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Prometheus Bound

by James Kerr

High in the Caucasus at the ends of the earth, Prometheus is chained to a rock with a bolt through his chest. He talks of a secret that should not be told for fear of its power being lost. This secret is so...

I'm the King of the Castle

by Pat Hutchins

Three fun-packed plays for children. In I'm the King of the

Castle!, King Boris and King Morris have to take it in turns to sit on the throne and rule over their kingdom. One day it's archery and spaghetti bolognese,...

David Copperfield

by Giles Havergal & Charles Dickens

The treacherous Uriah Heep, the jovial nurse Peggotty, the adorably dim-witted Dora, the improvident Mr Micawber and the egotistic and charming Steerforth come to life in this new adaptation of Dickens' classic....

Heinrich von Kleist: Three Plays

by Noel Clark & Heinrich von Kleist

Heinrich von Kleist committed suicide in 1811. His masterpiece, Prince Friedrich von Homburg, is set in the world of Prussian militarism. The young cavalry general of the title achieves swift victory in the...

The Real Don Juan

by Ranjit Bolt

Don Juan Tenorio is an important and influential Spanish classic which gives a softened, romanticised version of the infamous hero and ends, uniquely, in his repentance and salvation. First seen in 1844, it...


by Ranjit Bolt & Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Juno, wife of Jove (Jupiter) is jealous of Alcmene, mother of Hercules by Jove, and has been persecuting Hercules by imposing labours on him, through her intermediary, the tyrant Eurystheus.The final labour,...

The Miser/The Idiot

by Ranjit Bolt & Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

'L'Avare (1666) is Molière's great satire on materialism, a funny yet sophisticated story of cunning, guile and double-dealing, not only by the Miser himself, but also by the Miser's family and servants. First...

Theatre of Catastrophe: New Essays on Howard Barker

by Karoline Gritzner & David Ian Rabey

Fifteen varied essays discuss the style, language and vision of one of Britain's most influential and controversial playwrights. Focusing on different aspects of what Barker has called the Theatre of Catastrophe,...


by Michael Hastimgs

Set in the Paris apartment of James Joyce and his family, Michael Hasting's new play takes place when a young student named Samuel Beckett arrives, and an unusual love begins.

Tom and Viv

by Michael Hastimgs

It is Cambridge, 1915, and Tom, an awkward American graduate, meets Viv. Enchanted with each other, the couple are sucked into a whirlwind romance, but as Tom begins to become successful in the field of literature,...

Precious Bane

by Bryony Lavery & Mary Webb

Bryony Lavery brings to life Mary Webb's classic novel of loves lost and found.

Uncle Vanya

by Bryony Lavery & Anton Chekhov

One of the high points of world drama, Chekhov's bittersweet tale of frustrated lives and unrequited loves - by turns witty, playful, nostalgic and tragic - is captured in all its complexity by Bryony Lavery's...

Cherished Disappointments in Love

by Bryony Lavery, Juha Turkka & Jouko Turkka

Cherished Disappointments in Love is a brilliantly funny and wildly savage theatrical roller-coaster ride. A woman of a certain age is in love with Finland's youngest philosopher, Pekka Himanen. He is also loved...

Rodney Ackland: Plays Two

by Rodney Ackland

No other major playwright of the last 50 years has undergone such a reappraisal as Rodney Ackland. Interest in his work has renewed in the 1990s, starting at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, with further revivals...

Rodney Ackland: Plays One

by Rodney Ackland

Rodney Ackland is belatedly acknowledged as a master of the British stage, now captivating new audiences. In The Dark River, set in the late thirties, the flamboyant characters are cocooned in a Thames backwater...

The Corithian

by Chip Williams

An Excerpt from The Corithian: Volumn 1 of the Corithian Series

“Thanks for everything, Hannon,” Sael said. “We’ll meet again.”

“I know.” Hannon nodded, and with a warm smile on his face he closed...

Stairs to the Roof

by Tennessee Williams & Allean Hale

A play produced only twice in the 1940s and now published for the first time reveals that Tennessee Williams anticipated the themes of Star Trek by decades. Sixty years ago a young Tennessee Williams wrote a...

Fugitive Kind

by Tennessee Williams & Allean Hale

Social outcasts, misfit survivors, dangerous passions—Tennessee Williams fleshed out the characters and themes that would dominate his later work in Fugitive Kind, one of his earliest plays.   Fugitive Kind...

Not About Nightingales

by Tennessee Williams

This early full-length play put a young Tennessee Williams' passion for social justice in the spotlight. "Haunting, searing, unforgettable" —London Herald In early 1998, sixty years after it was written,...

Ten Storey Love Song

by Luke Barnes & Richard Milward

'Ten Storey Love Song follows Bobby the Artist's rise to stardom and horrific drug psychosis, Johnnie's attempts to stop thieving and start pleasing Ellen in bed, and Alan Blunt, a forty-year-old truck driver...