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Chicken Licken: Band 08/Purple (Collins Big Cat)

by Jeremy Strong, Tony Blundell & Cliff Moon

Chicken Licken is worried the sky is going to fall on his head, so he sets off with an increasing band of followers to tell the King. But will he get that far…?

• Purple/ Band 8 books offer developing readers...

Buzz and Bingo in the Monster Maze: Band 08/Purple (Collins Big Cat)

by Alan Durant, Sholto Walker & Cliff Moon

Walking through the forest one moonlit night, Buzz and his dog Bingo find a sign pointing to a Monster Party. It sounds like fun – but first they have to find their way through the Monster Maze, meeting Count...

Bones: Band 2B/Red (Collins Big Cat)

by Jonathan Emmett & Lumb

What bones have you got in your body? Where are they? Are they big or are they small? Find out all about the different bones in your body in this simple non-fiction report accompanied with photographs and drawings....

Class Six and the Very Big Rabbit: Band 10/White (Collins Big Cat)

by Martin Waddell, Tony Ross & Cliff Moon

It’s just a normal lesson on a normal day at school, except Mrs Bennet , who can do magic, has turned into a very big rabbit. The problems start when the class realise that Mrs Bennet can’t change back into...

The Sneezles: Band 10/White (Collins Big Cat)

by Jeremy Strong, Tony Blundell & Cliff Moon

One day mysterious green clouds arrive in a fairy-tale kingdom and explode into a fine green dust, bringing an outbreak of mayhem and sneezing. All the King’s men can do is think of ever more silly ideas,...

Crunch and Munch: Band 05/Green (Collins Big Cat)

by Nora Sands & Cliff Moon

From Jamie Oliver’s favourite dinner lady, Nora Sands, this recipe book is all you need to make some great healthy meals that are fun too. Each recipe includes an ingredients list, a child-friendly method...

How to Have a Party: Band 03/Yellow (Collins Big Cat)

by Susan Gates, Steve Lumb & Cliff Moon

Using simple text and photographs, this book shows the full range of tasks to be carried out: make the invitations, set out the food, decorate the room, plan the games, select the music and make party bags....

Antarctica: Land of the Penguins: Band 10/White (Collins Big Cat)

by Jonathan Scott, Scott & Cliff Moon

The survival of the white continent’s most famous inhabitants is the subject of this beautiful book. The beauty of Antarctic and the enchanting secrets of its penguin population is brought to life with a delightful...

How to Draw Cartoons: Band 08/Purple (Collins Big Cat)

by Ros Asquith & Cliff Moon

Ros Asquith, cartoonist and author of many children's books such as Trixie Tempest and Pass the Parcel), gives a masterclass on illustrating your own cartoons – with help from Trixie Tempest and others. This...

What Is CGI?: Band 06/Orange (Collins Big Cat)

by Alison Sage, Jon Stuart & Cliff Moon

Artist Jon Stuart shows how he produces computer-generated images. The process starts with a simple block of cubes, which are added to, given texture, before being bent, stretched, twisted into the correct shape...

Hands: Band 03/Yellow (Collins Big Cat)

by Thelma Page, Steve Lumb & Cliff Moon

An information text showing numerous ways in which we use our hands, including painting, printing, building, pouring, climbing and playing. Each action is illustrated with an interesting, labelled photograph....

Bilingual Childcare

by Victoria Benz

This ethnographic study explores aspects of bilingual education in two early childhood German–English education centres in Australia. Using various sources of data and multiple methods of analysis, it investigates...

Self-Esteem  in Time and Place

by Peggy J. Miller & Grace E. Cho

The concept of self-esteem is a fixture in the psychological and moral landscape of American society. This is especially true in the arena of childrearing: images and references to self-esteem are ubiquitous...

Early Childhood Literacy Teachers in High Poverty Schools

by Melissa Landa

Much has been written about the failure of White American public school teachers to effectively teach low-income children of color to read and write. Scholars have offered numerous explanations for this failure,...

Teach the Whole Preschooler: Strategies for Nurturing Developing Minds

by Cindy Terebush

The world today’s children live in is much different than the world we knew at their age. That’s obvious. Yet some of our approaches with young children haven’t changed. All of us—and especially our...

A Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Years

by Deborah Price

Aiding discussion of gender diversity and sexuality with very young children, this practical guide helps practitioners explore these themes in early years settings. Promoting and extending current good practice,...

Developing Empathy in the Early Years

by Helen Garnett, Helen Lumgair, Jackie Harland & Valerie Lovegreen

Empathy is an essential part of being human: it allows us to connect with others, which in turn opens doors for us to happiness and success. Though everyone is born with an inherent capacity for empathy, children...

Nurturing Personal, Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood

by Debbie Garvey & Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

This direct guide supports practitioners in nurturing personal, social and emotional development (PSED) in young children by demystifying brain development research. Condensing a wealth of recent research and...

Augsburg's Drawing Book II - A Text Book of Drawing Designed for Use in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades

by D. R. Augsburg

This is Book II of "Augsburg's Drawing", a series designed for school students within which Augsburg's Drawing System is explained and taught. Intended for the use of students in grades four to eight, it contains...

Augsburg's Drawing Book I -  A Text Book Designed to Teach Drawing and Color in the First, Second and Third Grades

by D. R. Augsburg

This is book I of the "Augsburg's Drawing" series, a three-book course designed to teach children how to draw. Book I is the teacher's handbook, showing simple and effective methods of teaching drawing, including...