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Marriage A-La-Mode

by John Dryden & David Crane

In this play, the author deploys verbal and theatrical wit in his

combination of two plots - a complex exploration of of the language of

social exchange and personal feeling between typically well-born men


The Witch of Edmonton

by John Ford, Thomas Dekker & William Rowley

This tragi-comedy took as foundation the news report of the execution

for witchcraft of Elizabeth Sawyer, as related by Henry Goodcole.

However, the superstructure of love, bigamy and pretension was given at


The Way of the World

by William Congreve & Brian Gibbons

One of Congreve's comedies, which features Mirabell who is in love with

Millamant, a niece of Lady Wishfort. He pretends to favour the aunt to

conceal his attraction to the niece.

Eastward Ho!

by Ben Jonson, George Chapman & John Marston

Play script, including biographical notes, textual details and information about the staging of the play.

London Assurance

by Dion Boucicault & James L. Smith

Play script, including biographical notes, textual details and information about the staging of the play.

The Knight of the Burning Pestle

by Francis Beaumont & Michael Hattaway

This title is part of the New Mermaid series of modern spelling, fully-annotated editions of English plays. Each volume includes a critical introduction, biography of the author, discussions of dates and sources,...

The Beggar's Opera

by John Gay, David Lindley & Vivien Jones

John Gay's satirical opera, written in 1728, was revolutionary because it took poverty and corruption as its subject, and paupers and villains as its characters. The lyrics were set to famous songs of the day...

The Tragedy of Mariam

by Elizabeth Cary & Karen Britland

The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry is a Jacobean closet drama by Elizabeth Tanfield Cary. This edition includes the complete play script with notes beneath the text, as well as an extensive introduction,...

Page Plays: 1: Tissue; Salonika; Real Estate; Golden Girls

by Louise Page

This first collection of plays by Louise Page brings together the key early plays - "Tissue", "Salonika" and "Real Estate" - with "Golden Girls".


by Simon Stephens

Everything can be quantified. All worth can be quantified. Artistic worth. Human worth. Material worth. Everything. Some food is simply better than other food. Isn't it? Some clothes are better than other clothes....

Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen

The play was intended as a tragedy on the purposeless of life imposed on the women of his time, both by their upbringing and by the social conventions which limited their activities. When it was first produced...

Olly's Prison

by Edward Bond

By the author of "Saved", "Lear", "The Woman", "Bingo", "Jackets" and "In the Company of Men", this play portrays the violence inherent in the prison system and in police practice as a savage mirror image of...

Enquist Four Plays: Night of the Tribades , Hour of the Lynx , Rain Snakes , The Image Makers

Lucky Dog

by Leo Butler

Second major play by award-winning Royal Court Writer

You'll Have Had Your Hole

by Irvine Welsh

An original stage play from the author of "Trainspotting". Within the sound-proof walls of a recording studio a score is being settled. Two inner city low-lifes take the law into their own hands to satisfy their...

Faust is Dead

by Mark Ravenhill

By the author of "Shopping and F***ing", this play is a dark and often brutally funny journey through a world of virtual reality.


by Snoo Wilson

A surreal fantasy plunging Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into a perilous intergalactic conflict

McLean Plays: 1: Julie Allardyce; Blackden; Rug Comes to Shuv; One Sure Thing; I'd Rather Go Blind

by Duncan McLean

Duncan McLean is one of Scotland's liveliest fiction and non-fiction writers - this is his first volume of plays

Love, Love, Love

by Mike Bartlett

Love, Love, Love, the latest play by Olivier award winning writer Mike Bartlett, explores�whether the baby boomer generation is to blame for the debt-ridden and adrift generation of their children, now adults...

Juniper's Whitening: AND Victimese

by Helen Oyeyemi

Two plays exploring the pain of living and the difficulty of dying by a sensational new writer