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American Prep

by Ronald Mangravite

Oct 15, 2015 “Although public high schools now account for approximately half of the admissions at Ivy League universities, private school students still have a strong edge.” – The Street There are...

No Fist Is Big Enough to Hide the Sky

by Basil Davidson, Aristides Pereira, Amilcar Cabral & Zachary Mampilly

No Fist Is Big Enough to Hide the Sky stands as a key text in the history of the eleven-year struggle against Portuguese rule in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. Though perhaps less well known than the struggles...

A History of Africa

by Hosea Jaffe & Samir Amin

Spanning more than two thousand years of African history, from the African Iron Age to the collapse of colonialism and the beginnings of independence, Hosea Jaffe's magisterial work remains one of the few to...

Yours for the Union

by Baruch Hirson & Tom Lodge

Yours for the Union stands as a landmark history of the making of the black working class in South Africa. Drawing on a wide range of sources, it covers the crucial period of 1930-47, when South Africa's rapid...

The Story of an African Working Class

by Jeff Crisp & Gavin Hilson

  • A story of struggle against exploitative mining companies, repressive governments, and authoritarian trade union leaders

  • Combines lively historical narrative with original analysis

  • A unique contribution to the...

L'école mutuelle au-delà de Foucault

by Julien Pallotta

Ce travail, tout en partant des analyses de l’appareil scolaire dans Surveiller et punir, interroge la description que Foucault livre de l’école mutuelle comme ultime rationalisation disciplinaire de la...

Academic Librarianship Today

by Todd Gilman & Beverly P. Lynch

Academic Librarianship Today offers the most current, comprehensive overview of the field available today. Key features include:

· Each chapter was commissioned specifically for this new book, and the authors...

Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher

by Stephen D. Brookfield

A practical guide to the essential practice that builds better teachers.

Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher is the landmark guide to critical reflection, providing expert insight and practical tools to...

Vocation across the Academy

by David S. Cunningham

Although the language of vocation was born in a religious context, the contributors in this volume demonstrate that it has now taken root within the broad framework of higher education and has become intertwined...

American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus

by Lisa Wade

A revelatory account of the new culture of sex that has come to dominate the American college experience.

The hookup is now part of college life. Yet the drunken encounter we always hear about tells only a fraction...

Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Students

by Robert E. Levasseur

Student to Scholar is a must if you are currently a doctoral student or expect to be one soon, and you want to get the most out of the time, money, and effort you invest in your doctoral program. From Student...

Dissertation Research: An Integrative Approach

by Robert E. Levasseur

Dissertation Research is a must for doctoral students who want to get the most out of the time, money, and effort they invest in their dissertation. From Dissertation Research you will learn: • The steps in...

Push Back

by Judith Large

In 2009, after decades of conflict, the Sri Lankan government proclaimed the decisive defeat of the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Elam. Subsequently, the state proved resistant to attempts by the UN and other international...

State of Rebellion

by Louisa Lombard

In 2013, the Central African Republic was engulfed by violence. In the face of its rapid spread, journalists, politicians, and academics alike struggled to account for the conflict's origins.

In this first comprehensive...

Pathways that Changed Myanmar

by Matthew Mullen

In the midst of the political upheavals that engulfed Myanmar from 2010 to 2011, international attention was fixed upon the military regime and its dissident opponents. But away from the cameras, a very different...

Translanguaging in Higher Education

by Catherine M. Mazak & Kevin S. Carroll

This book examines translanguaging in higher education and provides clear examples of what translanguaging looks like in practice in particular contexts around the world. While higher education has historically...

New Languages and Landscapes of Higher Education

Structural Challenges and the Future of Honors Education

by Robert Glover & Katherine O'Flaherty

Structural Challenges and the Future of Honors Education is the third volume in an edited series examining the proliferation of honors programs and colleges in American higher education. The contributors here...

Public Diplomacy and Academic Mobility in Sweden: The Swedish Institute and Scholarship Programs for Foreign Academics, 1938–2010

by Andreas Åkerlund

Academic exchange is one of the cornerstones of public diplomacy. Receiving foreign academics is one way of influencing foreign elites in an attempt to build goodwill and stable international networks. The result...

Today, 60% of American Women Are Graduating with College Degrees versus 40% of American Men.: SHORT STORY # 27.  Nonfiction series #1- #60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

Even the Civil Right Act of 1964 gave an equal opportunity to women and minorities, discrimination and prejudice continue even today. Brilliant and pioneering women in these generations sacrificed, endured,...