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Serving the New Majority Student

by Eric Malm & Marguerite Weber

Much of higher education was originally designed to meet the needs of full time 18-22 year-old students who enter directly from high school. However, the New Majority of our students are older, likely to swirl...

Workbook for Hospitality and Tourism Students in Korea

by Tory S. Thorkelson

Based on over 5 years in the Tourism industry and 8 years teaching Tourism English courses at a private University in Seoul, this book brings together strategies, content knowledge and activities that have helped...

The Idea of the University

by Michael Adrian Peters & Ronald Barnett

The Idea of the University: A Reader, Volume 1 is a unique compilation of selected works of the major thinkers who have contributed to the discourse on the idea of the university in the German, English, American...

It's Time to Complete Community College

by S. deBoef

Earning a college degree improves health and economic wellbeing. Thus, American taxpayers subsidize a majority of the cost of public colleges. At least half of all college students in the U.S. today attend two-year...

Rethinking Black Motherhood and Drug Addictions

by Tierra B. Tivis

Rethinking Black Motherhood and Drug Addictions: Counternarratives of Black Family Resilience offers a unique perspective on the complexities of being a Black mother addicted to crack, powder cocaine, heroin,...

Disruption: Lifelong Learning in the Knowledge Economy

by Winn Trivette

Disruption: Lifelong Learning in the Knowledge Economy is a survival guide for you and your children to succeed the disruption caused by the knowledge-based global economy today.

Learn about the forces in the...

The Nordic PhD

by Christopher McMaster, Caterina Murphy & Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson

The Nordic PhD: Surviving and Succeeding is an edited book written for prospective and current doctoral students by a mix of doctoral students and those who have recently completed their doctorates. The premise...

Science Education and Pedagogy in South Africa

by Oscar Koopman

Science Education and Pedagogy in South Africa is a contemporary contribution that entices science teachers to ‘re-examine’ or ‘rethink’ the pedagogical strategies they use in their teaching. It offers...

Dialectics of 9/11 and the War on Terror

by Randa Elbih

Dialectics of 9/11 and the War on Terror: Educational Responses examines how global financial and socio-political systems propagate a lopsided dialectic of current events that influences teachers’ pedagogies...

Mobile Learning through Digital Media Literacy

by Belinha S. De Abreu & Vitor Tomé

Mobile Learning through Digital Media Literacy proposes media literacy education as a conceptual framework for bridging mobile technologies in teaching and learning. As cell phones have become more advanced...

Continual Change Groupwork

by Andrew R King

Groups structure our social world, whether they are families, teams, communities, workplaces or on social media. Due to their underlying structures, groups are continually changing and evolving. To help group...

Re/Assembling the Pregnant and Parenting Teenager

by Annelies Kamp & Majella McSharry

In 2003, Wendy Luttrell posed an important question: what might result if we were able to turn questions of judgement about pregnant and parenting teenagers into questions of interest about their sense of self...

The European Union’s Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education and the Case of Ireland

by Ludovic Highman

The book sets out to offer a national perspective on the complex changes occurring in European higher education systems. The Lisbon European Council (2000) set an ambitious target for the Union to become "the...

The Malaise of Academic Scholarship

by John J. HAMPTON

“When you are in a hole, stop digging.” The wisdom of Will Rogers, American humorist, seems to be forgotten with respect to scholarly research in the arts, social sciences, business, and education. Why do...

Miguel de Cervantes

by 50MINUTES.Com

Keen to learn but short on time? Find out everything you need to know about the life and work of Miguel de Cervantes in just 50 minutes with this straightforward and engaging guide!

Miguel de Cervantes is often...

Community Engagement Best Practices Across the Disciplines

by Heather K. Evans

This book is a reference to administrators and educators at institutions of higher learning who are thinking about taking serious steps to link their educational mission to helping their surrounding communities....

Learning at the Speed of Light

by John Ebersole & William Patrick

Learning at the Speed of Light is a collection of stories, articles, and interviews by and with pioneers and visionaries across the United States who shared a belief in greater access to higher education.


Global Academic Publishing

by Mary Jane Curry & Dr. Theresa Lillis

This book reports on the state of academic journal publishing in a range of geolinguistic contexts, including locations where pressures to publish in English have developed more recently than in other parts...

Assembly Language Coding in Color

by Robert Dunne

Learning to program in assembly language is an excellent hands-on introduction to computer architecture. However, assembly language has a bad reputation of being difficult to learn. Through the use of complete...

We Need to Talk

by Michael Theune & Bob Broad

We evaluate poems constantly: as workshop leaders, competition judges and journal editors. But how do we judge the success of verse in these contexts? The authors propose an innovative method by which anyone...