.

Pravda (which means "truth") is a satire written at the height of Thatcherism...

Harper Regan

by Simon Stephens & Jacqueline Bolton

If you go, I don't think you should come back.

On a startlingly bright autumn night in 2006, Harper Regan walked away from her home, her husband and daughter, and kept walking. She told nobody that she was going....