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Does Quality Pay? Benefits of Attending a High-Cost, Prestigious College

by Liang Zhang

Previous research has generally shown a very small although statistically significant economic benefit from attending high-quality colleges. This small effect was at odds with what students' college choice and...

Talking Science: Language and Learning in Science Classrooms

by Wolff-Michael Roth

This book is about the fundamental nature of talk in school science. Wolff-Michael Roth articulates a view of language that differs from the way science educators generally think about it. While writing science...

Researching Education Policy: Ethical and Methodological Issues

by David Halpin

The methodology researching of educational policy is the subject of this book. It takes a "behind the scenes" look at the conducting, the analysis and the interpretation of research carried out into educational...

Unequal Educational Provision in England and Wales: The Nineteenth-Century Roots

by W.E. Marsden

Published in 1987, Unequal Educational Provision in England and Wales is a valuable contribution to the field of Education.

Teach Baby to Talk ... and Make Reading Fun : The Importance of Speech and Language in Learning to Read

by Sandra Jean Smith


Teach Baby to Talk ... and Make Reading Fun, The Importance of Speech and Language in Learning to Read begins by recounting author Sandra Jean Smith's experience as a teacher of illiterate adults,...

Subject Learning in the Primary Curriculum: Issues in English, Science and Maths

by Jill Bourne, Mary Briggs & Patricia Murphy

The emphasis on subject knowledge in primary curricula is a world-wide phenomenon and has become increasingly the focus of attention in England, with the introduction of the National Curriculum and the appointment...

Instant Vocabulary

by Ida Ehrlich


• RECOGNIZE the keys to the English language, the basic units from which all words are made

• FOLLOW clear examples of how the key explains a word's origin...

Institutional Issues: Pupils, Schools and Teacher Education

by Mal Leicester & Sohan Modgil

Volume II considers values and culture at the institutional level. What constitutes a good 'whole school' approach in this arena? The book discusses key issues and reports on whole-school initiatives around...

Pass Your Exams: Study Skills for Success

by Andrew Holmes

Pass your exams offers insider information needed for exam success written by a real expert, someone who is a committed life-long learner. Andrew Holmes reveals 52 brilliant ways to motivate yourself for success...

Improving Literacy in the Primary School

by R. P. Chamberlin, G. S. Haynes & E. C. Wragg

School policies, classroom practices, the views and behaviour of teachers, children and parents, are all explored thoroughly in a book which should make a significant impact on policy and practice in primary...

Sport and Physical Education in Germany

by Ken Hardman & Roland Naul

Sport and physical education represent important components of German national life, from school and community participation, to elite, international level sport. This unique and comprehensive collection brings...

Educating Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: Inclusive Practice in Mainstream Schools

by Elly Babbedge, David Strudwick & John Thacker

Educating Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties shows that it is possible for schools to provide inclusive education for children with social and emotional difficulties without jeopardising the...

How to Be a Brilliant English Teacher

by Trevor Wright

This book is packed with practical advice drawn from the author's extensive and successful experience as an English teacher, examiner and teacher trainer. It is accessible and very readable, and may be dipped...

Contemporary Psychometrics

by Albert Maydeu-Olivares & John J. McArdle

Contemporary Psychometrics features cutting edge chapters organized in four sections: test theory, factor analysis, structural equation modeling, and multivariate analysis.

The section on test theory includes...

Young, Female and Black

by Heidi Safia Mirza

Young black women bear all the hallmarks of a fundamentally unequal society. They do well at school, contribute to society, are good efficient workers yet, as a group they consistently fail to secure the economic...

Women and Distance Education: Challenges and Opportunities

by Christine von Prummer

This book provides valuable insights into the situation of women in distance education around the world. A wide variety of evidence from different countries supports the conclusion that open and distance learning...

Managing Professional Development in Education

by Derek (Research Associate, Depar Glover & Sue (Director of Inservice Educatio Law

This work evaluates and attempts to produce a model for effective professional development. It contrasts the work in Britain with that in other countries, with case studies and exercises to illustrate points,...

Making Sense of Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy and Theory of Education and Teaching

by David Carr

David Carr's new text for undergraduates and postgraduates of the philosophy of education seeks to enhance and expand - and in some cases argue against - the discussions arising from the post-war revolution...



This groundbreaking work features two essays written by the renowned mathematician Ilan Vardi. The first essay presents a thorough analysis of contrived problems suggested to "undesirable" applicants to the...

500 Ict Tips for Primary Teachers

by Steve, Higgins, Nick, Pickard & Phil, Race

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has been the focus of much debate and development within education, especially in the primary sector. This text offers tried and tested ideas for using IT effectively...