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11:05 Murders

by Brian O'Hare

Three people are murdered on separate Tuesday evenings at precisely 11.05. Random clues point to random suspects, but too many questions remain unanswered. Why 11.05pm for each killing? Is there any connection...

Wendy Hoose

by Johnny McKnight

'Hooking up when you're legless never did run smooth

Laura and Jake just want sex. Late Friday night drunken sex. Nothing more. No strings attached. But getting your leg over is sometimes more difficult than...

Constellation Street

by Matthew Bulgo

'Place like this - you know this -

place like this gets in your blood.

Once it's in your blood,

you can't get it out.

One night under Cardiff skies, four lost souls go looking for answers. After dark, when the...

Another World: Losing our Children to Islamic State

by Gillian Slovo

Over the last twelve months headlines have been dominated by the growth of Islamic State, and terror attacks claimed by IS have spread across the world.

What is the entity that calls itself Islamic State? Why...

Doctor Faustus

by Colin Teevan & Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus is regarded by many as 'a great play marred' by dated satire and suspect third and fourth acts. A play with a long history of 'additions', Colin Teevan's contemporary scenes...


by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

A threatre piece in two acts, Beds brings together mime, music and dialogue to explore Irish attitudes towards sex, marriage,love, death and sexual fantasy centring on the common theme of beds. 

Chekhov's First Play

by Dead Centre

"I'm having absolutely nothing more to do with the theatre or the human race. They can all go to hell" - Anton Chekhov

THEN SHE SAID IT - by Tess Onwueme


No longer able to contain the seething pain of indignity and silence, her voice finally erupted and broke through the guarded prison walls––where she had been subjected to exist (or die many times!) in her...

The Tables Turned

by William Morris

This early work by William Morris was originally published in 1899 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. William Morris was born in London, England in 1834. Arguably best known...

The Molested

by Temika Smith

Claudia, the mother of three girls with no good male figure made some bad choices in life. The choices she made involved drugs, jail and deception. Her three girls with very different personalities suffered...

The Truth

by Florian Zeller & Christopher Hampton

Two couples.

Friendship, suspicion, deceit.

And the truth.

Florian Zeller's The Truth, in the English translation by Christopher Hampton, premiered at The Chocolate Factory, London, in association with Theatre...

Magic - A Fantastic Comedy in a Prelude and Three Acts

by G. K. Chesterton

This early work by G. K. Chesterton was originally published in 1913. Gilbert Keith Chesterton was born in London in 1874. He studied at the Slade School of Art, and upon graduating began to work as a freelance...

The Jacket

by Richard Baran

The Jacket

Tidge Mackiewicz, new patriarch of his family, received several orders from his dying father, Kid Scream.  One order stated that Tidge should quit believing in Santa Claus and stop acting like every...

Merely Players: Acting like Shakespeare really matters

by Michael Burge

When a middle-aged boy player returns to London's Globe playhouse during a terrible revival of Romeo and Juliet, she sets off a chain of events as great as any of Shakespeare's entertainments, revealing a love...

The Beanfield

by Breach Theatre

'It's a very sore subject around here. There are raw wounds.'

2015 saw thirty years since the 'Battle of the Beanfield' - a brutal crackdown on the annual Stonehenge Free Festival. Called away from policing the...

Don Quixote: Based on the Novel

by James Fenton & Miguel de Cervantes

After a lifetime of reading books on chivalry, Don Quixote decides to embark on a quest of his own. Taking up a lance and sword, he sets out to become a wandering knight, defending the helpless and vanquishing...

The Patriotic Traitor

by Jonathan Lynn

Phillipe Ptain, a tough, uncompromising soldier who rose through the ranks to save France in 1916 Battle of Verdun. Charles de Gaulle, the aristocratic, academic and equally uncompromising soldier who led France...

Paknadel & Trakhanov's Turncoat #1

by Alex Paknadel & Artyom Trakhanov

What's to Love: Employing the most compelling elements of science fiction and the detective genre, Turncoat is a gripping exploration of power vacuums and the legacy of oppression. Alex Paknadel (Arcadia) and...

BU21 (NHB Modern Plays)

by Stuart Slade

Six young people are caught in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the heart of London. By turns terrifying, inspiring, brutal, heartbreaking and hilarious, BU21 is verbatim theatre from the very near future....

The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare, Dr. Barbara A. Mowat & Paul Werstine

The Winter’s Tale, one of Shakespeare’s very late plays, is filled with improbabilities. Before the conclusion, one character comments that what we are about to see, “Were it but told you, should be hooted...