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The Joy of Movement

by Mary Lynn Hafner

The Joy of Movement is a movement activity book with a therapeutic perspective. A combination of old and new games to create a purpose driven physical motor curriculum. Each activity is tried and kid tested....

From Cradle to Classroom

by Nicholas D. Young, Ed. D Jean & Ed. E. D Mead

From Cradle to Classroom: A Guide to Special Education for Young Children is a book written for regular and special education teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, related educational personnel,...

Does My Child Have a Developmental Delay?

by Sarah Vanover

Parents can easily be confused when they suspect that their child may have a developmental delay. The family members can have many questions about the process of seeking special education support, and they often...

Nature-Based Learning for Every Preschool Setting

by Julie Powers & Sheila Williams Ridge

Nature-Based Learning for Every Preschool Setting is designed to provide ideas for all early childhood educators ranging from novice nature educators to highly experienced nature educators in a wide range of...

The Hedgehog File

by Olaf Krätke

"Crumb lives in a small house on the outskirts of the city. She enjoys playing with her friends and she is happy. But one day she realizes that not everyone on earth mean it well with her. Crumb get scared and...

Anchor Charts for 1st to 5th Grade Teachers

by Chynell Moore

  • Anchor Charts are a popular topic for teachers of all grades, and the self-published Chart Sense series has sold over 50,000 copies through Bookscan
  • Author runs a popular teacher resources website, The Pinspired...

  • This Too is Music

    by Rena Upitis

    This Too is Music guides and motivates teachers to foster playful and motivating classroom conditions that enable elementary students to thrive as musicians in every way-as singers, improvisers, critical listeners,...

    Building Together

    by Fiona Stewart

  • Author is well connected in the field of early childhood professionals in California. She serves as the Program Director of the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles.
  • Systems building is the process that transforms...

  • The Early Education Leader's Guide

    by Nonie K. Lesaux, Stephanie M. Jones, Annie Connors & Robin Kane

    Grounded in current research and theory, this practical guide gives program leaders and staff developers a roadmap for designing and implementing engaging professional development and coaching approaches. It...

    Best Practices in Literacy Instruction, Sixth Edition

    by Linda B. Gambrell, Lesley Mandel Morrow & Heather Kenyon Casey

    Many tens of thousands of preservice and inservice teachers have relied on this highly regarded text from leading experts, now in a revised and updated sixth edition. The latest knowledge about literacy teaching...

    Fredegar, a reindeer fairytale

    by Olaf Krätke

    Way up in the north lives the little reindeer Fredegar. Fredegar is different from the other reindeer kids because he is much smaller and thinner than them. That's why he is always laughed at and mocked by them....

    Family Child Care Contracts & Policies, Fourth Edition

    by Tom Copeland

    Family Child Care Contracts and Policies, Fourth Edition offers the most up-to-date tools for family child care providers to establish and enforce contracts and policies. Topics include, how to establish good...

    Inquiry-Based Early Learning Environments

    by Susan Stacey

    What does it mean to inquire? Grownups would say it means to question, to search for information, or to finding out about a topic of interest. For children in an early childhood classroom, the definition is...

    RIGOROUS DAP in the Early Years

    by Christopher Pierce Brown, Beth Smith Feger & Brian Nelson Mowry

    RIGOROUS DAP in the Early Years: From Theory to Practice provides teachers with a roadmap for teaching that helps children meet academic expectations and maintains focus on the appropriate development of the...

    Evidence-Based Practices in Deaf Education

    by Harry Knoors & Marc Marschark

    This volume presents the latest research from internationally recognized researchers and practitioners on language, literacy and numeracy, cognition, and social and emotional development of deaf learners. In...


    by Robin Chappele Thompson & Michelle Kay Compton

  • First to market

  • The Makers Movement is a creative and technological revolution in education that encourages play with open-ended materials and inquiry. Typically associated with STEAM education, this movement...

  • Everyone Needs Attention

    by Tamar Jacobson

    Attention seeking is seen as misbehavior in young children, and giving them the attention they need is often times interpreted as reinforcement of bad behavior. Everyone Needs Attention focuses on how we, as...

    Graceful Leadership in Early Childhood Education

    by Ann McClain Terrell

    Graceful Leadership in Early Childhood Education is a book to turn to when there is a challenge that needs tackling, when you need a boost of inspiration, or when you just want to reflect on your own journey....

    STEAM Concepts for Infants and Toddlers

    by Nichole A. Baumgart & Linda R. Kroll

    STEAM is a development and extension of the original STEM efforts with the goal to support innate creativity and innovation that all children possess. This book serves as a platform for educators to observe...

    Learning to Trust

    by Marilyn Watson

    Learning to Trust describes a constructivist approach to classroom management and discipline that was developed by the Child Development Project, a multiyear research and development project that applied attachment...