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Alive After Academia

by Spencer James Zeiger

Social work educators (SWEs) are doers, thinkers, go-getters, troublemakers, movers, and shakers. In their efforts to convert difficult challenges into positive realities, they live through unique experiences...

The College Dropout Scandal

by David Kirp

Higher education today faces a host of challenges, from quality to cost. But too little attention gets paid to a startling fact: four out of ten students -- that's more than ten percent of the entire population...

Social Media in Higher Education: Case Studies, Reflections and Analysis

by Chris Rowell

How does social media affect working life in Higher Education? How are universities harnessing its power to aid student learning? This innovative collection brings together academics and those working in professional...

The Instrumental University

by Ethan Schrum

In The Instrumental University, Ethan Schrum provides an illuminating genealogy of the educational environment in which administrators, professors, and students live and work today. After World War II, research...

Nature Rx

by Donald A. Rakow & Gregory T. Eells

The Nature Rx movement is changing campus life. Offering alternative ways to deal with the stress that students are under, these programs are redefining how to provide students with the best possible environment...

Using Tension as a Resource

by Heidi L. Hallman, Kristen Pastore-Capuana & Donna L. Pasternak

This book focuses on the tensions that emerge in teaching the English language arts methods course within teacher education programs. The book features chapters that grapple with the historical legacies of influence...

A People Betrayed

by Linda Melvern

Events in Rwanda in 1994 mark a landmark in the history of modern genocide. Up to one million people were killed in a planned public and political campaign. In the face of indisputable evidence, the UN Security...

Student Loan Solution

by David Carlson

Lower Your Student Loan Debt

Personalize your approach to student loans: Those who have student loans, especially those with a lot of student loans, need to approach their finances differently than those who...

The Great Firewall of China

by James Griffiths

A fascinating exposé of the world’s biggest and most sophisticated system of internet censorship.

A completely unique angle on the unfolding internet freedom story – in this case the censoring power house...

Indigenous Education

by Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra Styres, Spencer Lilley & Dawn Zinga

For Indigenous students and teachers alike, formal teaching and learning occurs in contested places. In Indigenous Education, leading scholars in contemporary Indigenous education from North America and the...

How the Internet of Things is Changing Our Colleges, Our Classrooms, and Our Students

by Mickey Slimp & Roy Bartels

You have heard about the Internet of Things. You know that it is having an impact on higher education. So, what is it?

Now that students have the entire computing power of 1975 in a pocket device, the college...

Education Roads Less Traveled

by Mitch Pearlstein

Every year, large numbers of American young people who are not terribly interested in attending a four-year college reluctantly enroll anyway, effectively pressured by combinations of parents, peers, teachers,...


by James Morrison

Scroungers, spongers, parasites …

These are just are some of the terms that are typically used, with increasing frequency, to describe the most vulnerable in our society, whether they be the sick, the disabled,...

The Good University

by Raewyn Connell

The higher education industry might seem like it’s booming, with over 200 million students in universities and colleges worldwide and funds flowing in like never before. But the truth is that these institutions...

Universities, Pedagogical Encounters, Openness, and Free Speech

by Nuraan Davids & Yusef Waghid

The authors have spent their lives in South Africa, are writing this book from and within a very particular context of compounded oppression, marginalisation and otherness. In many ways, apartheid has both damaged...

Making Every Geography Lesson Count

by Mark Enser

Mark Enser’s ‘Making Every Geography Lesson Count: Six principles to support great geography teaching’ maps out the key elements of effective geography teaching and shows teachers how to develop their...

South Sudan's Civil War

by John Young

  • The first book-length study of South Sudan’s civil war.

  • South Sudan is the subject of considerable scholarly and policy interest due to the civil war and subsequent famine.

  • Author has been described as ‘the...

Feminist Praxis Revisited

by Amber Dean, Jennifer L. Johnson & Susanne Luhmann

In Feminist Praxis Revisited, Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) practitioners reflect on how the field has sought to integrate its commitment to activism and social change with community-based learning in post-secondary...

The Garden of Leaders

by Paul Woodruff

The Garden of Leaders explores two related questions: What is leadership? And what sort of education could prepare young people to be leaders? Paul Woodruff argues that higher education--particularly but not...

Easy Money

by James V. Koch

Is the end in sight for college tuition hikes?

Tuition and fees at public colleges and universities consistently have risen twice or even three times as fast as comparable increases in the Consumer Price Index...