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Community College Leaders on Workforce Development: Opinions, Observations, and Future Directions

by William J. Rothwell, Patrick E. Gerity & Vernon L. Carraway

In this book, visionary leaders of community colleges will present their views about the present challenges and future approaches needed for community colleges to be successful.

Open Education

by Patrick Blessinger (ed.) & Tj Bliss (ed.)

This insightful collection of essays explores the ways in which open education can democratise access to education for all. It is a rich resource that offers both research and case studies to relate the application...

Translanguaging in Higher Education

by Catherine M. Mazak & Kevin S. Carroll

This book examines translanguaging in higher education and provides clear examples of what translanguaging looks like in practice in particular contexts around the world. While higher education has historically...

Self-Esteem and Maslow's Theory. Or, an Elephant and a Poodle. : SHORT STORY #23.  Nonfiction series #1 - # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

When the author was a student, she and her friends loved the Maslow’s theory that they learned in one of their economics classes.  The theory has 5 steps of the “Hierarchy of Needs.” or “A Theory of...

A Fly in a Bottle. Or, if Only I Knew it Before.: SHORT STORY # 33.  Nonfiction series #1 - # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

I undertook a major change in my life—and filed for a divorce. Shortly I was swamped with numerous difficulties and faced many types of people that some I never dealt before. Lawyers, courts, judges, contractors...

Why do Immigrants in the USA Speak with Foreign Accents?: SHORT STORY # 40.  Nonfiction series # 1 - # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

Many people sometimes are asking me: “Why do you speak with accent?” Indeed, why do I ? My children, who come with me, do not speak with accent. No one ever thought that they are not Americans. Why even...

What Is Amok?  Or, Housing Amok. : SHORT STORY # 39.  Nonfiction series #1 - # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

From time to time a real estate housing is running amok. Home prices kept going 3-5-10 times sharply up, then spiraled down. Intoxicated buyers are keeping snapping houses and condos, regardless of price, as...

Who Is More Intelligent? A Person or a Computer? : SHORT STORY # 17.  Nonfiction series #1- # 60

by Alla P. Gakuba

It is a common knowledge that computers improved the quality of peoples life. Computers are one type of technology that contributed to total technological progress in the 2nd part of the 20th century. Technological...

Question. Who Are You?: SHORT STORY #16.  Nonfiction series #1-# 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

Try to answer this question: who are you? You probably have one, or several answers. None is correct. The correct answer you can find only in this story. Once you gain a knowledge of the correct answer and started...

Our Mind Is a Tape Recorder.: SHORT STORY #6.  Nonfiction series #1 - #60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

A theory is our mind is a tape recorder. It records everything that it hears, sees, and reads into brain. It stored indiscriminately all information into everyone’s brain database.

The bigger storage of real...

A Fool and a Common Sense. Or, 5 Donuts and 1 Bagel. : SHORT STORY # 3. Nonfiction series #1- # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

On Sunday, a country boy, in his earlier 30s, arrived into a new town and started having difficulties to solve his small problems in unfamiliar environment. His difficulties were: he does not have enough information...

Conversational Spanish For Adults: Seeing What You're Hearing!

by Susan Ann Roemer

People learn their languages by hearing words and then understanding what they mean. A child learns words, strings them together in phrases, and is later corrected by his or her parents. Imagine if a 4-year-old...

Release Your Potential: Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development

by Rosalie Marsh

You are having a career change; you are looking to get into employment; you are looking to simply become more effective in your present role but don't know how to go about improving your skills.

If this sounds...

Skills for Employability Part Two: Moving Into Employment

by Rosalie Marsh

This is the fourth of the new Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides by Rosalie Marsh. which draw from her extensive skills & industrial experience in sales management and work-based learning in adult...

Skills for Employability Part One: Pre-Employment

by Rosalie Marsh

Further titles in the new Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides by Rosalie Marsh, which draw from her extensive skills & industrial experience in sales management, and work-based learning in adult...

Global Networks, Local Actions: Rethinking adult education policy in the 21st century

by Marcella Milana

Global Networks, Local Actions: Rethinking adult education policy in the 21st century examines public policy developments in adult education, exploring the policy framing of adult education practice in a range...

A Critical Auto/Ethnography of Learning Spanish: Intercultural competence on the gringo trail?

by Phiona Stanley

The premise that intercultural contact produces intercultural competence underpins much rationalization of backpacker tourism and in-country language education. However, if insufficiently problematized, pre-existing...

Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education: Rethinking the temporal complexity of self and society

by Michel Alhadeff-Jones

Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education argues that by rethinking the way we relate to time, we can fundamentally rethink the way we conceive education. Beyond the contemporary rhetoric of acceleration,...

The Forms of Things Unknown: Teaching Poetry Writing to Teens and Adults

by Shelley Savren

The Forms of Things Unknown: Teaching Poetry Writing to Teens and Adults draws from Shelley Savren’s forty years of teaching poetry writing to a diverse array of students, from teens with mental health issues...

How to Find a Job and Keep It

by Simon Boyle

Looking for a job? Don't know where to start? This friendly book is here to help you.

Learn how to:

· Write a CV and covering letter

· Contact employers and recruitment agencies

· Manage your personal finances...