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Hollywood P.I. Case of The Missing Screen Writer

by Don Crutchfield

The case of The Missing Screen Writer is a riveting documentary of an 18 year investigation into the disappearance of Producer/Screen Writer Gary Devore. An introduction by James Ellroy, provides all you will...

Mayenburg: Three Plays

by Marius von Mayenburg & Maja Zade

A nocturnal flaneur gets caught in a nightmare of murder and desire (The Dog, the Night and the Knife), a canny businessman is suddenly brought low (Eldorado) and two couples get tangled in absurdly comic partner...

Antony and Cleopatra

by William Shakespeare, Dr. Barbara A. Mowat & Paul Werstine

Antony and Cleopatra dramatizes a major event in world history: the founding of the Roman Empire. The future first emperor, Octavius Caesar (later called Augustus Caesar), cold-bloodedly manipulates other characters...

Richard II

by William Shakespeare, Dr. Barbara A. Mowat & Paul Werstine

Shakespeare’s Richard II presents a momentous struggle between Richard II and his cousin Henry Bolingbroke. Richard is the legitimate king; he succeeded his grandfather, King Edward III, after the earlier...


by William Shakespeare, Dr. Barbara A. Mowat & Paul Werstine

Set in the earliest days of the Roman Republic, Coriolanus begins with the common people, or plebeians, in armed revolt against the patricians. The people win the right to be represented by tribunes. Meanwhile,...

Enrico Four

by Luigi Pirandello & Robert David MacDonald

Premiered in this translation by the Citizens Theatre Company, Glasgow. In Enrico Four a man believes he is Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor. But is he?

Pirandello's study of perceptions has become a twentieth century...

The Belle Vue

by Odon Von Horvath & Kenneth McLeish

Horváth's setting for this black political farce is a seedy hotel in Central Europe in the 1920s where the only guest is a drunken, ageing nymphomaniac - wealthy and despotic. Under her sole occupancy the hotel...


by David Harrower & Anton Chekhov

Ivanov, a driving force in local government and a visionary landowner, feels burnt out at thirty-fi ve. Once the pioneer of scientifi c farming methods and of education for the peasants, he now drowns in bureaucracy...


by Anthony Clark & Carlo Collodi

Once upon a time . . . a carpenter finds a magic piece of wood. He makes it into a puppet to be the son he's always wanted. Pinocchio is very happy living with his father. But he longs to be a real boy and not...

Believe It or Not

by Eugène Scribe & Ranjit Bolt

In Scribe's Le Puff (1848) - translated here as Believe It or Not - an honourable cavalry officer returns to Paris after five years abroad to find his countrymen happily addicted to exaggeration, dissimulation...

Not in My Name

by Alice Bartlett

'You just get that panic - you just start panicking and you don't know what to do. It didn't feel real... Why here? Why me?'

Saturday afternoon. In town with your mates.

Doing some shopping. Or maybe watching...

Life in the fast lane: Road to redemption

by S D Rokkatansky

It's the 90's, and a war is being waged on the streets of Melbourne. Society is on one side fighting for their city- Tommy and his crew are on the other side with spray cans in hand. Graffiti is thier life,...

Lost Lake

by David Auburn

An engrossing new drama from the author of Proof, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award

The lakeside rental cabin Veronica has managed to afford is a far cry from the idyllic getaway she and her children...


by Kate Mulvany & Anne-Louise Sarks

Two boys are playing a game.

They fight, they laugh,

they jump up and down, they play dead.

Downstairs, their parents - Medea and Jason - are arguing. As the shouting gets louder, their bedroom will no longer be...

Drama Into Destiny: A Changed Mind Equals A Changed Life

by Johnnie B Sanders

This is a story of two young boys who are faced with drama early on.  They have to change their way of thinking and fight for their destiny.  I believe every reader will receive answers to their purpose for...

The Penguin Arthur Miller: Collected Plays (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

by Arthur Miller & Lynn Nottage

To celebrate the centennial of his birth, the collected plays of America’s greatest twentieth-century dramatist in a beautiful bespoke hardcover edition


In the history of postwar American art and politics,...


by David Pinski, Colin Chambers & Ludwig Lewisohn

'Oh, it's a funny sensation, having money in your pocket, I can tell you... Money warms you. If you knew how warm and safe I feel. Like a new creature in a new skin.'

Tille is the poor gravedigger's daughter,...

First Love is the Revolution

by Rita Kalnejais

'I'm not tame 'cause I want to be with you'

Basti and Rdeča are pulling all-nighters. When their paths cross, the sparks fly and an impossible bond

spirals dangerously out of control.

A viciously funny and unforgettable...


by Tom Holloway

Together we have something and share a passion that other people will never understand'

Mark and Angela are a father and daughter grappling with a painful past and fragile future. Tonight, an innocent evening...

The Riots

by Gillian Slovo

The Government has so far refused a Public Inquiry into the riots that shook our cities in the Summer of 2011, so the Tricycle is mounting its own.

This verbatim play builds a real-time picture of the riots as...