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Socioeconomic Factors and Outcomes in Higher Education

by Carlos Felipe Rodríguez Hernández

In the Colombian case, it is very common to associate academic performance with the students' socioeconomic conditions. A generalized and bivariate interpretation of this relationship could imply that only students...

The Teaching Self

by Jane Dalton, Elizabeth Hope Dorman & Kathryn Byrnes

In The Teaching Self: Contemplative Practices, Pedagogy, and Research in Education, a rich collection of voices from diverse settings illustrates the ways in which first-person experiences with contemplative...

Teaching Racial Literacy

by Mara Lee Grayson

Racial literacy, a collection of discursive and decoding skills that allow individuals to interrogate race and racism as well as representation and personal identity, is vital in a contemporary society that...

Serving the New Majority Student

by Eric Malm & Marguerite Weber

Much of higher education was originally designed to meet the needs of full time 18-22 year-old students who enter directly from high school. However, the New Majority of our students are older, likely to swirl...

The Transformation of Title IX

by R. Shep Melnick

One civil rights-era law has reshaped American society—and contributed to the country's ongoing culture wars

Few laws have had such far-reaching impact as Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Intended...

Reflective Practice

by Wafa Hozien

This book concerns itself with the school principal getting back to basics and understanding the practical application of instructional leadership while improving Professional Standards for Educational Leaders...

Authentic Academic Leadership

by Jeffrey L. Buller

The book explores how to build an approach to academic leadership based on your own personal values, convictions, and principles. Rather than trying to assert that only certain values (or even virtues) are essential...

Is College a Lousy Investment?

by Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah & Seneca Vaught

Is College a Lousy Investment?: Negotiating the Hidden Cost of Higher Education discusses many of the economic misconceptions about earning a college degree. While it is widely believed that attending college...

Winnebagos on Wednesdays

by Scott Cowen & Betsy Seifter

In 1998, soon after assuming the presidency of Tulane University, Scott Cowen was confronted with a setback. Despite an undefeated football season and putting the best financial deal on the table, Cowen was...

Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty

by Ishmael I. Munene, Sungok R. Park, Joe T. Berry & Choi Soyoung et al.

Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty: Reclaiming Academic Labor in Universities seeks to develop a counterculture that eschews the neoliberal ideology and interloping market values in higher education....

The Ultimate UCAS Personal Statement Guide

by Dr. Rohan Agarwal & Dr David Salt

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…”

As you may have already experienced, hardest part of a big project is the first step. It’s easy to plan to start something, but when it actually...

Sexism Ed

by Kelly J. Baker

Why aren’t more women at the top of the ivory tower?

The academy claims to be a meritocracy, in which the best and brightest graduate students gain employment as professors. When Kelly J. Baker earned her doctorate...

The Theory and Practice of Multicultural Education

by Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu

Theory and Practice of Multicultural Education: A Focus on the K-12 Educational Setting provides an in-depth discussion of the principles and practice of multicultural education in the K-12 classrooms. Building...

Seeing the World

by Mitchell L. Stevens, Cynthia Miller-Idriss & Seteney Shami

An in-depth look at why American universities continue to favor U.S.-focused social science research despite efforts to make scholarship more cosmopolitan

U.S. research universities have long endeavored to be...

It's Time to Complete Community College

by S. deBoef

Earning a college degree improves health and economic wellbeing. Thus, American taxpayers subsidize a majority of the cost of public colleges. At least half of all college students in the U.S. today attend two-year...

Fundamentalist U

by Adam Laats

Colleges, universities, and seminaries do more than just transfer knowledge to students. They sell themselves as "experiences" that transform young people in unique ways. The conservative evangelical Protestant...

Print News and Raise Hell

by Kenneth Joel Zogry

For over 125 years, the Daily Tar Heel has chronicled life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at times pushed and prodded the university community on issues of local, state, and national...

Institutional Change from Within

by David Silverberg

This book offers real-life depictions of how colleges and universities are remaking their Teaching & Learning practices by confronting complacency and building new kinds of futuristic and humanistic programs...

Alternative Models of Sports Development in America

by B. David Ridpath & Tom Farrey

In the United States, the entanglement of sports and education has persisted for over a century. Multimillion-dollar high school football stadiums, college coaches whose salaries are many times those of their...

The Case against Education

by Bryan Caplan

Despite being immensely popular--and immensely lucrative—education is grossly overrated. In this explosive book, Bryan Caplan argues that the primary function of education is not to enhance students' skill...